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How to Make Him Realize He is Losing You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Aug 14, 2023

Sometimes, it is better to let him figure things out on his own. That way, it becomes clear whether or not he really loves you. Want him to realize he is losing you? This is how you do that.

1. Nag Less

This is the easiest way to let him know things are not going the way they should be. 

You see, it takes ‘care’ to nag. You will not nag about something you don’t care about.

As long as you continue to nag, you are telling him that you care about him and that he responds to you that much. But this is not the signal you want to send. You want to send a message that you don’t care anymore whether he listens to you or your request is not being honored, that he is losing you. 

Send this message by letting go and nagging less. No matter what he does or how he reacts to your requests, swallow it with a pinch of salt. 

2. Ask for His Opinions Less

One of the ways men tell whether or not their woman is into them is by looking back at how often she has asked for his opinion.

Asking for a man’s opinion tells him that you love him enough to care about what he thinks. 

When this stops happening, it sends a signal that you don’t care that much anymore. Men are great at interpreting signals like this. He will immediately realize he is losing you. 

If he still loves you, he will most likely ask what is going on: what has gone wrong? If he does not, he will not ask. He will let things further decline until the relationship dies away on its own. 

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3. Have Less Sex

This one strikes the point home really good. We asked ten men how they knew they had lost their woman, and all of them agreed less sex made them realize it had happened. 

Men may be lovers of sex. But they sure know that women are lovers of intimacy. Sex is one of the most potent channels of arriving at intimacy, so women like to turn to sex when they want to prove love. 

When a woman begins to refuse sex, a man can tell she is refusing to be intimate with him. The big question on his mind will be: “Why is she refusing intimacy with me?”

Usually, he already knows the answer. That is to say: he already knows he is losing you.

4. Let Him be the Last to Find Out

This goes a long way to tell him that he is losing you. Let him be the last one to find out about your plans and your achievements. 

Say you received an award at school or work. Do not tell him: instead, let him find out about it on your Facebook status or something. 

When he asks why you never told him you had achieved something that big, tell him it was an honest mistake. 

Tell him you will tell him next time. Don’t keep to this, though. Don’t tell him. Over time, as he comes to see that you are making strides and keeping them to yourself rather than telling him, he is going to get the point. 

He will realize that he is losing you. 

5. Use Social Media Less

This is especially true if you both rely heavily on social media for communication. Using social media significantly less is your way of telling him that you do not want to speak with him that often anymore. 

His first question is going to be: “Why?” But over time, trust me; he is going to figure out that all of that is happening because he is losing you. 

Henry told us: “When she made a lesser effort to reach me and began to cut off the channels with which I could reach her, I knew something was wrong. I realized I was losing her.” 

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6. Sleep Earlier than You Usually Would

This is another effective way to let him know he is losing you. 

People don’t realize how much staying up late to speak to someone is a love language. Guess what? Ironically, they realize how much sleeping early is means by which one signals things are taking a downward swoop. 

A man will be able to tell that he is losing you if you begin to sleep earlier than normal.

His first question will be: “Does she not want to talk to me?”

You can back this up by replying to his messages slower than you normally would. If you had been taking around 5 minutes to respond to a text, you can increase that to around 10 minutes. 

7. Stop Asking Questions

This is to show him that not only are you less interested in him finding out stuff about you: but you are also less interested in knowing about what is going on with him. 

There is no better way of saying: ‘Look, you are slowly losing me.”

Granted, there are going to be times when he tells you stuff about him even when you have not asked. In times like this, just wave everything aside. Act like you are not so interested in what he is saying.

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8. Show no Jealousy

If you had been one to check his phone often, then it is time to stop. Jealousy is the left hand of affection. This is to say we cannot be jealous over things we do not bloom affection for. 

As much as you can, pull your jealousy back. If you still love him, this might be difficult, but it is nothing you cannot do, seeing that I am rooting for you. 

Stop thinking about him or what he is doing. Do you. Let him do him, and over time, he is going to realize what is going on. 

9. Hang Out With Your Friends More

Yes, do this at his expense. Show him that he is no longer that much of a priority, as he cannot make you turn down a date with your friends. 

Nothing sends the message harder. He will realize he is losing you. 

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10. Make a U-Turn on Your Agreed Dates or Meets

Start spending less time with him than usual, and he will quickly realize he’s losing you. When you both agree to spend some time together or go on a date, disappoint him by making a U-turn when that day comes. Tell him you wouldn’t be able to do it. Give him flimsy excuses. When you start to do this often, he would quickly realize the shifting dynamics and that your priorities have evolved. 


A man often knows when he is losing or has lost his woman.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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