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How to make him jealous without losing him

by | Love

Apr 13, 2024

In this article, we show you how to use jealousy to your advantage as a woman. We show you how to make your man jealous without overdoing it. More than half the time, if you get this right, it works perfectly and can fix any attraction problems. 

1. Be yourself

In every relationship, you owe it to yourself to be you at all times. You don’t have to lose yourself. This works on you, the relationship, and your man.

Many men expect women to change in some way in a bid to fit into the relationship. Women who do change are seen as a little desperate. 

But women who don’t are idolized as women who have strong personalities. This strength is able to make a lot of men jealous. 

The good thing about this is that you don’t even have to try too hard. You just have to be yourself, and he is going to be jealous. 

2. Prioritize the relationship, but not out of fear

What if someone asked why you prioritize your relationship? Be honest with yourself. What will your answer be? A lot of women will agree that they prioritize their relationships because they feel scared of losing their man. 

You should not prioritize your relationship for this reason. Instead, you should prioritize your relationship from a place of stability. 

Don’t go around seeking his approval, and trying to get him to admit that he enjoys this relationship and the commitment it brings. Do the opposite. Find strength in the genuineness of your own feelings and don’t seek your mans approval except you really have to. 

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3. Prioritise your dreams too

You should not let your dreams go when you get into a relationship. Here’s why: your dreams will always stay with you. Your relationship might not. Also, because your man wants to be the number one thing in your life. This is subconscious: you cannot blame him. 

Don’t let him be that. Make it clear, but not too obvious that your dreams come first. He will subconscious try to oust your dreams. He will try to prove himself as being the number one thing to you. 

He may not even realise it, but that is him being jealous over something that isn’t even real. 

4. Achieve great successes

You owe it to yourself to succeed. It isn’t something someone can or should do on your behalf. You should do it on your own. 

And as you know, success rings its bells loud. It brings admirers close. Your man knows this. He knows other men are going to come to find you very attractive. This will make him feel a bit jealous. 

When we hear about men being intimidated by successful women, we are often tempted to think that men don’t like success. But this is not true. Men just feel scared that success will drive their woman away. 

Success does more than just reward you with money and peace. It also rewards you with a change in social class. Your man is going to consider this an open door for you to access other men. Men who may be doing better than him. 

Guess what? This jealously is going to drive him to do better for himself. 

5. Speak up when you’re hurt

You don’t have to pretend to like stuff that hurts you. When it hurts, it hurts. And you have to find ways to express this hurt. 

Only the scared and insecure bubble up their pain. 

Namari S. told us that one of the reasons she never talked about what hurt her was because she was too scared to lose her man. 

Don’t make this mistake. He sees it. He knows you don’t call him out because you are scared.

The moment you begin to call him out, he is going to sit up for sure.

6. Post your achievements

You know the good thing about achievements? They’re yours. And they’re going to be yours forever. So, by all means, if you feel the need to, then you should post them. 

You should show the world that you are proud.

It is going to make your man both afraid and jealous. He is going to try to help you more. You should post them. And who knows? He may feel as inspired as your audience to pursue his own dreams. 

Your relationship is surely on the path of metamorphosing into something beautiful. 

7. Ignore his stunts sometimes

Sometimes, it is your constant nagging about the littlest things that shows your man that you still have feelings for him. We don’t complain about things when we don’t wish they worked better, or when we have their replacement handy. 

This afternoon, I got a new fan after about two days of managing an old one. I remember always complaining about the old one. I complained that it wasn’t as fast as I wanted it. I complained about it being dusty. 

Then the new one arrived. And guess what? I stopped complaining. 

Your boyfriend will suspect that there is someone out there who is going to take his place the moment you stop complaining so much over everything. He will begin to ask himself questions and maybe even be of better behavior just to keep you.

Unrelated, but: if your partner stops complaining about the things you do all of a sudden, it is very likely that they are seeing someone else. Seen this too many times to not know it is such a big sign that some cheating is going on in the background–or some cheating is about to go on. 

8. Make him think you entertain other men

It’s a mind game, and it is fair. After all, everything is fair in love and war. You don’t have to do it. You just have to make him feel like you are doing it. 

It makes such a big difference and can make any man feel jealous. 

Pretend to be talking to other men. You can do so by pulling off the “I thought I told you” card. 

Tell him this on about three occasions. “I thought I told you?”

Guess what? Along the line, he is going to come to wonder who this person is. This person, you are always telling stuff when it happens more than twice. 

Guess what? He is going to feel jealous. You have now made him feel jealous without even trying too hard. 

9. Be In touch with your family

Your family is your love, too, and should be the ones to come first. Especially if you’re not married to your man yet. 

Let your man watch you and your family relate and wish you had a relationship like that with him. 

10. Have him try to win you over

Do what it takes, no matter what to have him try to win you over—just like it was in the earlier times of your relationship.

It is going to be a fun ride—one sponsored by jealousy. It’ll feel like magic. You will suddenly feel like someone gave you back all the power in the relationship.

And to be honest, someone did. Jealousy,

11. Go on solo dates

Show him that you can be happy away from him. Sometimes, this is all it takes. 

Go on solo dates with yourself. Make yourself happy. Take pictures and send them to him. It is something truly beautiful. It is something you should enjoy too. 

12. Make beautiful snaps

Make beautiful snaps. And this time, don’t send them to him. Post them on your Snapchat or Instagram. So that he asks where you have been to have taken such beautiful pictures. 

Don’t give him a very detailed answer. It should be something very shallow. “Oh, I went to see someone. How are you?”

13. Allow him to hang out with the boys without complaining 

14. Test him 

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By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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