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How To Make Her Crave You

by | Love

Jul 28, 2023

Making your woman crave you is a full-time job, whether you like it or not. If she does not crave you, your relationship gets cold and eventually dies, and we do not want that to happen. That is why we have prepared this article specifically for you! 

1. Give Her Attention

Women love attention. Read that again. 

The attention they desire the most is one from the person they love or are getting romantically attached to. 

And what happens when you do not give them the attention they so desire? Some women would receive attention from other places. Perhaps other people are attracted to them. 

Other women would channel that energy into resenting you or trying to ignore your existence completely. Neither of which are preferable options. Be available in all ways. Physically, emotionally and otherwise. And if there is any reason why you cannot be available at a particular time, make sure to let her know why, and she will crave you. 

2. Be Available

I cannot overemphasize this one. Availability is everything if you want her to crave you. In a magazine’s anonymous stories, a girl told a story of how she broke up with her ex because he was never available. 

He was sweet and kind, but during times when she needed him the most, he was nowhere to be found. She said he would be busy at work for weeks on end and just pop back into her life like he did not just ignore her for the past three weeks and expect things to be business as usual. 

Do this by calling, texting, and listening to her rant, and you will have her craving you at all times. 

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3. Listen To Her

Why are you a boyfriend if you do not listen? She could as well as be dating a teddy bear. A friend of mine named Donald had a very good girl which he pushed away because he never had a listening ear to offer her. He dismissed everything she had to say as mere ramblings. He never realized what he had until he lost her. Do not be like Donald. 

4. Give thoughtful Little Gifts

Most men like to run away from gifting because they feel since they are not married to the woman yet, she does not deserve it. Perish that idea. 

You do not give your woman stuff because she is broke and needy. You give it because it is thoughtful and kind. 

If there is something she really wants and maybe talks about in passing, you could surprise her one of these days. No matter how vain and superficial you may think it to be. It does not have to be the very big stuff. Some cupcakes or a box of chocolates would do wonders. Just so you know, women have a sweet tooth.

5. Honesty

This should have been at the top of the list, but since it is here, let’s dive into it. I cannot count the number of beautiful relationships I know of that have ended because of lies. 

The first thing you should know, you should never lie to get or impress a woman. If it is meant to be, she would accept you totally for who you are. Lying to score cheap points or boost your ego is not worth it. 

When she eventually finds out the truth, which she will, she will loathe your existence. If you do anything wrong, just come clean. If she forgives you, fine. If she does not, well… hard luck. Then you would have chosen your dignity over temporary relief. Remember, a relationship without trust is headed for the rocks. 

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6. Sometimes, make her miss you

Do not drag me. I know I said you should be available, but come on, being in her face at all times would take away the thrill. So sometimes, disappear for a little bit. 

Not in a toxic way that makes her worry about your safety. Just be busy with something. Work, school… anything. She would seek you out. When we said to make your woman crave you, being in a one-sided relationship was not part of the package. 

7. Make Love to Her

If you have agreed to be in a celibate relationship or your relationship is too early for sex, this one is not for you. For people who have sex, make love to her. 

When we say lovemaking, it is the kind of sex that portrays your emotion. Not the rushed kind people have with sex workers. We mean the type where you both come to savor each other’s bodies. Also, make love often. 

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8. Make Her Feel Sexually Attracted to You

If you are in a relationship with a woman who has no sexual attraction for you, it would mean she sees you as her brother. I have dated one man for a while now, and every time I see him, it is like when we first met. 

It never gets old. The sexual energy in our relationship is massive. So massive that we could be working together, and all I would think of is taking his clothes off him. 

Teasing her, flirting, not in a creepy, predatory way, would keep her on her toes for you. 

9. Pay Attention to Your Looks

No woman craves a man and wants to be associated with a man that dresses shabbily and looks dirty. Comb your hair and beard, clean your nails, put on good cologne, and always be well-groomed and fresh. Study the color wheel so you know what colors match. There is a meme that reads: 

“Imagine having a bad day, and you see your man walking towards you wearing yellow jeans and a purple shirt.” I could deny you. 

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10. Do Not Let Any Other Man Be Her Hero

You should be your woman’s hero and the first person she runs to when signs of trouble bloom. If you are not the first person she thinks of when something goes wrong, you should really rethink things. 

By doing all these things we have talked about, you would become that perfect, idolized person in her eyes. When we say ‘be her hero’, to make her crave you, do not equate this with putting on a Batman suit. The little things matter.


You can make your woman crave you all the minutes you are with her or away from her.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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