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How to Make a Girl Think About You

by | Love

Mar 16, 2023

When you are on a girl’s mind for extended periods, she is going to reach out more, be more loving and respectful, and of course, be more open to your sexual advances. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? Here are a couple of tips on how to make a girl think about you more.

1. Be Mysterious: mystery is proportional to attraction

The less mysterious you are as a man, the less attractive she is going to be to you. 

On the other hand, if you are able to keep the mystery up, you will be able to keep the attraction up and stay on her mind. 

One killer of mystery is telling too much. Do not give in to the temptation to tell her everything about you all at once. Instead, have her figure things out on her own; this is how attraction builds. 

This means you should drop hints instead of revealing them completely. 

Even story writers use the mystery method to clamp their readers’ minds. They “show” and not “tell.” 

Make a girl think about you by showing and not telling. 

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2. Don’t Brag

Seriously, don’t do it. She is not going to feel attracted to you when you brag. Instead, all attraction will be killed, as you will become that guy who ‘brags.’ 

Just that guy. Nothing more. 

When she talks about you to her friends, you will be the guy who is always bragging. The one who does not stop talking about himself.

Rather than brag, take the route of modesty. If you are fine with it, you may even want to downplay your achievements. 

This way, when she finds out you are much more than you seem at the surface, she will be drawn to you more and spend more time thinking about you.

3. Be the Last Person she Speaks to on Most Nights

There is a reason why lovers mostly make phone calls at night: this is because the night is quiet, and we are usually alone then.

This means more time to be in tune with ourselves and our emotions. More time to be vulnerable. 

When you speak to her at night, you are doing so at a time when she is pretty vulnerable. She will go to bed thinking about you. And when she wakes, you will be the first thing on her mind. 

4. Show Mannerisms

We remember people by their mannerisms. This is usually why we usually say things like: 

– That guy who never smiles

– The girl who smiles at everyone 

– The boy who hates dogs

She is going to remember you by your mannerisms. So, you have to leave an impression. 

Speak certain words only peculiar to you. Make certain gestures she would easily remember you by. 

Flex a fashion style she would think about long after you are gone—it can be funny, cool, or both. Be yourself. Do you. Leave an impression whenever you get to meet her. 

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5. Give Her a Nickname

Nicknames are a perfect way to stay on a person’s mind. 

My little cousin turned 6 recently. She had been having a bad day when I called her “Nicks,” a name only her grandma calls her. 

Guess what? She brightened up at once, and the next thing she said was: “I want to go to grandma’s house.” 

This is what a beautiful nickname is capable of. It can make a girl think about you whenever she remembers that name. 

Call her that name as often as you think is cool. If she loves it, you will be able to spot the pleasure of being called that on her face. 

6. Get Her a Gift

Gifts are a perfect thing to be remembered. So, choose your gift well. 

I suggest you gift her something she would have to see really often like a portrait, or a painting of her. 

She would look at it and say: “Oh, Jason gifted me that.”

You don’t have to give a woman a gift all the time, especially in the seduction phase. This will do more harm than good. 

Give a gift that leaves an impression, step back, and give her room to savor it. {Read: 10 Secret Hotspots in Women Every Man Should Know}

7. Make her Feel Good Emotions

Women are driven by their emotions. If something gives them a strong feeling, they are going to think about it for long periods. 

So, make her feel strong good emotions—about herself, about you, and about the friendship you both share. 

Make her laugh a lot. I like to say that: the more she laughs around you, the bigger the chances that you are going to be on her mind. 

Make every minute with you worth it. 

Tell jokes about yourself, about work, etc. 

8. Make Her Feel Bad Emotions Too

This is where a lot of guys miss it. They believe it is just perfect for making a woman feel good emotions all the time. 

I’ll tell you something: it does not work. It is very far from perfect to attempt to make a woman feel good all the time. 

In fact, you are going to come off as creepy and very boring. 

She will keep asking herself why you never get angry or disapprove of her. “Is he even a real person? If he is, why does he have to accept everything with a smile?”

Make her feel bad emotions sometimes. It helps you stay on her mind more. 

9. Make her Miss You

A woman will think about you when she misses you. So, make her miss you.

She will not miss you if you are in her face all the time—so disappear. Give her some space. 

In relationships, women do well with some space. It gives them time to think about what they really want. Chances are: you are what she really wants. 

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10. Bloom

Your growth is going to make a girl think about you. So, bloom! Grow! Become much better in character and be successful! It will facilitate new deeper connections with her.

Women are attracted to men who possess self-confidence and a sense of stability in their approach to life.

If you possess these traits, girls are more likely to think about you as a potential partner.


You don’t have to change yourself for a girl to think about you. You only have to improve yourself.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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