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How To Know Your Neighbor Is Single

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Aug 20, 2023

Thinking of hitting on your next-door neighbor but don’t know if it is the right thing to do because you don’t know if they are single or not? Let us help. Here is how to know your neighbor is single. 

1. They do not wear a ring

We have all known right from childhood that married people always have telltale wedding rings on their fingers. 

And if there is one thing married people love to do, it is to show off their marital status. What better deterrent is there to keep off potential suitors away than a wedding ring? Married people have been associated so much with their wedding rings to the extent that single people who want to stay away from the dating scene put on wedding bands. 

Have you seen the way women with engagement rings walk in public? They do everything to attract attention to the huge diamonds on their fingers. If they do not wear any ring on their hands, there is a very high chance that they are single. 

2. They move towards you with sexual energy

Most people in exclusive relationships stay away from all forms of entanglements because they respect their partners very much or they are simply avoiding trouble and all forms of messy business. 

If your next-door neighbor comes at you with sexual energy, they are single. Let’s say they try to look extra sexy when you are around, or they have a habit of strutting around in front of you; they are single. 

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3. Their pet is their only company

People who are in relationships almost always like being around their partners, even if they do not live together. 

There would be constant sleepovers, going out on dates together, and other things associated with the dating scene. If there is this one person who constantly comes around to your neighbor’s house, they are not single. 

Imagine your neighbor only goes out with his cat. No one comes over. That is an indicator that your next-door neighbor is as single as a strand of spaghetti. 

4. They want to hang out with you a lot

If your neighbor is single, they may want to hang out with you a lot. This is probably because they are lonely or they see a potential sex partner in you. 

If you have a next-door neighbor who has always been asking you out to grab lunch or who wants to accompany you to do little chores, they are single because no one in a relationship would want his partner to notice he has been clinging a bit too much to a particular neighbor. 

5. They have multiple sex partners

If they are your neighbors, it is very likely that you would be bumping into them quite often, maybe at the elevators or staircases. If your next-door neighbor has a string of people they have sex with, they are single. 

Single people owe their exclusivity to no one, so they can do as they please. No self-respecting person in a monogamous relationship wants to be caught cheating on their partner. Do not be surprised when you find out that your next-door neighbor organizes orgies in their apartment. 

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6. Your neighbor gets you gifts

People in relationships almost only get gifts for their partners. If your neighbor is in the habit of buying you thoughtful gifts, they could be single. 

People know that giving other people gifts go surface deep, that is, if it is not during a special occasion like a birthday or something of the sort. Imagine your neighbor is thoughtful enough to get you your favorite brand of coffee because he knows you would forget to buy it at the mall. 

Do you think that is platonic? If he has someone in his life, he would never do that because someone the person may find out, and that could cause a fight between the both of them. 

7. They want to know more about you

If your neighbor is interested to know more about you other than your name and basic stuff that they are obligated to know, it is very possible that they are single. 

Except they are flirts, it is very rare to find a neighbor in a relationship who is willing to go all out to know so much about you. When people want to know so much about you, they might want to be sexually involved with you, and people in relationships avoid such situations—even your next-door neighbor. 

8. Your neighbor’s friends know about you

People are in the habit of telling their friends about people that they are interested in. For instance, you may be passing by, and they greet you with so much happiness that you wonder what it is they know about you. Or they even act like you all are old friends. If this happens, they might be single. 

If your neighbor is not single, they might not know so much about you to tell their friends anyways, or even if they do, they would not find that necessary. 

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9. They invite you into their house

Personally, I never let people into my apartment unless I really like them and my partner knows they are my friend. 

What if I let you into my house, and my partner pops in for a surprise visit? Imagine the awkwardness, so I do well to avoid these messy scenarios before they happen. 

And this is quite common among people. Single people have nothing to lose. If your next door is fond of inviting you into their apartment, it is very possible that they are single.  

10. They want to know about your love life

Single people can afford the luxury of crushing on other people and letting it go beyond being mere crushes. 

If on one of those occasions when you get to talk to your next-door neighbor, and they question you about your love and relationship life, your exes, and how it ended it them, there is a very high chance that they are single. Why should someone who has a partner themselves be interested in knowing if you have one? What do they want to do with that information?


There will be a lot of signs when your neighbor is single—time to shoot your shot. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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