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How to Tell If She’s a Gold Digger or Genuinely Into You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 11, 2022

Wondering if she’s a gold digger? You’re not alone. Women can be hard to read, so figuring out if she is a gold digger or genuinely into you can be incredibly confusing. Happily, for those in the know, there are some common signs to help you spot them.

You should know that being a gold digger is not just tied to social class or gender. Even men, like women, can also be gold diggers. What gold diggers tend to achieve is money, power, and fame. We have compiled a list of 12 ways for you to tell whether she is a gold digger or genuinely likes you.

1. She declines inexpensive gifts

A gold digger does not appreciate any gifts that came as an afterthought to you. For instance, if you decide just to give her a sweet-smelling rose to show you care for her, a dissatisfied partner will lazily or grudgingly collect it from you. The reverse is the case when you get expensive diamond jewelry for her. She will swing on your arms in excitement.

2. She is curious about your assets

This is the easiest way to smell a gold digger close by, as they can never hide these parts of themselves. Do not be surprised if, on your first date, she is asking if you make up to six zero figures as salary; you drive a Ferrari or your favorite fashion designer. 

They used this indirect style to gauge your wallet size and if you would be their potential benefactor. She absolutely has no interest in any other important things like your tastes and preferences.

3. She’s interested in your family’s wealth

Gold diggers will always do anything to be by your side once you come from an affluent family. No wonder most of these wealthy guys that are players just string them along with other girls. 

Since they know, they will be able to get whatever you could not do for them in the relationship from your family members. As long as you pay her bills, you have her for life.

4. She plays a damsel in distress

Most gold diggers will deliberately play the damsel in distress just to see if they have you in their palms. The moment you fall for it, you have to continue and hope she does not milk you out in the process. 

Before you realize what you are doing, she has asked you to place her on your payroll for just being in a relationship.

5. Catchy appearance

Do not be fooled by the outward looks of a gold digger. The inside of them is rotten. The most significant investment she has is her sex appeal. They would do anything to stay top-notch in their appearances since they want to attract a classy man with a buoyant account balance. 

You see them wearing trendy outfits, if possible, made by designers, well-manicured nails, matchy bags, and tinkling shoes as they go. 

Consequently, any man who sees them almost wants to break his neck while staring at them. Rather than focusing your attention on her looks, focus on her personality.

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6. Evaluate your relationship

It might be obscure for you to really identify a gold digger in some cases. One other way to do this is for you to evaluate your relationship. Start asking yourself questions, like how does her presence make you feel. Drained?. If yes, that is one red flag.

Also, it would be best to pose questions to her on what she sees as romance in a relationship. Listen to her, spill out how a gentleman would give her an open cheque. So she would have breakfast in Paris, do some shopping in Dubai, and have an exquisite vacation on Bahamas Island. 

Run for your life! She is never emotional in nature. Materialism is the only language she understands.

7. Her social circle

A fruit never falls so far from a tree. Look out for the people she mingles with the most. This reveals her true identity to you faster. Suppose she has ever mentioned to you that a friend or family member is a gold digger.

What other proof do you need to make you know she is also one? The reason is that people who seek extravagant lifestyles tend to be in a company with like minds. This is where they seek approval for their bad behavior.

8. Exclusively dates high profile men

Try to engage in discussion regarding her exes. Did you notice a pattern of just dating high-class men serially? It is not nerve-wracking if she is financially buoyant and dates these kinds of men like power couples do. 

However, it becomes a red flag when she is broke and has consistently dated men of high calibers.

9. Bad attitude

A girl living on you should show her appreciation, be polite when making a request, or apologize when she steps on your toes. The reverse of this is what a gold digger is. 

She is very nasty and naughty, but she expects you to treat her like a queen. Also, at times, she will remind you that it is your job as a man to make her happy and, more importantly, to take care of her expenses.

10. Scoffs towards savings

Test her with this. You will see how she will react to hearing the word “savings.” Tell her that you would like to save for the rainy days. A gold digger only lives every day as if it is her last. 

Yes, the perfect excuse to live lavishly. I bet you, the moment she realizes she can not get a dime from you again. She goes missing in action on you.

11. No future ambition

A gold digger is far from reaching her potential as a person. She stops dreaming of being financially independent, and she is clueless about what she can do about her future. 

The only goal she has in life is to get married to an extremely rich man and live like a celebrity or under the spotlight forever. 

This is because marriage is one sure way to secure your bag for herself. Eventually, she pushes you to the wall to divorce her so she can get alimony and child support from you. 

12. Check her employment status

Gold diggers are usually unemployed or have a sparse work history that does not add up. However, they still manage to get financial benefits from others in some ways.

They actually do not fancy the idea of being employed, and theirs is a situation that can be likened to “why get the cow when you can get milk for free?”. Therefore, getting a stable means of livelihood is out of their minds.

Bottom Line

Knowing if a woman is a gold digger will save you from a lot of heartaches. You already know how emotionally detached she can be from you. There is no point in crossing a river for someone who can not cross a puddle for you.

Good luck!

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Photo credits: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

By Rachael Ukpebor

Rachael Ukpebor is an Editorial Assistant for Whatsdalatest. She graduated with honours from the University of Benin with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She covers beauty, relationship, and lifestyle topics at WDS, everything from best skincare and makeup hacks, to relationships. Her favourite music is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton.

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