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17 Powerful Signs a Guy Likes You in School

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Jan 4, 2022

The school environment is one of the many places people find love and then go on to build amazing romantic relationships. Maybe you’re about to be one of these people but don’t just know it yet. Is there a guy you like in school? Do you think he has a soft spot for you too? Do you want to be with him? This is how to know for sure if a guy likes you in school:

1. He tries to sit with you

If a guy likes you in school, he will try to sit with you a lot of times. In class, he’ll want to be next to you or just behind, and in the cafeteria, he’ll want to be at your table. 

He does this because he likes you and wants to be around you for longer. 

Shy guys may be an exception to this. Due to their social awkwardness, shy guys in school might even do the very opposite; they may act goofy around you or might try to avoid you.

2. He is around your friends

A guy who is fond of you in school has one goal: to be close to you. He may attempt to use your friends to achieve this goal.

No, he’s not flirting with your friends. If he likes you, that’s very unlikely. 

He is only asking about your whereabouts, seeking to know where you are at, to know the little details about you. 

3. Frequent awkward stares

If a guy likes you in school, you might even be tempted to think he’s stalking you. You’ll catch him staring more than once. More than twice, even in many cases. 

It’s simple why. C’mon, he likes you. So, he can’t help but sit to observe you and admire you. 

No. He doesn’t need you to feel like he’s bothering you or being some desperate psycho. So, you might want to ease up and stop yourself from thinking that of him.

4. He tries to talk to you

A guy who has a soft spot for you would definitely want to talk to you. First, because he knows the only way he can get you to like him back is by talking. Second, because he wants to open up to you. 

At the slightest opportunity, he will make an attempt to talk to you. He may ask to borrow your notebooks. In an awkward way, haha.

In a group conversation, he’ll try to answer your questions, even when he has been ignoring every other person all along. 

He’ll ask you to help him with assignments or explain things he couldn’t grasp in the class. All this is so he gets to talk to you.

If you’re walking alone, he will come around, and for the initial moments, he may just say “hi” and ask how boring your day was, but it gets better as it goes on.

5. You think he flatters you

When he talks to you either for a short or a long time, does he always compliment you?

Yes to this question means yes to the question about whether or not he likes you in school. 

People compliment things they love. You will not compliment a dress you do not like. Well, except you’re only being sarcastic. 

Guys have a way of complimenting little details, just like they notice the little details about girls they like. 

If he likes your cardigan or the way you pack your hair or your walking step, he’ll tell you. And he’ll say it while wearing a smile. 

6. You think he looks and acts weird when talking to you

Generally, a lot of guys are not very nervous. This changes when they really, really like a girl.

When a guy likes you in school, his defenses might break, and he might become that someone who just fidgets before a girl. 

His voice will shake. His hands will race to touch objects. His eyes will always dart away from yours. This is going to be very obvious if he has just started to talk. 

7. His friends act weird

The guy who likes you might put up an act, but his friends will not. When around, they will act weird. And you might even hear whispers when you walk past. 

They will be nice to you and might sometimes even ask questions about the guy you believe likes you. 

‘Have you seen…’

They’ll also make a habit of walking away when you both are together. 

8. He asks to hang out with you

The guy is tired of spending time with you in school. Now, he sure wants to have a good time with you outside the school premises, where they’re likely to be distractions.

Greenlight alert.

He likes you, so, yes, he wants to enjoy your space to the fullest and get to know what you’re really like if you ain’t in uniform or around the school.

He may ask for lunch or dinner together or ask to hang out at the movies. If he’s really into you in school, you’re most likely to hang out at that place you called your favorite the last time you both talked. 

9. He knows a lot about you

A guy who loves you is very observant. He has his eyes on you most of the time.

Do not be shocked when he says he likes your new phone. Yes. He’d noticed that you changed it.

He likes your brother. Oh yes! He saw when your brother came to pick you up at school.

He does not like the way Sarah treats you. He’s been watching you and Sarah the whole time.

You may feel uncomfortable probably because you think you’re stalked, but this is a good sign. He likes you, so he wants to be involved in your life.

10. You didn’t expect him to

You don’t expect him to take note of such things, but he does anyway. He craves you, and so he’d always pay attention to the littlest details of anything you say to him.

He remembers that vanilla ice cream flavor is a trigger and wouldn’t get you that. After class, he walks up to you and pets you because he saw you freak out when Sarah shouted at you. 

He remembers that you hate people shouting at you.

He definitely likes you if he takes note of those small but necessary details about you.

11. Physical contact

Guys, at least a lot of them, are very physical. Remember your brothers when they were younger. Recall how they always wanted to touch whatever intrigued them? Their toys, the TV, the lights, and maybe even the sockets. 

Adult boys are no different. 

When a guy likes you in school, he will try as much as he can to touch you.  

Why are his arms around you all the time? Well, because he likes you. Why does he grope at your face or try to pick imaginary pimples? Also, because he likes you. 

12. He makes you comfortable

A guy who likes you in school would always want to make sure you’re comfortable. One way he does this is by respecting your boundaries. 

He doesn’t call you late at night if you don’t like it. He doesn’t kiss you in public if you don’t want it. You feel safe with him because he wants you to know he’d ensure he doesn’t hurt you or violate your rules.

13. He keeps telling you to have it

A very strong general love language is giving. A guy who longed for you and maybe even loves you will most likely want to get you something at any opportunity. 

He is giving you those random gifts because he yearns for you.  

14. He is concerned

When a guy likes you in school, he loves to ask you thoughtful and deep questions. He doesn’t just want to know how your day went and the regular questions.

He wants to know why you’re not interested in the new club, why you prefer Marvel to DC comics, why you’d prefer a holiday at Grandma’s instead of Aunt Claire, why you look sad today and all of that.

He wants to know you more and make sure he’s there for you whenever you need anyone.

15. He wants to be involved

If he yearns to help you out a lot in class, he likes you. He wants to help you with that assignment or help explain mathematics to you or help you with gardening during the weekend.

Guys are natural ‘problem solvers .’ If he always wants you to see this characteristic, he really likes you.

16. He wants to know about your love life

He wants to know about this because that’s the direction he’s likely headed. Although he may not come out plain, he’d definitely love to find out if you have a boyfriend, so he knows whether to plan for moves or not. 

He may ask about your past relationships so that he aims to treat you better and spice up things with you.

17. You have seen him being vulnerable

Have you noticed him being vulnerable around you? He’s comfortable enough to express his emotions before you. This is something guys hardly do. So if you find him being all baby around you in and outside the school, that’s a real good sign. He likes you. 

Photo by sean Kong on Unsplash

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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