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How to Ignore Someone

by | Ideas

Dec 2, 2023

Whether as a means to get them off your back forever or as a means to get them more attracted to you, there are methods to ignore someone. In this article, I will be showing how to ignore someone to get the outcomes you need. 

Ignore Someone: To Get Them Off Your Back

If you are trying to get them off your back forever, this is how you should ignore them.

1. Be Cold: just ignoring them at the go barely works when you are trying to get them completely off your back. They are just going to keep blowing up your phone. 

So, except if you’re fine with having your phone blown up every minute or have plans to change your number, the best thing to do is be cold to them. 

Be very brittle with your responses. The rule of thumb, one I have found to be very efficient, is this: for every paragraph they send your way, send them one word. 

The words should be conversation enders like: “Lol” or simply, just “Okay.”

If their paragraphs are a bit longer, then you may make it two words, and so on. 

The goal is to make talking to you as tedious as can possibly be. 

You should get your results in days to weeks. 

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2. Become Less Available: yes. Become unreachable. Whether by phone or by text. This makes it very difficult for the said someone to reach you when they want to. 

This may mean not taking their calls or maybe even blacklisting their number on the phone so that when they call, the phone does not ring. 

Apply the same tactic by archiving their texts in messaging apps. 

WhatsApp will usually provide this feature.  

You are doing this in the hopes that they will give up and stop trying to reach you. Many times, it does, but if it doesn’t, the next thing to do is

3. Block Them: I can tell the reason you haven’t already blocked them is because it feels wrong. It is likely they are someone you see every day or get to meet from time to time. Maybe a boss or a coworker. 

Whatever the case, if you have tried the first two methods and they are still heavy on trying to reach you, then it is best if you block them.  

If they are very close to you and react to you blocking them badly, you can say that you just needed time away from social media. 

Never let them know that the block actually happened. 

Instead, let them see that you value your time away from the harness around you. 

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4. Change Your Number: at the end of it all, when everything seems as though it is not working, you may want to change your number. 

It is your way of finding peace. It is not you being timid or anything like that. 

It is being in a position where you are at peace with yourself. 

Ignore them by disappearing and changing everything about you. At least everything that you have the power to change. 

5. Give it Time: give it time. You do not expect that they are going to be off your back immediately, and you begin to ignore them. 

Some of the people you ignore are very persistent. Depending on what they want, they can linger around for days and even weeks. 

All you have to do is give it time. Sooner or later, everyone gets tired.  

Get your mind off what they are doing or if they are going to consistently try to reach you. Let all of that go. 

Ignore Someone: To Get Them More Attracted to You

At the end of the day, the no-contact rule works. Ignoring someone may make them want you more. Here is how to do it right:

1. Be Cold and Hot: a confused mind is one that can easily be swayed into a belief. 

If they are confused about your actions towards them, they are going to make up excuses for you in their head and go on to believe these excuses. 

So, confuse them. 

One day, ignore them, and the next, speak to them as though nothing happened. 

It is going to make them very attracted to you. 

When it is time to speak to them, remember to begin with the vibe you left off the last time you spoke. 

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2. Don’t Begin New Interactions: the no-contact phase is one of those phases where being counterintuitive is much better than doing what your mind expects. 

I know your mind wants you to reach out to them and love them and tell them how much you miss them. But you shouldn’t do that. It does not work. 

Instead, you should create some distance and leave it to them to close the space. 

As they close the space, they walk closer to you, don’t they?

Of course, they do. The attraction works. 

3. Respond When they Reach Out: one of the many things that makes the no-contact rule fail is not knowing when to respond. 

When you go no contact and attempt to ignore your partner, don’t do it to the extreme. 

Whilst it is improper to initiate a conversation when you are trying to ignore them, you should respond to them when they reach out. 

Works just fine. 

Let your response mirror the vibe they bring to you. 

If they reach out to you with a lot of zeal, respond to them with just as much enthusiasm. 

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4. Leave: yes, the best way to ignore someone is to do it passively. 

Just leave social media for a while. 

If it is impossible to, then you can cut back on the number of hours you spend on messaging apps every day. 

That way, you are going to be ignoring the said partner without even trying. 

Respond when they reach out, though. 

5. Find Hobbies: yes. Let hobbies replace your willingness to speak to them every second.

Ignoring someone and achieving what you want it to. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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