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How to Hook Up On Tinder: A Cheat Code for Guys

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 13, 2023

At first, a lot of guys join Tinder because they think it is the best place to get easy hookups. Imagine their surprise when days run into weeks, and they still haven’t received as little as a ‘like.’ We do not want you to be that guy. We want you to be the one who hooks up with as many women as you want. These 10 tricks will help you hook up just fine on Tinder.

1. Get Verified

The truth is, verified accounts on Tinder get the most likes—the number one cheat code for guys looking to hook up on Tinder.

It is simple to tell why. These accounts seem more trustworthy. We live in a time where dating sites are being used by scammers, who many times succeed in getting away with thousands of dollars from victims. 

This means a lot of women are very vigilant. They will very readily avoid any accounts that seem like catfish accounts. To stand out on Tinder, get verified. 

The verification process is fairly simple and takes less than one to two minutes to complete. After completion, expect to receive your verification badge in a couple of minutes. Now, watch as the swipes keep coming. 

2. Choose Crisp Photos

It is sad that on some devices, especially Android devices, Tinder may compress your photos to the point where they lose their sharpness. 

Compressed photos do not look so good, so women will not want to swipe right on them. 

Luckily, you can bypass this by making your photos very crisp and small. 

That way, you do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for size. 

Take your pictures with devices that have very good cameras. And upload them in a quality that is just as perfect, and you’re sure to find someone to hook up with on Tinder. 

After uploading, look at these photos using the “preview” option that shows up. If they don’t look good in the preview, take them off and try uploading photos that look good in ‘preview”.

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3. Turn on Smart Photos

A lot of guys don’t know about the smart photos feature. But this feature is the surest way to get more swipes and, eventually, more hookups on Tinder. 

Smart Photos is an AI that chooses your best photos and displays them on your profile. It’s a cheat code that works really well.

Let’s say you have seven to ten photos on your profile. If you turn smart photos on, you will only have the best photos appearing as your profile photos. 

The pictures are sorted based on lighting, overall quality, and the symmetry of your face. 

4. Rework Your Bio

Your bio may be the reason you are not getting any swipes. Women on Tinder pay attention to bios that stand out. And sadly, not many guys know how to pull this off. 

A good bio is one that gives a hint of your personality but manages to pull a woman in.

Simply put, it is mysterious. A woman reads it and begins to wonder what this guy is all about. 

That mystery is going to make her reach out to you. And if you can keep it up in the inbox, it will make her so attracted to you that she is going to ask to hook up before you even expect, 

5. Add a Link to Your Instagram

Your Instagram is surely going to be checked if you have perfect-looking pictures on your Tinder profile and have the perfect bio to match them. 

You should add your Instagram link to your bio on Tinder if you are sure the pictures on your Instagram are pretty amazing. 

When women look at it, they will be swept off their feet, return to your profile, and try to hook up with you. 

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6. Set Your Location Range to Not More than 30 miles

The women with whom you are most likely to hook up are not going to be very far away from you. 

That is to say; they have to be close by. 

In light of this, set your location range to not more than 30 miles. This, while a perfect strategy, is going to cost you something small. 

It will make you have fewer profiles to swipe at. 

Sometimes, you may even get a message that reads: “We have run out of matches in your area.” 

Don’t pay so much attention to this. Just exit the app for around 3 to 4 hours and then return. You will then see a new set of potential matches. 

7. Set Your Age Preference to a Larger Range

While you limit the range of your preferred location, you should increase the range of your preferred age if you are to get more likes on Tinder and, eventually, hook up more on Tinder. 

This way, you will see more potential matches. Most of the women who are going to be open to hooking up are going to be women still in their younger years. 

Say, around 19 to 23. So when these women match you, go on to make the bomb first impression. 

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8. Make a Bomb First Impression

I don’t think the first impression matters anywhere else as much as it matters on Tinder. 

Blow it, and you wouldn’t be getting any hookups. Get it right, and you will be hooking up on Tinder every week. 

The best first impression is that which gives the woman an emotional response to you.

The response can be anything. But I would advise you to get her to laugh. Send a funny message with a very sexual undertone. Watch the magic happen. 

9. Take the Chat off Tinder

A lot of women get tired of Tinder over time and no longer spend much of their time texting on there. 

So, to avoid being ghosted, take the texting off Tinder to someplace like WhatsApp or iMessage. 

Here, you can vibe as much as you want. Do not make the mistake of being too much in her face. 

Text, withdraw, and text again. 

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10. Ask For a Meet-Up

Don’t waste too much time or risk being thought of as a guy who isn’t serious. 

When she gives you any green lights, ask to meet her. 

Now, hook up with her.


It is quite easy to find women to hook up with on Tinder. Just get them to show much interest in your profile, and the deal is done.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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