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How to Have The Best Sex Ever

by | Sensual Intimacy

Dec 11, 2022

Everyone wants to have great sex every now and then. My bet is you and your partner are not an exception. So, we will be showing you both how to have the best sex ever in just ten tips. 

1. Rewire Your Brain

The truth remains that mental boundaries, that is, false ideas about lovemaking, are able to prevent you from truly enjoying yourself in bed. So, as long as you keep them, you will likely not have the great sex that you crave. 

It is time to rewire your brain. 

Allow yourself to see lovemaking for what it is: moments of intimacy and intense pleasure meant for you. Begin to appreciate the possibility that even you can have the best sex ever. 

This will tone your body, preparing it to do and feel things you do not regularly do and feel. 

2. Help Your Partner Rewire Their Own Brain

You may have the brightest ideas about sex. But if your partner is a bit laid back, unwilling to open themselves up to the fact that sex can hype us up in ways we didn’t think possible, you may struggle when trying to have the best sex ever. 

So, it is needful that you help them keep an open mind during the act of copulation.

Let them see that sex is to be enjoyed. Show them that orgasms are possible when you get things right. 

3. Set the Mood

When next you want to have sex, remember it is not going to be the best sex ever if the mood is not right

Sex, like many other forms of intimacy, has a mood. 

The right mood for sex is one where both you and your partner feel relaxed, aroused, and expectant. For many couples, some minutes of cuddling ushers this mood. 

For others, some movies do the work. Check out the best movies that can get you in the mood. 

Whatever it is, be sure to get in the mood. 

4. Foreplay

Foreplay is the single most important part of copulation for many people. Great foreplay almost always translates to pretty good sex, whereas bad foreplay messes with the flavor of the actual, penetrative copulation. 

I consider good foreplay to be that which is careful and intense. During foreplay, you ought to truly pay attention to your partner’s body. 

Every touch should pull you deeper into intimate pleasure. 

A good foreplay should include the following: 

  • Kissing 
  • Oral sex
  • Some cosplay (if you want to add this)

5. Only Begin When You Both are Properly Aroused

If you have done foreplay properly, you both ought to be very aroused by now. 

By aroused, I mean the man ought to be fully erect and the woman fully wet. 

Only then should penetrative copulation begin. If the woman is not properly wet, there is going to be some pain at the first couple of penetrations. 

This fights pleasure and makes lovemaking average rather than the ‘best sex ever’ which you hope to have. 

If the man is not fully erect, on the other hand, there will be a bit of an issue sticking it in. This usually creates some awkwardness you don’t want to experience. 

6. Take Your Time

A sense of urgency can make copulation not feel as good as it is meant to be. 

Do not feel as though you have to rush to get things over with. Take your time. Know that you and your partner can do this for as long as you both can and want to. 

The feeling of urgency can even make you ejaculate prematurely. Anxiety has been linked to premature ejaculation, according to a study

7. Try Out New Positions

You will not have the best sex ever if you are only going to stick with old positions you both have grown tired of. 

Routines, most of the time, and especially in the bedroom, end up being pretty boring over time. 

This is why you have to try out new positions—as long as you both enjoy them, these new positions may become your new favorites. 

Some recommended positions are: 

  • Doggy
  • Coital alignment
  • Collapsed doggy
  • Reverse cowgirl, etc.

The male genitalia is angled a different way each time there is a change in position, offering a different, more pleasurable sensation. 

8. Maintain Rhythm

Rhythm is quite important during copulation. Better sex usually includes regular rhythms that change only when there is a need to. 

There is usually a need to change the rhythm of your strokes the more intense the sex gets. 

Copulation usually, for most, starts with slow strokes, graduating gradually into faster, deeper, and more intense strokes. 

Maintain your strokes for at least a minute if you can. If you can’t, 30 seconds is just fine. 

Abruptly changing the rhythm of your strokes can keep you, and eventually your partner, from reaching orgasm. 

9. Incorporate the Use of Copulation Toys

There is a bit of controversy among many couples bordering the use of toys and pleasure enhancers. 

Many of which are false. (Although some may be close to the truth). 

Copulation toys can help you and your partner get the best sex ever if you use them right and choose the right ones. 

Many women do well with vibrators. Some stick with smaller anal toys. You have to be careful, though, if you are trying out anal sex for the first time. 

10. Take Breaks

Incredible sex will most likely be punctuated by breaks. It is somewhat difficult to keep all that action going for extended periods. So, take a break when you have to, and return to doing it as soon as you get to catch your breath.

Tip: You might want to turn to lubes when things get dry. They can be lifesavers sometimes.


Great sex can improve your mood and have an effect on your physical health as well. Having the best sex of your life comes easy when you allow yourself room to explore and try out new things. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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