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How to Give Yourself a Yoni Massage

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jan 5, 2023

You should know a lot about yoni massages by now if you have been following our recent articles. If you haven’t, I suggest that you follow these links to view them. 

In this article, we discuss everything about giving oneself a yoni massage. But before then, let us go over the basics of a yoni massage once more.

Is Giving Yourself a Yoni Massage a Common Practice? 

Of course, yes, it is. Like you, several other women are interested in performing a yoni massage on themselves. There are several reasons for this, but the most common one is that women would rather perform one themselves than have someone else do it because they are more comfortable alone. 

Are the Benefits the Same?

When done properly, a solo yoni massage will confer just about the same benefits as a yoni massage performed by a masseur or a partner.

Remember that yoni massages are supposed to improve your mood by harnessing your sexual energy. 

Some women, however, report feeling slightly less pleasure when they perform a tantric massage on themselves. 

Rebecca from Ilionis told us: “It feels the same, although there is a bit of a difference. You might not feel the same when you touch yourself as when someone else touches you.” 

“I understand why some women (I included) go for a solo yoni massage.” She added. “We are most comfortable with ourselves.” 

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Is a Solo Yoni Massage the Same Thing as Masturbation? 

This is a regular question. And the answer is a bit tricky. But I would say, No, a yoni massage is not masturbation. Whilst both practices involve stimulating yourself, masturbation is far more sexual than it is sensual. 

Also, yoni massages almost never involve penetration. You also don’t need toys to perform a yoni massage. 

I will argue that yoni massages have more benefits than masturbation. A lot of women agree with us. Of the ten women we questioned, sixteen agreed to feel better after a yoni massage than after masturbation. 

Can a Solo Yoni Massage End in Masturbation?

Yes, it can, just like a regular yoni massage performed by a partner can end in sex. Keep an open mind. It is quite possible that you will be aroused to the point where you have to settle for masturbation and maybe even sex. 

How Long is a Solo Yoni Massage Going to Take? 

It all depends on you. But I will say it should take roughly about 15 minutes. 

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Should You Shave or Wax Before a Massage? 

This is a question everyone is scared to ask. But the answer to it is this: it depends on you. If you love to wax, then go right ahead. But if you don’t want to, leaving your vagina area unshaven is not going to be much of an issue, especially if you are careful not to let hair bruise you.

What do You Need? 

  • Your comfortable place
  • Some oil 
  • Some scented candles, if you are big on making it sensual. (I usually like to leave this out when I am going solo.)
  • Some music to clear your head. 
  • Two pillows

How to Perform a Yoni Massage on Yourself? 

These are practical techniques to help you perform a yoni massage on yourself: 

1. Wash Your Hands

You want to make sure everything is hygienic so you do not get dirt and debris into your vagina. If you have long nails, make sure they are clean. I suggest you try as much as you can to keep your nails from coming in contact with your vulva when you massage. 

2. Get in The Right Posture

While lying down flat on your back with your legs spread apart is a perfect posture when receiving a yoni massage from someone, posture is a bit trickier when you are performing a yoni massage on yourself. 

A rule of thumb is: to enter a position where you are most comfortable. 

There are a couple of positions you can try out. Some of these include: lying with legs spread out and your back leaned against soft support. You can also sit with your legs spread out—any position that works for you. 

3. Prepare Your Mind

Now, get in the mood. You can practice breathing in and out for a couple of seconds. Close your eyes, and place your hand on your chest. Feel your heartbeat for a moment. Now, you can get right into the massage. ‘

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4. Fondle Your Vulva

Reach down your vagina and begin to fondle. It is important that you start slowly and increase intensity as you go on.

Some women don’t go right into massaging the vulva; instead, they begin with fondling the nipples. If this works for you, I recommend that you fondle your nipples before going right into fondling your vagina. 

Some techniques you can apply as you fondle your vulva include: 

  • Circling: here, you move around the surface of your vulva in cyclic movements. There is usually no need for too much oil, as you will most likely be wet. Be gentle and very careful, savoring every sensation.
  • Pulling: this is a technique that involves pulling at the surface of your vulva or clitoris. Grab onto your clitoris with a thumb and index finger. Tug just a little bit, and then release. Repeat over and over.
  • Ball Rolling: this is where you roll your thumb over the ball of your clitoris. The sensation is usually one so intense you may experience, or at least near orgasm. 

5. Try Out Some More Techniques

Do not make it boring. Explore other techniques. I suggest you explore “edging.” 

Edging involves bringing yourself close to orgasm and then withdrawing. It is one of the most pleasurable feelings ever, although, no doubt, it can be annoying. 

6. Bring the Session to a Close

Slowly, bring the yoni massage on yourself to a close. I can tell you have truly had fun. 


A solo massage session feels truly great as well. 

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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