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How to Give Rhythm to Your Strokes

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 23, 2023

Consider this article a guide to the perfect stroke game. This article is going to explore two major aspects of the stroke game: how to give rhythm to your strokes and how to get the perfect stroke angles. 

Here is how to give rhythm to your strokes. 

1. Let Go of Anxiety

Men who give the wackest strokes are usually those who have something I call performance anxiety. 

They don’t quite know how to perform or have fears that their women will not think highly of the sex. 

This makes them want to overcompensate. So, they just go on with the strokes, not giving any rhythm. 

Calm down. Don’t let that anxiety get the best of you. 

You want to have great sex? You would, most definitely, if you got your head out of fear. 

2. Get into the Sex

If you want your stroke game to be perfect, you have got to enjoy the sex.

Usually, the perfect strokes are not planned for. They just happen with little to no mental effort. 

They will not happen, though, if you do not enjoy yourself. So try as much as you can to get into what you feel. 

Look your partner in the eye and take in every emotion in there. Savor every feeling, and be in love with what you are doing.

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3. Don’t Get Carried Away

It is easy to get carried away when you are stroking, especially around the time when you feel as though you would cum. This can easily interfere with your stroke game, bringing in some kind of haphazardness. 

So, do not get carried away. Understand that you control, at least to a large extent, the way the sex is supposed to go. While you should go with the flow, you should not be carried away by the flow. 

Know when to pause and begin the stroke game all over.

When you feel as though you would cum, you can change positions.

Changing positions can make men last longer. 

Lamuel, a 24-year-old, tells us he has observed that he lasts a lot longer when he changes positions frequently. 

“The sex just has to be regulated.” He says.

4. Pay Attention to Your Breathing

This is perhaps the most important tip when it comes to giving rhythm to your strokes. By all means, please pay attention to your breathing. 

If you want, you may even use your breathing as a means to regulate the stroke. Pulling out when you breathe in and pushing in when you breathe out. 

Breathing works like a metronome in this scenario, making things a lot more intense.

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5. Pay Attention To Her Moans

Moans are not just moans. They are able to give direction to the sex. So, when next you have sex with your woman, make a mental note to pay attention to her moans.

What are those moans telling you about the sex with her? Does she love what you are doing to her body? Then keep doing just that to keep the rhythm going. 

Knowing when to go hard and when to go soft is what differentiates a guy who knows how to have sex with his woman from one who does not.

6. Let Her Do the Stroking

There are some positions where it is the woman who does the stroking. If you have problems with stroke rhythm, you have to try out more of these positions. 

A position you should try is cow girl position. In this position, pay attention to the pace she tilts to. 

Pay attention to her own rhythm and learn from it. 

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7. Porn May Help

Barring its negative side, which is its ability to get very addictive, porn can teach you a thing or two about how sex works. 

Sex is amazing. But the good news is: it can be learned. You can learn to get down better and have the most amazing strokes ever. 

Also, masturbation can show you one or two about the stroke game. Notice that when you masturbate, you tend to maintain the rhythm of your strokes. If you take that into your sex, you are going to have very amazing sex. 

8. Practice

Yes, you have got to practice. The more you practice having great sex, the better your sex is going to be. 

Have more sex, and practice how to get your stroke game right. In healthy relationships, talking to your partner about your sex life does help. They should be able to help you overcome whatever challenges you have getting your strokes up there. 

How to Get the Perfect Stroke Angles

We have seen that stroke rhythm alone is not going to make sex perfect. In addition to the perfect stroke rhythm, you have got to have the perfect stroke angle, as this ensures the proper depth. Here is how to get the perfect stroke angle.

1. You Don’t Have to Go All In

You don’t have to be balls-deep into her sometimes. 

This is especially true if you are trying positions that open her up more, like the doggy position and the speed bump position

Going too deep in these positions is surely going to hurt her more than it makes her feel good. 

Give some space. 

2. Rock Your Groin

Rocking your groin in circular movements is a trick that is going to make sex feel a lot better for you. 

Here is why it works, your dick is going to be in close contact with her vaginal walls when you try out this trick. Guess what this means to you: it means she is going to be feeling a lot of pleasure. 

There is going to be needed friction between your genital areas. Perfect. 

3. Try Different Sex Positions

Trying out different positions can give you perfect angles without you even having to try. 

A position like the coital alignment can give you perfect angles if you do it right. 

Here is how to do the coital alignment.

Getting your strokes right is your leap into great sex.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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