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How To Give Hickeys and What a Hickey Looks Like

by | Love

Jan 14, 2023

A hickey is called the love bite and can be very cute sometimes. It forms when someone sucks on your skin. The suction causes blood vessels underneath the skin to break, releasing blood that takes the shape of the lips. Hickeys are typically considered safe, so you do not have much of an issue giving or getting one. In this article, we look at 5 sexy ways to give hickeys. 

1. Get in The Mood

Yes, build up some tension. Do this by kissing your partner on the lips and making things very intense. 

The more intense things are, the more likely that you will be more open to giving a hickey, especially if it is your first time giving one. 

2. Know That Hickeys Can Happen Anywhere

When it comes to hickeys, most people have their eyes on the neck and insist that their hickeys must appear there. 

Well, hickeys “must” not necessarily happen at any particular spot. 

They can happen anywhere because the skin is capable of breaking anywhere there is skin. 

Mentally choose where you want the hickey to show up. 

The site depends on the kind of make-out, though, and where it happens. If you are kissing on the lips, you can give your hickeys on the neck. 

If you are out having fun somewhere, say in the park, you can give your hickeys on the arm. 

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3. Place Your Lips on the Skin

Make your lips into a circle. And gently place them on the skin. 

Be sure that your lips are not dry and flaky so that your partner is not bruised more than is needed. 

I advise that you swipe your tongue across your lips before going for the hickey. 

Make things more intense if you want to give the hickey on the neck. Hold them closer, or put your hand on their neck in a very gentle choke hold. 

That is, tilt their neck very slightly. And then place your lips there. (Read: 10 Squirting Orgasm Secrets to Make Yourself Squirt)

4. Apply Some Suction

Typically, suction is what causes the hickey to show up in the first place. When you apply suction, some blood vessels break apart, and the hickey forms. 

The hickey shows up after you’ve sucked for about 30 seconds. 

Make sure to keep your teeth out of the way. With your lips on their skin, pull in the air until you feel their skin bulge towards you a bit. 

Be careful to make sure you do not empty a lot of spit on them. Let your mouth not be filled with spit. 

Note: sometimes, you might want to add teeth—as teeth can add a little more pleasure. I, however, advise that you don’t. (Read: How to Make Out: 10 Secrets to Having the Best Make Out Sessions)

5. A Smooth End

Withdraw your lips slowly, without making things feel any weird. You can go back to kissing them on their lips while waiting for the hickey to show up. 

The hickey will show up in about 2 minutes and will look really good. 

A hickey forms when you apply some suction to the skin. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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