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How to Give Her the Best Sex She’s Ever Had

by | Sensual Intimacy

Aug 6, 2023

Weirdly, every woman knows what her best sex felt like. The memory is vivid. She remembers what was done and often agrees she would love to recreate it. Many times there is often an emotional attachment between her and the man just because the sex was great. In this article, I’d be showing you how to give her the best sex she has ever had.

1. It Doesn’t Just Happen

Great sex does not just happen. No. You have to be very aware of what you are doing if you are going to have great sex. 

Keep this in mind when you are about to have sex with her. You may even tell her how much you are going to fuck her. Trust me; women like to hear stuff like that as it makes them very comfortable. 

2. Make Her Comfortable

Sex is 79 percent emotion and 21 percent action. Do not think that you’re going to have great sex with her if you do not appeal to her emotions. 

Her emotions will only come alive when she is comfortable. So, of course, make her comfortable. Make her feel safe. 

Don’t rush things. Let her slip into wanting the sex. 

With sex like this, you have it to make her feel in love. This may mean the sex has to happen in some very comfortable place. 

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3. Kiss Her Like you Mean it

You have got to pay attention to her lips. If you have been reading our blog for the past few days or weeks, you probably know that we pay a lot of emphasis on kissing.  

This is because we know what kissing does and how it is able to make one so in tune with their feelings that they begin to slip into sexual pleasure without even knowing it. 

Many men like to think sexual pleasure is something one has control over. That one can decide when they want to feel sexual pleasure. 

This is largely not true. No one can say this is when they want to feel sexual pleasure. Their bodies control all the pleasure. So, you have to appeal to a woman’s body to make her feel things she hasn’t felt before. 

4. Foreplay

It does not have to be the traditional foreplay. Of course not. When you want to offer a woman the best sex she has had, you want to make a point. To leave a mark. So everything you do, including the foreplay, has to be very unique. 

Don’t just go over there and eat her pussy and call it a day. No. Spice things up. Make her feel like it is an experience. Good sex is not something that happens. It is something that is experienced. 

If she thinks the sex as something that has to be experienced, then it is unlikely that she will forget it. 

You can spice foreplay up by introducing a massage. Yoni’s massages before sex are surely going to blow her mind. You should check out this article to learn how to give a woman a Yoni massage

5. You may have to Discard the Condoms

No, I am not advising you to have unprotected sex. I am only saying that when asked, more than 50 percent of women agree that their best sex happened when the man did not use a condom. 

I believe this has something to do with intimacy. 

Unprotected sex is much more intimate than sex where one uses a condom. The bonding is more intense, and things are likely to feel better. 

It is no wonder why. I mean. Skin is in contact with skin. No barriers. It’s going to feel that way emotionally. They’d be no barriers against emotional connection. 

Before you go on to have sex with anyone without protection, be sure to do the necessary tests and ensure that they are healthy. 

6. You May Want to Consider Fluid Bonding

Fluid bonding is a rather complex idea. But I have seen that it works. Many of my clients tell stories that prove this. 

The idea behind this is similar to the idea behind a kiss. 

Fluid bonding is something of a bonding between genitals. 

It happens quite often between couples who are in very committed relationships and trust each other real good. 

Bonding with fluid involves letting your sexual fluids come in contact. This means you may have to cum inside her. 

7. Pay Attention to Her Body

You cannot give her the best sex ever if you do not pay attention to her body. That is just the way it is. 

Even women tell us men who made them feel wild and nasty in bed were the ones who paid attention to their bodies. 

Attention means love. Think about it. Is there any love without some form of attention? Of course not. 

So, when you pay attention to a woman’s body, you are saying: I love your body right now. 

8. Eye Contact

If you’re going to have the best sex ever with her, know there has got to be a lot of eye contact. 

This means you have got to keep your eyes on her all through the sex.

It is true that the eyes are the window of the body. They are also the window of the mind. Stare into her emotions and watch things get very intense and amazing. 

9. Give Her Head Intermittently

Men like to think they’re fine if they give a woman head once and just forget about it. 

Weirdly, it does not work that way. You may have to do it over and over for her to feel the level of pleasure you want her to feel. 

10. Talk to Her While at It

You should, of course, speak to her when you both are at it. Tell her amazing things she would love to hear. 

Remember, I have said that sex is mostly an experience. Let her come face to face with your masculine affection, and she will most likely never forget the sex you both have. 

She’ll keep coming back if you made an impression the first time.  

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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