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How to Give Good Head – 10 Blow Job Tips

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 20, 2022

The fellatio cannot be excluded from foreplay. A lot of guys love blowjobs. Good head adds spice to the sexual experience and raises the intimacy between you both. What is a good blowjob like? Well, good head makes a man feel things he can’t exactly describe. It has him longing for more. 

In this article, we will be exploring how to give good head. Check out these 10 blowjob tips.

1. No Teeth

The first unspoken rule to giving a blow job is no teeth. You see, a man’s penis is by far one of the most sensitive points on his body, innervated by thousands and thousands of nerve endings. It is sensitive to a wide range of feelings, but the threshold seems to be much lower than pain. 

The slightest eliciting of pain can drown the pressure. He wouldn’t find it pleasurable. Avoid touching the shaft or the head of his penis with your teeth as much as you can. 

2. Assume a Proper Position

No one talks about this enough, but the position you assume when you want to give a blowjob also affects how the man will feel. Remember that as much as sex is a physical activity, it sure is an emotional and mental activity as well. 

So, assume a position that further arouses the man. If you want to drop to your knees, arch your back and put your butt forward. The same position can work if you are doing the blowjob on a bed. Just be sure it is easy for him to touch you if he wants to. 

Some guys often lean forward and rub their women’s butt while she gives him head or maybe even gets a kiss—you should make this easier for him. 

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3. Stroke With Your Hands

We will talk about hand strokes mid-blowjob later in the article. At this point, we are referring to pre-blowjob strokes.  

Although it might seem like the best thing to do, don’t give him head right away immediately, he takes off his clothes.

Yes, he does want to have sex at once. But that is his biology. His mind wants to long for the blowjob. It wants to be teased. 

So, as soon as you unzip his trousers, hold onto the shaft of his penis and stroke gently until it is fully erect in your hands. Now, look at his face, into his eyes, and if you want, smile. 

4. Tease With Your Tongue

When you have stroked him to his full length with your hands, it is now time to tease him—and I mean to tease him so bad he just wants to pull you close.

The trick is easy: your tongue is magical. It is a soft organ that is both warm and able to take on different shapes. Use it to your advantage. Roll your tongue across the shaft of his penis. If he is circumcised, you might want to concentrate more on the area where the shaft meets the head. (The cap of his penis).

Now, explore more. Move a bit lower, licking the area just around the balls.

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5. Stick it In Your Mouth

Now, the blowjob begins properly. Remember the first unspoken rule: no teeth. Look up at your man’s eyes once more, then stick his penis in your mouth. Don’t stick it all in at once. Do it slowly—the head area first and then the lower areas of the shaft. 

6. Breath With Your Nose

This is quite important because the next rule will be somewhat difficult if you have problems breathing with your nose while giving head.

Practice breathing with your nose as you try to stick his shaft into your mouth completely. 

If you have difficulty doing so, it is fine. It doesn’t hurt anyone to pull back and catch your breath, then continue the blowjob. 

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7. Deep Throat

This is where the ability to breathe from your nose comes in handy. For some reason, a lot of guys love it, really, when a woman deepthroats them. Some agree that it is because the throat is warm and has softer tissue that appeals, while others say it just mentally appeals to them. 

Whatever the reason, it feels good when a woman deepthroats guys.

How does one manage a deepthroat? The first rule is: don’t if you cannot. You want to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. So, if you cannot maneuver a deepthroat, you can skip it.

But if you are willing to try, just go right into it and give him good head. That’s all. Don’t think about it too much. Go right into it. 

8. Pull Back, Breathe, Spit, Stroke

In that order, yes. When you have successfully given that deepthroat, the next thing you might want to do is pull back and catch your breath. You pulled it off!

Now, you may just want to spit. Some guys love this because it adds more lubrication and makes it easy for the curls to happen. Some don’t anyway, so be sure your guy loves it messy before you go on with it. 

Now, begin to stroke. Stroke with your hands while maintaining eye contact. Stroke with one hand if you want, or even better, you can stroke with two. 

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9. Focus on Sensitive Areas of His Body

While giving him head, you don’t only have to focus on his penis and all. You can spread your reach to other areas of his body: like his thighs and his nipples, etc.

Rub his inner thighs; observe how this makes him feel. If it makes him feel good, you might want to repeat it. 

His nipples? You should know what to do with them. 

10. Be Creative

Good head requires creativity and attention. You have to pay attention to what your man wants while daring and boldly trying out new stuff. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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