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How to Give a Yoni Massage

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jan 5, 2023

In this how-to give a yoni massage post, we guide you through 10 practical steps to giving the best yoni massage ever. But first, let us go over the basics once more. 

Why Should One Give or Get a Yoni Massage? 

Simple. Pleasure and mind easing. A yoni massage is sure to offer the recipient some minutes of very intense pleasure and, in turn, help clear their head and relieve stress. The giver, on the other hand, especially in a romantic setting (a spouse giving his woman a yoni massage), may feel some sense of fulfillment from knowing that he or she has been able to bring their partner to orgasmic bliss. (Related: What is a Yoni Massage, and How Does it Differ from a Normal Massage?)

What You Need

  • Your hands.
  • Some oils
  • Some candles, if you want to use them
  • Some soft music
  • A bed 
  • Some pillows 

How to Give a Yoni Massage

1. Prepare the Room

Where is the massage going to happen? Make sure this is a calm place that will give both you and the woman you will be massaging enough room to be comfortable. 

I suggest the massage takes place in a quiet room. If you want, you can use some soft music. The room does not have to be too bright. In fact, a dark room will do just fine. One poorly lit by candles. 

Many women agree that they really love scented candles when getting a massage. Maybe you can get some. If you are performing a yoni massage on your lover, you might have to get some flowers and roses as well. 

Make it a romantic evening. Chances are, halfway into the massage, you both may end up having some sensual moments of intimacy. 

2. Get Her Comfortable

This is usually the difficult part, especially when it is the first time she would be getting a yoni massage. 

A masseur we spoke to told us that performing a yoni massage on someone who is getting it for the first time usually requires some work to get them relaxed. 

“I talk to them,” He said. “I let them see that it is just going to be one of those moments they never saw coming. I realize that a massage delivers the best outcomes when both parties are relaxed and comfortable.” 

You may not have to work too hard to make the woman comfortable if she is your partner, though. In fact, she would even be willing to have you perform a yoni massage on her. (Related: 10 Benefits of Yoni Massage)

3. Get Her in a Good Posture

Getting the posture for a yoni massage right is a necessity. If the posture is wrong, it might not achieve the amount of pleasure desired. 

Have her lie on her back with her arms either beside her or just spread out. Put a pillow under her head to make sure her neck or occiput does not hurt from lying flat too long. 

Also, put another pillow underneath her pelvic area. This one is to make it easier for you to access the “hidden place.”

Remember that yoni means “hidden place,” and that is exactly where you want to perform the massage. 

Let her angle her legs, her foot flat on the bed. The legs should be spread out just a bit. At least enough for you to have a clear look at down there.

4. Wash Your Hands

You really do not want to give a yoni massage with hands not properly washed. So, this is your first step. Wash your hands with mild soap under running water. Or at least rub some hand sanitizer over your hands. 

5. Have Her Practice Breaths

Turn up the music a bit, and have her practice breathing exercises. The purpose of this is to get her relaxed. Breathing, when done in a way that makes a person comfortable, can make it easy to relax all tensed-up muscles, making pleasure come easier. 

Let her breathe from her nose, hold it in for a couple of seconds, and then breathe out. Whilst she does this, you can place a hand on her upper thighs, applying very little pressure, as you prepare her for the massage properly. 

She should be in the mood after a couple of breaths. 

6. Massage Her Breasts Area

Though it is a yoni massage, you will not head straight to her vulva to begin massaging. You will have to start by warming her up and stimulating her breasts and her nipples. 

You begin with her breasts because her breasts contain a lot of nerve endings, and stimulating it will make her aroused. 

Extend your reach a bit down to her tummy and then her navel area. Be sure that your hand is oiled up so there isn’t any hurt from friction.

Return to her nipples and continue to arouse them. 

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7. Her Upper Thighs

Now, move around the bed and start to work on her legs. Begin just above the knee, and work your way to around her upper thighs. Let your movements be gentle circular movements, massaging not too deep into the skin. It is a massage meant to arouse her, and it should. 

As you reach her upper thighs, she will begin to feel more and more aroused. Now, it is time to go right into massaging her vulva. 

8. Massage Her Clitoris and Vulva

Now, this is the tricky part. But no worries, we got you. Here are a couple of techniques to massage her clitoris and vulva that give the best results as you give her a yoni massage:

—Tugging: this technique involves holding at the clitoris and tugging gently, repeatedly. After the clitoris, do the same on the labia majora and minora. 

—Circling: here, you place the tip of your index finger on her clitoris, making circular moments that will have her very aroused. 

– Lip manipulations: the vulva is called a ‘lip’ because it looks like an actual lip. Holding at and manipulating the lips of the vulva in a way that confers pleasure is a great technique too. 

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9. Finish Up

Here, you slowly retire, and the massage ends. 


A yoni massage requires you’re being careful and precise. 

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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