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How to Get Out of the Friend Zone Easily

by | Love

May 12, 2024

A lot of guys feel like when you get into the friend zone, it is impossible to get out. Well, they’re not entirely wrong. It is almost impossible to get out of the friend zone, and this is because guys who get into the friend zone often try to get out of there by doing the very things that get them there in the first place. Only a few percent of guys ever truly get out of there. You can be that guy if you pay attention to this article and try as much as you can to stop repeating the same mistakes. Here is how you escape the friend zone. 

1. Stop overcompensating

There’s no better way to put this without truly offending the nice guys, but overcompensating is the technique of weaklings. 

If you have to overcompensate, then you’re just expressing weakness. You’re just showing this woman that she did the right thing by rejecting you. 

To exit the friend zone, you have to show the woman that she did the wrong thing and made such a huge mistake by rejecting you. 

Overcompensating shows her the opposite. 

Don’t overcompensate in any way. Don’t do it. 

Don’t text her two times a day. Don’t tell her how much you miss her or how much you love her. 

Don’t tell her how much she’s missing out. Or tell her how you’re the best guy for her and how you would’ve been able to take care of her and make her really happy. 

The truth is: she doesn’t want to hear any of the bullshit.

A lot of blogs will tell you that you should get her gifts and maybe try to get her accustomed to you so that she puts you in her space. 

But all those things don’t truly work in real life. They only seem to work in theories, and our blog is not a blog of theories. 

Ours is a very practical blog that tells you how to do things and how to get the results you want. 

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2. Don’t talk about it anymore

Seriously, don’t. Don’t talk about wanting a relationship with her anymore. If she decides that she wants to be friends with you, then flip the cards and friend zone her as well. 

Don’t talk about relationships. Don’t talk about love, and when she decides to bring it up, just shut the conversation away. 

Keep it neutral. Keep it very platonic, at least for now. I’m talking about the first couple of days to weeks after she decides that she wants to friend zone you.

This works by triggering a desire in her that is usually used to differentiate men. 

Women are great at sectioning men. They judge their interaction with a particular man on the basis of the interaction they have had with other men before him. 

If a man kept begging a woman to be in a relationship with him after she had friend zoned him, she’s going to assume that all men will eventually beg. 

If you are the one who doesn’t beg, who doesn’t care at all, then she’s going to conclude you’re a different man and may begin to look at you through the lenses of difference or uniqueness.  

And as we already know, women are more likely to be in a relationship with men who prove themselves to be unique. 

3. Make her jealous

You have to be very subtle with this one. You can’t miss it at this point, or you risk missing it completely. 

If you are able to make her jealous, you’re going to trigger a desire in her that makes her want to covet you. 

I have seen this happen a lot of times, and especially with men that I coach on how to get women. 

You have about three options when trying to make her jealous. And the option you choose to go with depends on the stage of your interaction and where you are interacting. 

If you are online, you have two options. 

You can either make her feel jealous by putting your successes or your personal advancements out there. Or you can put beautiful women in her face.  

Putting out your personal advancement works because women will gravitate towards success, and it is likely that she put you in the friend zone in the first place because she had concluded that you’re not successful enough for her. 

Showing her that you’re successful will make her question her decision. And the moment a woman begins to question her decision about putting you in a friend zone, then she’s going to take you out of there soon. 

Putting pictures of you and other pretty women is also going to elicit the same reaction because it’s going to make her feel like if you have access to women prettier than her, then you should be able to have access to her. 

If you’re interacting with her in real life, then you have just about two options as well to make her jealous. 

The first option is to improve your dress and improve your fashion. 

Improving your style is going to show her that you’re really improving your life and that she should reconsider having put you in the friend zone. 

The second option is interacting with other women when she’s around you. You can even go as far as flirting with these other women. 

This works as a diagnostic as well as a curative function. 

Diagnostic because it tells you whether or not she has feelings for you. Curative because if she has gone ahead and friend zoned you, then it can help you get out of the friend zone. 

4. Begin flirting again

Begin flirting again. Flirting can take you out of the friendzone, but only if you take it slow this time and try not to make the same mistakes you had made in the past. 

Women don’t like it very much when a man rushes.  

This is because it’s during the seduction phase that they can really tell what the man is made of.

It is then that they can tell if the man is just going to be a friend or if he is going to be a mate. 

The rule of thumb during flirting is that you flirt toward the area of the best response. 

As long as the woman responds favorably, then you should keep going.  

There may be a lot of resistance and testing during this early period where you are trying to get out of the friend zone but best believe that this resistance is going to clear out eventually, and the flirting is going to come to produce the results you want. 

Been there. Done that.   

5. Call some more

Texting is what friends do. I have to be honest. As long as you keep texting a woman, your chances of being in the friend zone are going to keep going higher. This is because texting is going to mess up your relationship.  

Call her some more and call her at night. 

It is during those night calls that most of the feelings happen. 

This is because night calls are very intimate. Women would like to say that they don’t appreciate night calls. But they  do. And they do a lot of calling with guys that they like.

Be the guy that she likes and tell texting no sometimes. Rather, call her. Begin with voice notes, and then graduate to calls. 

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6. Exchange pictures

One of the ways to pull a woman in to your own life is the send her pictures of your day-to-day activities. 

It is important to note that your coming out of the friend zone is literally you pulling a woman into your life and making part of your own space.  

You do the pulling. And she makes the decision regarding whether your space is interesting enough to be in or not.

So. make her see that your life is a fun-filled one, one that anybody should feel lucky or privileged to be in. 

Send her pictures of your recent travels, your recent hangouts, or any recent thing you’ve done that is able to make a woman desire to be with you. 

If you’re not fine with sending pictures, then you can just talk about these interesting parts of your life. You can tell her about the last trip you went to, what you did, and what you would like her to do as well. 

7. Meet often

Yes, by all means, you both should meet really often. 

Ask to meet her as often as you feel the need to, but it shouldn’t be more than three times a week. 

During your dates, make sure that everything is classy and that you don’t hesitate to chip in some flirting every now and then. 

8. Break the touch barrier

Yes, you should break the touch barrier. 

You are usually one touch out of the dating zone. 

A lot of guys have been friend zoned because they didn’t know when to break the touch barrier. 

But you should learn when to stop or touch. 

The best person to teach you about breaking the touch barrier is the woman herself. 

Look at her responses and look at her advances, and then predict when it is best to make your moves. 

Leaving the friend zone is easy. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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