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How to Get More Likes on Bumble

by | Dating Tips

May 26, 2024

Many guys who join Bumble experience like a draught. They can go days without getting any likes or matches, and this can be infuriating in some way. In this article, we show you how to get more likes on Bumble without even trying too hard. 

1. Get Verified

Seriously, getting verified will get you more likes on Bumble, and here is why:

Bumble likes verified accounts: To avoid spams and catfishing, Bumble prefers to push verified accounts more than they do non verified accounts. 

This means an account that is verified will appear on more profiles than ones that aren’t. 

Some Bumble users prefer verified accounts: This is especially true for people who want something serious. They typically recognize the constant risk of being catfished and so set their filters to permit only verified accounts to be shown to them. 

This is especially true about women. If you don’t verify your account, you’re unlikely to show up on accounts that could have even liked you in the first place. 

The verification process is, fortunately, quite easy. 

You just have to take a picture with a pose that will be shown to you during the verification process. 

It takes only a couple of seconds for the verification to happen if you took that photo correctly. Your profile will not be verified if you did not stick to the recommended pose or if you were not in a properly lit environment. 

2. Complete your profile

On dating apps, completed profiles often get more likes than profiles that are not completed. 

This is because these dating apps tend to avoid all forms of catfishing. 

People who run catfish accounts barely even have the time to complete their accounts. And if they do complete the account, it is usually a very shabby thing. 

If you spend some time really completing your profile so that it stands out as amazing, you will sure have more likes. 

You’re profile stands a much better chance at being liked if you have completed it to at least 80 percent. 

You’ll see a swift increase in the number of your likes. 

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3. Tweak your profile features

If you’re going to get more likes on Bumble, it is important that you find ways to tweak your profile features very well. 

There are ten Bumble features that really need your attention;

i. Pictures

You can upload six pictures on Bumble, including your profile picture. 

To get more likes on Bumble, you’ve got to be sure that your pictures stand out. Especially your profile picture. 

The profile picture must be crisp. A clear picture that shows your most prominent features. 

It can be your face, your height, anything. 


Your bio should be one that makes a man or woman conclude that you’re an interesting person even before reaching out to you. 

Don’t think that people don’t check a person’s bio out. 

They do. In fact, after the profile picture, people look at bios the most. 


Your interests are things that you feel good about, things you like doing. 

Likes are often based on shared interests on Bumble. 

So, choose interests that stand out if you’re looking for something more real. 

But if you’re looking for more likes, you can choose a generic interest. Something almost anyone is interested in. 

This is because, with generic interests, you will be shown to wider demographic of people. 

The best interests are often music and literature. Everyone likes music. Everyone (not really) will like you on Bumble if you like music too. 

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Your prompts are something like your interest. Only this time, they’re a lot more personal. 

If you’re going to get more likes on Bumble, then you will have to go for prompts that are rather high up there. 

Make your prompts very well thought out. They should be able to excite anyone that comes to your profile. 

On Bumble and other apps like Tinder, people tend to like whoever excites them. 


On your about, make sure there are details about where you work and where you went to school. 

You stand a better chance of being liked on Bumble if your about is able to command prestige. That is to say, if someone reads it and goes: “Wow”

More about you

Make sure to include your height. This works the more if you’re a guy. 

Tall guys will get more likes on Bumble, especially if you have put a picture that convinces the woman to believe that you are indeed tall. 


If you are not getting any likes on Bumble, it may be time to take your profile out of snooze. 

Snooze limits the number of people who see your profile by only showing it to people you had previously liked. 

Remove snooze so that your profile flies into the eyes of others. 


What’s the need to seek likes when your profile is in incognito mode? No one is going to see you that way. 

Remove your profile from incognito mode and enjoy Bumble in its beauty.

If you do all of these profile tweaks right, you are sure to get more likes on Bumble—your matches will also improve. 

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4. Adjust your filters

Adjusting your filters can also get you more likes. 

It’s possible that you are not getting enough likes on Bumble because your filters are too stringent. 

Ease them up a bit. Allow Bumble to show you people who are a little far away from you. Or people who may not share your interest. 

This way, more people will see your profile, and you will get more likes.   

5. Be active and like others

Active accounts are often better performing. You can’t expect to get that much likes if you abandon Bumble and only return like once a month. 

Bumble won’t even show you that much. 

Engage more. Like more accounts. 

Just do your thing. 


Getting likes on Bumble is far more interesting than you think. It’s also very easy.  

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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