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How to Get Her to Send You Nudes

by | Love

Jan 7, 2023

Trust us when we say this: if you are great at building sexual tension, most women who have even the slightest attraction towards you will be fine with sending you nudes. And these include even ones whom you have only started texting. When trying to get a woman to send nudes, I suggest guys move on to someone new—one whom they have never asked for nudes before. 

This is because it is easier to play your cards right. Here’s how to get her to send you nudes.

1. Set Up Your Profile Nicely

Even when they might want to, the one fear that keeps women from sending their nudes is the fear of being catfished. 

If she, for whatever reason, believes that you are catfishing her, she will not send you her nudes. It is, therefore, important that you show her you are not a catfish. 

There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is setting up your profile nicely. Have a forward-facing profile picture, and be sure to put up posts that reflect your personality. 

If you want to, you can engage her profile or posts. I advise you to do this if you have not texted her before. From her posts, you can take whatever conversations to her direct message. 

2. Text Her a Lot About Random Things

When trying to build sexual tension, being subtle is such a great means to get through the wall women usually put up at first. 

If a woman senses the slightest form of sexual interest towards her, especially if she has not known you well enough to open up to you, she will put up a wall. 

Be subtle. Never mention sex in the first couple of days after you start talking to her. Talk about the most random things: your day, how stuff goes for you, and all of that. (Read: How to Have The Best Sex Ever)

3. Slowly Progress Into More Personal Conversations

Subtly, create an environment where she opens up to you even more. If you have done number 2 correctly, she will by now be fine with talking about more personal things. 

Ask her about her love life. 

Say something along the lines of: “What do you think about love?”

Women are almost always willing to talk about their love experiences, especially if they have had some bad luck with finding love. 

To gain her trust, talk to her about your love issues as well. 

4. Never Mention Names when You Talk About Sex

This is one mistake guys often make, maybe in a bid to impress women. But I assure you, constantly talking about your sexual experiences will turn her off rather than draw her in. 

And when you mention names? You can as well kiss a chance at getting to see her nudes goodbye. 

The reason is simple. From listening to you talk about the other women you have slept with in the past, even going on to mention their names, she can tell you should not be trusted with any sensitive information. (Read: 15 Signs She Wants You to Make a Move)

5. Send Her Unsolicited Pictures and Ask Her to Do the Same

Do this while being totally subtle. You can send her a picture of you in a suit and say: “Hey, I wore a suit to work today. What do you think of it?”

Then send her a picture of you in an uber with the caption: “Hey, I just left the house. I should be at work in a couple of minutes.”

As time goes on, you can say: “Hey, do you know that I love receiving pictures more than I love texting? You can always send me pictures as I do you. And I mean, always.”

Don’t mention it again. 

An unsaid rule about being subtle is that you do not have to say the same thing more than twice, or it might ring a bell in her head.

6. Ask For a Video Call

Requesting a video call helps you gauge her level of attraction to you. If she says yes, then it means she is quite attracted. If she says no, then you should know to disappear for a while and return later to win her over.

It also helps cement in her mind the fact that you are not a catfish. Catfish accounts often have a phobia of video calls. 

On the video call, be sure to smile at her. Make comments about her environment. If you want to, you can laugh about her clothes, subtly teasing her.

Read: How To Make a Girl Squirt

7. Tease Her

Do this while on a video call and whenever she sends you a picture of herself. 

The teases don’t have to be jabs. There is a difference. While jabs make a person feel humiliated, gentle teases make them feel shy in an attractive way—it makes them blush.

You can say: “You look quite good in this gown. Just, it looks like you are about to fly.” 

The subtle humor there will make her grow comfortable around you. 

8. Show Her a Locked Folder on Your Phone

Remember, you are the one who stirs the conversations. Find a way to stir your conversation with her to a point where you can talk about how secretive you are.

This is one great step you need to cross if you want her to send you nudes. 

You can show her a locked folder on your phone and jokingly tell a story about this one time when you thought yourself to be the most secretive human being in the world.

“Hey, look what I saw on my phone. A folder of all my childhood pictures. Pheew. I do know how to hide pictures.” 

9. Use a Compliment To Your Advantage

This is to say, compliment her, but bury underneath this compliment a request to see her nudes. 

Usually, some lines you can try out are: 

  • “How good your body looks in clothes makes me wonder how good it would look if you didn’t have any clothes on. 
  • I often think about what you will look like without clothes.

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10. Just Ask Her

Seriously, just ask her to send you nudes. 

Before a woman sends you nudes, she has got to be comfortable enough to trust you. And you can get just about any woman to trust you if you understand subtlety. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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