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How to Get a Guy to Chase You

by | Love

Mar 12, 2023

There comes a time when you tire from all the chasing and desire that a guy chases you. But does it really happen? Do men chase women? The simple answer is yes. Guys chase women who get their priorities straight and behave themselves in a way that is worth chasing. Let’s run you through some steps to become quite the chase for men.

In this post, we’ll explore some proven strategies that you can use to capture a guy’s attention and make him pursue you with enthusiasm. Here is how to get a guy, or guys, to chase you.

1. Stop Chasing

This is the first step. In fact, it is where you are getting it all wrong. Chasing a guy isn’t going to make him love you more. It is going to make him avoid you. How so? Well, it is something called desperation. 

Of all the enemies of seduction, I think desperation is the most powerful. We are not drawn to people or pets that seem desperate. In the initial phase, it is going to be fun and loving. 

But as time passes, that desperation starts to tire us out. I can bet you have heard someone complain about how desperately clingy their pet is. 

“They won’t even let me work!” This is exactly how a guy feels about you when you constantly chase him.

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2. Look Good

Guys are drawn to things they can see and touch. If it looks good enough, they will be drawn to it. If it doesn’t, they would not. 

You are therefore saddled with the responsibility of looking good all the time if you want to be chased. 

This means: stepping up your makeup game. Put on clothes that reveal a bit more than you usually would—just a bit. Wear better cologne. Smile more. 

Exude a feminine essence men will have difficulty resisting. 

3. Create Uncertainty

Men, and even women, are drawn to uncertainty. Even children are! 

I remember when my cousin, who is now 16, turned 4. She poked her finger into everything that seemed strange! Everything! Sometimes, she chased small ants just because these ants looked different from the ones she had been used to seeing. 

Most men will act like my little cousin when you begin to introduce some uncertainty in the relationship. 

Make it difficult to understand you and what you are up to. Don’t give so many details anymore. When they ask where you have been, say: “I have been fine.”

Just that. “I have been fine.” 

Every once in a while, seep in some detail. Come on, and go off on them. 

This will make them want to know you more, so; they will definitely chase you. This particular trick has worked more than 90 percent of the time for clients who reach out to me for relationship advice. {Read: 10 Cute Things Guys Subconsciously Do When They Like You}

4. Become Unavailable

The availability is always taken for granted. If you ever want to raise your value, you have one job to do: create scarcity. In the end, it is scarcity that creates Uncertainty. And it is Uncertainty that makes men chase women. 

Create scarcity by gradually withdrawing and becoming unavailable. It is important that you withdraw gradually. This is going to make the seduction last quite a while. 

And I have seen that the longer the seduction lasts, the harder a guy will chase you. 

Tell him it is nothing when he asks if you are withdrawing from him. No long paragraphs. Keep it simple: “I have been busy. I will try to make time for you.”

Saying you will ‘try’ to make time for him puts you in that place of power where you can then call the shots. 

5. Antagonize Him Sometimes

Although men love it when women are agreeable, they tend to treat agreeable women a bit less than they treat women who are difficult and not agreeable. This is why you should not be agreeable to a fault. 

Every once in a while, antagonize him. Question his decisions. Question him. This also raises your value, and he will chase you. 

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6. Become your Best Self

What is in it to pretend you are a high-value woman when you, away from the pretense, can actually be a high-value woman? 

Don’t pretend. Become it. Become the best version of yourself. Spend more time trying to actualize your goals. 

You are the architect of your own future. Build it just the way you want—you should build it big. 

7. Love Bomb Him

Love bombing is a manipulation technique that is considered unhealthy and should only be used as a last resort. It involves making someone feel unimportant for a period of time and then turning on them, making them feel like the most important thing there is. 

Basically put, it is the art of disappearing and reappearing. Just this time, you appear with a lot of love. You bomb them with affection. 

Let’s imagine that you disappear on a guy for two weeks. When you return, you should do so with a gift and a note that reads: “You are the best thing that has happened to me.” Works like magic. 

8. Listen to Him

Guys like to be listened to. If you listen to him enough, he is going to be drawn to you quite strongly. And so, whenever you are not around him, he will seek you out as that lady who listens to him. He will chase. 

Be genuine about listening to him. You really don’t have to pretend. {Read: 10 Inspirational Movies To Watch When You Need Motivation}

9. Create Jealousy

Guys will take you for granted when they sense they are the only ones coming after you. If this changes, these guys will surely change their actions toward you. 

So, by all means, please show him he isn’t the only one in your life. Create jealousy, and he will chase you. 

This works because men are more inclined to compete. 

In lower animals, the males compete with other males to get the best females. I don’t think we humans are much different from those. 

10. Know When to Stop

Disappearing on him can achieve the opposite of him chasing you. 

So, know when to stop and be your usual self again. 

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Some of the methods here are quite emotionally manipulative. You should therefore be careful when applying them. Apply them right, and we leave you a pinky promise: he will chase you. 

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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