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How to Flirt on Facebook

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Oct 31, 2022

If you’re finding it difficult to flirt on Facebook, you’re not alone. Often, Facebook is the breeding place of new sparks between two people. But you need to know how to do it right. 

Flirting is an art, and it’s really easy to screw up when done wrong — but once you know how to do it right, it’s easy to get your crush’s attention. And once you have your beautiful crush’s attention, you’ll be halfway to bonding and establishing a real connection with your crush.

Here are practical ways to flirt on Facebook every single time. Including the do’s and the don’t’s.

1. It Starts With Being Noticed

All flirting, both online and offline, start when you make yourself noticeable. 

So, your first point of call is to make your crush notice you. You can do this in a number of ways, some of which include: 

  • Liking their profile picture: this is usually the first thing to do when you are trying to flirt on Facebook. They will get a notification and may be forced to check out their profile.
  • Dropping a comment on their most recent post: this can easily get you noticed. Be sure to make your comment intellectual and appealing. 
  • Sending a friend request: this is useful if they aren’t on your friend list yet. You want to make sure they are there so that you can interact with them deeper.

2. Don’t Be a Creep

Don’t SPAM: whilst getting noticed is the first step as you try to flirt with your Facebook crush, you have to be subtle about it. 

Don’t be the creep who likes and comments on ten or fifteen of their pictures at a go. That will only get you to the block list—if you are lucky, you may only be unfriended. 

Be subtle. Don’t come off as a stalker. One comment is fine. Just be sure to choose the perfect post to comment on. 

Earlier, I suggested that you comment on their most recent post because commenting on their old posts is only going to mean one thing: you were stalking and being a creep. You don’t want that, trust me. 

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3. Set Up Your Profile Nicely

If flirting is to be effective, your crush need not notice you only; they also need to be impressed by you. 

They have to get this ‘wow’ feeling whenever they visit your profile for the first time. This means: 

  • A forward-facing profile picture: a forward-facing profile picture is important because it lets your crush see that you are a real person, not a catfish. There has been a lot of catfishing on the internet recently, and this has made a number of people step up their security. Your profile picture should be crisp and lovely, beautiful enough to draw attention.
  • A nice cover photo: your cover photo has to be nice enough to impress your crush as well. It can be anything: a picture of you, an NFT, a meme, or anything at all. It only needs to make you seem interesting and real.
  • An engaging bio: this is where many people fail at drawing their crush in. Your bio has to tell a lot about your personality. Putting out your personality is the best way to flirt with a person.
  • Location details: yes, you have also got to show your crush that you live in a location close to them. Well, it doesn’t matter whether you live close to them or not. Just update your location, and viola!

4. Mention Them to Page Posts

When trying to flirt with someone on Facebook, you just have to observe them for a while before going right into the flirting. 

By observing, we mean paying attention to their profile and getting to know what they love. Only then can you really have the edge because you know what they love and will draw them in by showing interest in those things. 

For example, if your crush makes a lot of posts about fashion and entertainment, it can only mean one thing: they are interested in fashion and entertainment. 

You can flirt with him or her by mentioning them on pages that put up fashion and entertainment content. 

Make the mention seem flimsy like they were just a flirting thought which skittered in your mind. This way, you won’t come off as desperate—you should already know that desperation kills seduction. 

Your mention should look something like this “(their name), I saw this and thought about the last post you put up.” 

This will make them smile and notice you even more. People notice people who pay attention to the littlest details about them. 

It is possible to start your first conversation with your crush in the comment box of a page. For some people, it works fine. But I don’t quite like to do this. First, because a page is quite public, and anyone can see your comments. Second, because it is just weird.

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5. Engage Their Posts

Now, you might want to go over to their profile and engage a couple of more posts. 

If there are new posts up there, fine. Engage those. But if there are none, you can engage an old post you find interesting up there. 

Again, you don’t have to seem desperate at all. You should make your comment seem like something flimsy like it was a second thought, so your crush doesn’t catch up on what you are down. 

This is how to flirt on Facebook: be subtle, intellectual, and smart. Social media affection prioritizes the smart or extremely good-looking.

For example, a hot guy on Instagram will get a lot of attention—and so will an intelligent guy on Facebook. 

Your comment on their post can read: “Hey, how come I am just seeing this post?” From there, you can then lay out your opinion. I usually advise people trying to flirt on Facebook to hone their storytelling skills. Become an excellent storyteller.

Compliment some of their newer pictures as well. “You look so good in this dress.” 

6. Put Up a Post That Mirrors Their Interest

We are not suggesting that you change yourself or give up your opinions just to impress your crush. 

We assume that you are attracted to them in the first place because they share some of your deepest ideas. 

If this is true, you should flirt with them by posting posts you feel they will love. The goal is to draw them in. If they are as passionate about the idea as you are, best believe they will comment on your post. 

I have seen this happen a number of times. 

Don’t forget that a bulk of flirting involves drawing a person into your zone and impressing them there. 

Even if they don’t comment on your post, keep posting. A post a week or thereabout—until they comment. 

If they are taking too long, you can tag them in the comment section. 

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7. Your First Text

When you have engaged with them in the comment section of a post or two, then it is time to enter their DM. 

This is your first impression, so be cool and friendly. Don’t step over the edge. Just be yourself. 

Don’t seem desperate. Remember this. Be flimsy, be calm, and collected. You can say: “Hey, I just noticed I have never texted you before. How are you?”

This might make them laugh, especially if they have been following you for a while. 

8. Talk About the Right Stuff

After the first couple of texts, someone has to bring up a conversation. Depending on the level of interest, your crush might or might not. 

If they do, then, by all means, flow with them.

If they don’t, then come up with something. Start with the simple stuff, like little details about you. 

I mentioned earlier that storytelling is a great way to converse with someone you are trying to flirt with on Facebook. Tell stories in your inbox. 

People are pleasantly drawn to humor, so do step up your humor game. Make them laugh; make them want you.

9. Continue to Engage Them on Posts and Pages

Even as you converse with them, keep engaging your crush on Facebook posts. This is how to flirt properly: keep the vibing going. 

You can now tag them to your own posts—and maybe even tag them to your pictures. Talk about posts privately in the inbox as well.

Send him or her your pictures, explaining how your day went. Ask how theirs went as well. Ask for their pictures, too, if the rapport has gotten to that point. Be sure to compliment the pictures they send your way. 

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10. Disappear For a While

This is an important aspect of flirting, even on social media. 

When the rapport has reached a certain level, the next thing to do is create space. This means: you disappear for a while, so your crush misses you and eventually seeks you out. 

You know you have done a great job at flirting when they seek you out. It means the attraction is deepening. 

If you know how to flirt on Facebook, you will no doubt get your crush to like and desire to meet up with you.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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