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How to Do the Coital Alignment Technique

by | Sensual Intimacy

Jul 18, 2023

The coital alignment has been described by many as one of the most intimate positions they have ever tried out. In many ways, this is the truth. If you are seeking a position that sets you on the same emotional and physical plane as your partner, then the coital alignment should be your pick. Here is how to do the coital alignment technique perfectly.

1. Set the Mood Right

As has been stressed in many of our blog posts, there is a mood for sex. If you are to get the best from sex, the mood has to be set right. 

This means you both have to be in a very comfortable mental and physical space. You both also have to be ready to let go and dive into all the emotions good sex brings. 

Be comfortable. 

2. Foreplay

No matter the sex position you choose, you need a lot of foreplay if you will eventually enjoy it. 

Many like to think of foreplay as one of those things that can be easily waved aside. But I am saying it is not.

It’s something that adds flavor to sex and makes it feel much better. 

Without foreplay, women don’t get so wet. And that means pain upon penetration. You do not want that. 

You want to enjoy this in every possible way. 

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3. Begin with the Missionary

We try to be as detailed as possible when talking about sex because we have been there and know just what works. 

Now, we are saying that it may not work to dive straight into the coital position without first starting in another less invasive position. 

This is because you have got to open wider the walls of your woman’s vagina. 

The best position to begin with is the missionary. It is a very intimate position in that you both get to look each other in the eye. 

Take advantage of this, and have as much eye contact as you can. Practice the art of communicating with facial expressions. 

Smile, or wince, or groan. Just don’t stay expressionless. Expressions can make sex a lot better. 

If your partner is not wet enough yet, you may have to use lube. There are an array of choices for lube. But I will advise that you go for something that does not have a strong scent or taste. 

Like olive oil since one can go back to oral sex even after penetration. 

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4. Wait Until Things Get Intense

Since the coital alignment position is a pretty intense one, it is best to wait until things get pretty intense before trying it out. 

I like to describe this as: “Saving the best for the last.”

So, wait until the sex starts to get intense before you consider the coital alignment. 

You may even have to do many other sex positions before this. 

The sex begins to get intense when her moans become deeper and the passion for the sex deepens. 

5. Get in Position

The coital alignment can be done in a number of positions: the goal is to make sure that your genitals are aligned in a way that allows depth of penetration. 

Whilst some like to try out the coital alignment with positions like the cowgirl and its variants, you will get the best of this position when you are doing it in the missionary. 

The bottom partner has to lie down on her back with her thighs spread out. And her man has to lie on her, with his hip area just around her pelvis. 

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6. A Pillow Can Help

Especially if the surface you both are laying on is one that depresses, a pillow can help you both achieve the perfect coital alignment technique. 

Put the pillow underneath your partner’s waist so that her groin is raised towards you a bit. 

Now. Push your penis into her and begin to rock slowly. 

The pillow helps to provide the perfect angle to her vagina so that your dick moves in smoothly and deeply. 

Guys who have small penises will feel a lot larger if they are able to pull this off just fine. 

Halim tells us: “I know for a fact that my wife feels it very deeply when I get in the coital alignment position with her. Even her moans change. They become those moans I hear when she is really into the sex.”

7. Do More Rocking

When you are in the coital alignment position, you do more rocking than just penetrating. This is the major difference between the coital alignment and the missionary position. 

With the missionary position, the emphasis is on the depth of the strokes. But with the coital alignment, the emphasis is on the angle of the strokes. 

Rock your groin against your partner’s in circular movements, making sure that your penis rubs along the walls of her vagina. Trust me; she is going to feel this very deep in her head. 

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8. Be Slow

The coital alignment technique is not one that puts emphasis on speed. Since it is a very intimate position, things are better off slowly. 

Yan told us: “I enjoy it best when things are slow. There is room to explore all the emotions the sex brings me.” 

There is really no need to rush. She wants this to be slow sex, so take your time with her. 

9. Eye Contact

Eye contact makes any sex position at all much more intense. This is because now: you have an additional means to communicate with each other—your eyes. 

Look into your partner’s eyes when doing the coital alignment, and if possible, tell them just how you are feeling. 

You may even confess your feelings to them, showing them how great they are in bed and how much they mean. 

You can also lower your face and kiss them. 

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10. Do You

Like I always say, sex is art, and one needs to be creative. So, do you!


The coital alignment focuses on angles rather than strokes, speed, or depth.

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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