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How to Cuddle | 15 Tips for Cuddling

by | Love

Feb 8, 2023

Whether you’re dating or married, cuddling has an enormous impact on bonding. Ever wondered what a good cuddle really was? We’ve got you covered. In this post, we do not only show you what a good cuddle should be. We show you how to cuddle and 15 simple cuddling tips you can use to deepen feelings of love and closeness.

1. Cold is Fine

First off, you should know that cuddling when the weather is hot is a no-no. You’d agree with me that sweaty and sticky bodies don’t make a good cuddle image.

Even when the mood is right, the atmosphere should be cold. Cold weather and rain causing mayhem outside isn’t your business as long as the place is cold.

It’s a plus if you have an air conditioner or a fan cranked up to its highest speed. Naturally or man-made, you’ll need the cold for an enjoyable and comfortable cuddle. 

2. The Duvet is Your Friend

If you must cuddle in the cold, you must do so with the duvet. 

Get a duvet that makes you both pretty comfortable. Now, snuggle up under it and enjoy yourself. 

Even though it might still seem pretty cold, do not give in to the desire to put on the heater. If you remain under the duvet for long enough, I assure you, all that cold will be gone as your body heat replaces it.

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3. Dull or No Lighting Works Better

I don’t think cuddling with the lights on is a bad idea. But if you are seeking that intimate moment with your partner, I will suggest you put the lights off. Or better still, settle with not-so-bright lights. 

Some of your options are dull blue or red lights or maybe even scented candles. 

Only use candles when there is much cold. You really don’t want those candles heating up everywhere and pulling sweat.  

4. No Clothes, Please

It isn’t a crime to put on clothes when you cuddle, but I do not recommend it. I have found that the best cuddles come when you are not putting on any clothes. 

Why? Of course, because a wider area of skin is in contact. 

If you are to enjoy your cuddles, you have to make sure a wide area of your skin is in contact with your partner’s. 

It will feel even better if the skin is smooth and dry. This is why it is important to take your bath before cuddling.

5. Soft Music

When you cuddle, you must get the mood right. And this is where soft music comes into play. Choose from your playlist the best songs. 

In fact, I recommend that you have a cuddle playlist. 

Go to the music app you use and search for a playlist containing love songs. Or, if you want, you can create yours. 

Spotify, Apple and Deezer, and even YouTube music give you the option to create your own playlists. 

Set this playlist playing as you snuggle up with your partner. If you want, you can sing along or hum the songs.

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6. Relax Your Muscles

Yes, cuddles are much better when neither of you is tense. If you are tensed, your muscles are going to either flex or extend. That is, the muscle tone is going to increase. This is going to make your body feel like a strong board instead of the soft cuddle bunny you are supposed to be. 

I understand that women may (it is just a possibility) like to cuddle guys who are strong and tensed up. But I doubt any guy wants to cuddle a woman who is not soft enough for him. So, relax. 

Really, there is nothing to be so tense about. 

7. Rub

When you are cuddling your partner, be sure that your hands are not behind you or behind them, just lying there. Get your hands to work and cuddle your partner. 

Rub them all over. 

Guys, I will tell you a secret: girl’s like it when you rub their butts during a cuddle. It feels very amazing. 

Girls, I will tell you your own secret: guys like it when you rub their heads, back, and shoulders. If you want to, you may even go ahead to rub around their chests. 

Wherever you choose to rub, just make sure you rub well.

8. Oscillate Between Loose Hugs and Tight Ones

Someone said a cuddle is just a really good hug when you both are lying down. I don’t fault this. It is true. Like every good hug, during a cuddle, there should be those moments when the cuddle feels tight and when it feels loose. 

This may even increase tension and make things better. 

When I cuddle with my fiancé, I begin by holding her really close, and then I loosen my grip on her.

Guess what happens, then? She leans in closer to me and says: “Please hug me.”

Those are some of the most loving words I hear from her, and they come because I have perfected just how one cuddle well. 

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9. Some Kissing is Fine

That they are cuddles does not mean they have to be boring. In fact, cuddles never have to be boring. A boring cuddle is not a good one, and that is it. 

Spice up your cuddle with some action as you rub his or her body. Lean over and kiss them. 

The kiss can be a regular kiss, or you can take things further with a French kiss.

I do not suggest a French kiss if you both are not trying to have sex, as this may set you in the mood and have you both feeling quite horny. 

10. Comfortable Positions Only

What is the need for a cuddle when you both are not comfortable? 

We have assigned a special article for this—10 comfortable positions for cuddling

Only cuddle in a position that does not bend your spine too much or put a press at your arms. If too much weight—pressure—is put on an arm, blood supply to the distal parts of that arm will be reduced, such that you start to feel some tingling. 

Have you ever felt pain, numbness, or tingling whilst cuddling? Chances are: your posture is bad.

11. A Conversation is Never Out of Place

I will say it a second time because it is quite important: no cuddle has to be boring. You don’t have to lie there always, silent, no words being shared. 

Make things feel more interesting and start a conversation

It can be about anything, and I mean anything at all. Even the song that is playing. 

A cuddle is a perfect time to talk about your relationship, especially if there is stuff you both want to fix. 

Talk. Talk. Hold each other and talk.  

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12. Smell Nice

This was meant to be number one or two, but I brought it here, so you don’t feel a bit weird about it. 

Hey, we do not mean to offend you or anything, but you really should smell so good whenever you are cuddling. If you have been reading closely, you can tell I mentioned taking a bath before cuddling.

This is the proper thing to do. 

After taking a bath, you can apply some deodorant. Be sure that the deodorant is not so strong, as it can choke your partner if it is. 

Smell really nice.

13. Savor the Silence

Sometimes, especially when you both have just had a conversation, silence during a cuddle feels like heaven. 

Too many people are anxious about silence. When someone around them grows silent, these people feel the need to take that silence away. They usually do this by saying too much, which eventually ruins everything. 

Don’t be this person. 

Enjoy the silence between you and your lover. If you listen close enough, you will be able to hear what silence says. 

Silence does speak loudly. 

I suggest you hug your partner even tighter during these periods of silence. It makes things more intense.

14. Fall Asleep if You Can

Sometimes, ultimately, a cuddle ends in sleep. If you feel sleepy, you may be tempted to feel bad about it, as it makes you feel selfish. 

But, don’t. 

If you feel sleepy during a cuddle, just go right ahead and sleep. 

Give room for your partner to do the same. If, during a cuddle, you find out that your partner has fallen asleep, there is really no need to feel bad about it or anything. 

Just laugh it off and try to fall asleep as well, whilst rubbing their body. Rubbing their body helps them sleep deeper, haha.

15. Do You

With articles like this, you may be tempted to just abide by the rules. But trust me; there are no rules when it comes to intimacy matters. In fact, rules may even make them seem less intimate because you have to rehearse and rehearse. True intimacy comes from doing you. 

So, be you and do you. 

Be creative around it when you are cuddling your partner. 

A good cuddle is going to deepen feelings of love and closeness between couples.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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