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How to Court a Woman

by | Love

Mar 26, 2023

Courting and dating may be related. But they are not the same thing. Courting is more traditional and usually the last period of getting to know your woman before marriage. During courting, you learn new things about each other which may not have been easily seen when you both first met. This article explores how to court a woman.

1. Know the Difference Between Courting and Dating

Knowing the difference between courting and dating is important because it helps prepare you for the journey. 

You have to know that a heavier weight of commitment is now on your shoulders. Embrace this commitment. 

2. Be Open and More Vulnerable

Vulnerability is a big, big part of courting. When you court a woman, you have to bring yourself to embrace a deeper kind of vulnerability. 

This means: you have to find ways to talk to your woman about a lot of things that either make you anxious or scared. 

If you have some trauma, for example, which made relationships in the past pretty difficult for you, you should tell your partner about them. 

Keep an open mind about their reaction. Sometimes, opening up about certain things ruins things. But that is a risk you must take if you must truly enjoy vulnerability in its true essence. 

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3. Establish Boundaries with Other Women

During courting, more than ever, you should establish boundaries with other women. 

This achieves two things: first, it keeps away distractions and helps you focus on your woman. Without many women bugging your phone or trying to meet up with you, it is possible to love your woman more and become a better person to her. 

It also keeps her mind at peace such that she becomes able to open up to you about many things. 

4. Become Her Friend

During the heat of dating, there is a lot of romance. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is an amazing feeling to be that drawn to someone. 

However, when time passes, this heat fades away, giving way to more easily understood feelings.

From “I cannot even describe what I feel about you,” partners enter a zone where they are quite aware of what they feel. 

During this time, you should be both her friend and her lover. It will be easier for her to talk to you about a lot of things when she is your friend. You will enjoy the trueness of partnership. {Read: Does She Like Me? 10 Signs She Likes You}

5. View Her as a Teammate

Not only is she your partner during courting, but she is also your teammate. So, view her as one. 

Strip yourself with the belief that you can do most things on your own. Of course, this may be true. But you are courting a woman right now, so even when you can achieve certain tasks on your own, it is better that you would rather not. 

Instead, seek her help every now and then. 

When you court a woman, get her involved in your life. She will definitely feel good about helping you. 

6. Enhance Your Communication Skills

During courting, as I mentioned earlier, there is going to be a lot of deep communication and vulnerability. So it is quite important to learn how to communicate with your partner. 

Learn her communication style and adapt to it. 

While some people are able to really communicate with words, others, and especially women, are drawn to communicating with cues. 

For example, most women who have a bad day will not want to talk about this directly. Instead, they will move around the house, very moody and sad. 

It is your responsibility to sniff out these cues and figure out what needs to be figured out. 

In my experience, a woman is going to love and respect you more when she notices that you can pick up on her nonverbal cues. She will be able to be herself around you because she feels safe. 

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7. Work on Conflict Resolution

No matter how in love two people are, there will be periods of conflict. 

How long these periods last depends on how able to work through conflicts these partners are. 

You should be able to deal with conflicts as soon as they come up. 

During courtship, you should leave no room at all for resentment. All conflicts should be resolved amicably. 

One tip that will help you solve conflicts better is understanding that you should not play the blame card. Blaming someone during a conflict will only make them defensive and less willing to accept their faults. 

Instead, be open to the possibility that you may be in the wrong as well. 

8. Forgive More

Of course, forgiving is hard. This is why it is so important to develop your mind when you court a woman so that it becomes easy to truly forgive.

Become able to see past her flaws when she offends you. 

Rather than look at her flaws, look at all the good sides she has shown you since you both got to know each other. Understand that many times, it may not be her wish to offend you. 

Women hardly ever offend the men they truly love on purpose. It is mostly a mistake. 

9. Become More Compatible

The purpose of courting is to make you both become more compatible. You will find new character traits you share as you discover new things about each other and understand how both of your minds work. 

You will also find character traits that seem to contrast each other completely. Don’t let these new findings tear you both apart. Instead, become more compatible and tolerant. 

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10. Know Each Other’s Families

Knowing each other’s families is usually one of the last stages of courting. It is important because you can learn about your woman by observing how she interacts with her family. 

When you court a woman, you can also tell if marrying her is going to be the right move by observing how her family treats you. 


Courting is a more traditional form of dating that usually precedes something more serious—like an engagement or marriage.

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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