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How to Compliment a Woman’s Body

by | Love

Jun 2, 2024

Complimenting a woman’s body can be a little trickier than complimenting a man’s because there is such a thin line these days between a compliment and sexual advances. In this article, we show you the best ways to compliment a woman’s body and make her day—whether or not you both have a rapport going on:

1. Compliment her hair

You’ll be surprised how much time a woman spends to make her hair look pretty every day. 

Women spend minutes every morning trying to make sure their hair looks good. When you compliment a woman’s hair, you are doing more than just compliment her hair. You are also complimenting the effort she put into making her hair look so amazing. 

Daria tells us: “Compliments to our hair as women make us feel a lot safer. There is barely any sexual undertone. There’s just someone who truly appreciates how our hair looks. I think it is very beautiful.”

When you compliment a woman’s hair, be sure that this compliment is as detailed as possible. 

While it is a good idea to just say: “Hey, your hair looks pretty.”

That is barely enough. 

You can say something like, “I think your hair looks very pretty. It looks like you spent quite some time making it look so neat.”

She is definitely going to look at you and spread a bright smile. Women love it when their hair is complimented. 

2. You have a very beautiful smile

Right after complimenting her hair, you should come to compliment her facial features. 

The truth remains that both men and women like to receive compliments that enforce their masculinity or femininity. 

A woman who takes pride in being feminine wants a compliment that makes her feel even more feminine. 

Most of her feminine features are on her face. 

Her smile, for example. 

Elena tells us: “A woman’s smile is usually enough to tell whether or not she is going to be warm and welcoming. Warm women spread out the best and most beautiful smiles anyone can spread.”

Walk up to her and say: “You smile very beautifully.” You can take it a step further and tell her how that smile adds up to make you feel a certain way. 

Something along the lines of: “It almost feels like the smile was calling to me, asking me to walk over here and compliment you.”

I assure you she’s going to respond with an even brighter smile. One that comes from the heart this time. 

Aside from her smile, there are other special features on her face you can compliment. 

Some are natural features, and others are not. 

The natural features include her dimples and teeth. Women who have dimples love it when you compliment these dimples. It is one of the many things that bring her a lot of attention. 

Her diastema too, the natural gap between her teeth. In some demographics, like in West Europe and West Africa, diastemas are often considered such a big hallmark of beauty. 

The color of her eyes has a big influence on her facial look, so of course, you should compliment them. If you’re great with humor, the eyes are a big opportunity to begin flirting. We show you this in the article: “How to flirt with compliments.”

Concerning the non-natural features, it is always a good idea to compliment a woman’s piercings. Her nose piercings. The piercings in her ear. Women love compliments like that. 

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3. Your style is so pretty

Another thing to compliment a woman’s body on is her style. 

Women seem to be more interested in fashion than men. While men can easily just pick up a shirt and throw it on their bodies, women usually have to think and think, placing clothes side by side just so they can pick the right color. 

Jason, a man in his twenties who just recently got married, tells us: “I never knew how much work it was for a woman to pick her clothes. I thought she just had to pull the wardrobe open and pick clothes. But it seems the art of cloth selection is so much work.”

He goes on to say: “It is no wonder women pay a lot of attention to compliments they receive concerning their style. Guess it makes them feel like they didn’t have to spend that much time for nothing.”

Jason is right, you see. He is. Women really like it when you make them see that not only is their style pretty but unique as well. Uniqueness in style is something most women seek. Sort of why they will usually feel comfortable if they walkedinto a street and saw someone else putting on the exact clothes they have on. 

4. Your voice is so beautiful

A woman’s voice is often the hallmark of her femininity, just as a man’s is the hallmark of his masculinity. 

You don’t have to compliment the voice in itself. 

Make the compliment more personal and more narrowed down. 

Say something like: “I really love the way you speak. It is like being called by a child. Really calming when I have to listen to you.”

Her response is going to be a smile. 

You may even say: “Can you tell me something you never want me to forget? Say it in that beautiful voice of yours.”

That’s a 10/10 if you’re trying to flirt. And guess what? It will work.”

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5. “You smell nice”

Of course everyone loves it when their scent is complimented. Everyone wants to smell nice. It points towards self care and good hygiene. 

What’s better than: “You take care of yourself really well”? 

Nothing. Even when it is paraphrased. 

6. Compliment her feminine features

Her feminine features should be complimented too. 

Her curves, her waistline. Her tummy. 

You know, features on her body that make her sexy. 

You should, however, be careful not to make her uncomfortable. Only do this when you both have established just enough rapport. 

A woman loves it so much when a guy can deliver the right compliment. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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