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How to Compliment a Guy’s Appearance

by | Love

Jun 2, 2024

Sometimes, all it takes to make a guy’s day is a well-put-out compliment. Guys are very receptive to compliments and will usually take them with such pride and appreciation. In this article, I show you how to compliment a guy’s appearance and make his day. 

1. Hey, I think your hair is beautiful

Guys are so in touch with their hair. Sometimes, the best compliment you can give a guy is a compliment on his hair. 

Ubong tells us, “Guys really love their haircut. They often think it is something that isn’t easily noticed. So, when you can make a guy believe you have noticed his hair enough to like it, you will make his day.”

It is good practice to take your compliment a step further and ask some questions. 

Let’s say you compliment a guy’s hair. Don’t just stop there. Take it a step further. 

You can ask what his haircare routine is or if he has a barber who is around town. 

Say something along the lines of: “Your hair looks so beautiful and rich. What do you apply to it?”

This shows him you’re not just tossing him a flimsy compliment. You are showing him that you really are interested in his hair. 

Also, say something along the lines of: “Is your barber around here? Heck, I would like to meet him someday.”

2. You have such a bright smile

After a guy’s hair, what seems to matter the most to him is his facial features. 

We asked four guys what they thought made them feel most confident, and all four agreed that their facial features had such a big part to play. 

Boko said: “I think my face is what stands out. And if someone compliments my face, I would really love to be around that person more.”

Josh agreed by saying: “When one compliments my face, I feel like a child again. I just can’t explain it.”

If you want to compliment a guy and make his day, compliment his face. Tell him you love something on his face. It can be anything. 

But here are some of the facial features that should really make it into your compliments;

His beard: You can always see something that makes him believe his beard is well-kempt. Guys spend a lot of time and sometimes money to make their beards neat and lovable. They go out every day hoping to get some compliments about their beards. Compliment his!

His smile: I have a theory that says if we compliment how beautiful guys look when they smile, guys will smile a lot more. You should really pay attention to your man’s smile and you should compliment it. 

Tell him he smiles like a child. Tell him his smile makes you feel safe. The list goes on and on. 

Other special features: Some guys are lucky enough to have special features that are not so common with other guys, like dimples and diastema, the gap between a person’s teeth. One should be willing to compliment these special features in a guy often. They will mean a lot to him and go a long way to improving his esteem. 

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3. His voice

Although not visibly on a guy’s body, a guy’s talking voice is a big part of him and should be given its due compliment. 

Nene tells us, “The first day I ever complimented my guy’s voice, he spent the entire day humming and singing as we did the laundry together. It was like watching a child. One of the most beautiful moments I have ever spent with him.”

When complimenting his voice and, of course, other parts of his body, you should be expressive enough to let him know what that part of him does to you. This is especially true if you are very close to him. 

Let’s say that you are complimenting his voice. Don’t just go up to him and say: “I like your voice.”

Don’t end it there. Expand that compliment such that there is a you factor there too, such that the compliment becomes very personal to him. 

You can say something along the lines of: “I like your voice. It makes me feel like I am a baby again.”

4. His Scent: “Hey, I really love the way you smell”

Your guy’s scent should be on top of your compliments. 

Guys love it when women are careful enough to compliment their scent. 

It means these women are actually paying attention. I don’t know a guy who doesn’t like attention. 

Tell him how beautiful you think he smells. You may even take it a step forward and ask what perfume he is using. 

You see, as I have already tried to explain in the previous paragraphs, these questions make the compliments go deeper.They show the man that you really mean what you are saying. 

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5. Compliment his physique

Guys like it so much when you compliment their physique. That is to say, the way they look overall.

Their height, their build, something on their bodies. 

Paul tells us, “Those compliments on my physique make me feel very good. I can’t even begin to describe how good they make me feel.”

He describes the first time a woman came up to him and complimented him on his height. 

He was never a really tall guy, so he struggled with feeling short. 

“She came up to me,” Paul said. “She smiled and told me I looked very perfect. It made my day.”

Compliment a guy’s height. And be sure that you mean that compliment. Remember that one of the best ways to make a guy see that you mean a compliment is to make yourself a part of that compliment. 

Make him see how his height or his physique comes into play. That way, you get him to trust that you really mean what you are saying. 


Complimenting a guy is easy. All you have to do is pay attention. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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