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How to Choose the Right Perfume

by | Health & Wellness, Ideas

Jun 2, 2024

Choosing the right perfume can be difficult sometimes. You end up choosing a perfume that you think you like, only for you to go days and weeks in, and find out that it may not have been for you. In this article, we guide you through how to choose the right perfume and smell great.

1. The allergy and tolerance factor

The first thing you should consider when choosing perfumes is your health and tolerance to that perfume. 

Some perfumes are the number one source of allergies in people who are prone to getting allergies. 

Ubong tells us: “I notice that when I choose the wrong perfume, my allergic rhinitis becomes a lot much worse. It becomes almost impossible to live with it.”

You can tell a perfume is not right for you if you begin to sneeze a lot when you put it on. 

It may not be sneezing. It may just be a stuffy nose that doesn’t want to go away. It can be anything, really. But you will react to it. 

Don’t take that perfume if it makes you react in any way. It won’t stop, and may even get worse. 

2. The strength factor

Some perfumes are stronger than others. This is a fact. The strength of a perfume is how intense it is on your nose. 

The right perfume for you will not be too strong for you. 

And even better, it will not be too strong for the people around you. 

Remember, you don’t only choose the right perfume for yourself. You also choose the right perfume for the people around you. 

If people around you consider the perfume too strong or too harsh, then it is not the right perfume for you. 

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3. The weather

The right perfume for you will also be determined by the weather. 

In the winter, you can do with dark and musky scents. These scents provide a feeling of warmth. 

They can make you seem more warm and more friendly. 

Jolie says: “In the winter, I find that dark smells do the job for me. They make the smell around me very warm and friendly.”

In the summer, when everywhere is hot, it may be best if you stick to perfumes that don’t exactly stir the air much with their strength. 

The milder, the better.  

The weather should be the number three determining factor when choosing the right perfume after allergies. 

4. The personality factor

Your perfume should also be determined by your personality. 

By personality, we mean your gender. Or the gender characteristic you give off. 

If you’re a masculine man, you will be better off with dull scents that turn heads when you walk past. 

The duller a man’s cologne is, the more likely he is going to bump into women who love him. 

Sheniel tells us: “I like it when a man has that characteristic dull smell. It becomes very pleasing to be around him.”

Strong perfumes should be a woman’s thing. However, they should not be too strong. 

They can be tender. But they should be able to add to your feminine essence alongside your clothes.  

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5. The vibe factor

What vibe are you trying to give off? I assure you that your perfume can go a long way to help you give off that vibe. 

Let’s say you’re about to give off the party girl vibe. What perfume should you use? 

Of course, a strong one. Here is why:

You’re going to be at a party. You are going to be sweating a lot too. That demands a strong one. One that gets you noticed. 

If you want to give the nerdy girl vibe, then you should go for a perfume that smells like books. All your perfumes should match your vibes. 

If you’re seeking to give off an elegant vibe, perfumes with woody scents should come in handy. They leave a lasting impression on people around you.

They should be perfumed to strengthen your vibe. 

6. Who are you seeing?

Remember we mentioned that who you are seeing has a bit of a part to play in your perfume. 

We said: “You don’t choose perfumes for yourself alone. You choose perfumes for others as well.”

If you’re seeing someone, you owe it to them to be sensitive about their health. 

You should be able to tell if they have allergies. You should observe how they act around strong smells. 

Someone with allergies will sneeze a lot when they enter places that have strong smells. And if they don’t, they are going to rub their noses a lot as though they are irritated. 

If you aren’t sure, then just ask. 

Should the person you’re seeing have allergies, it is best if you kept your perfume on a low and used one that isn’t so strong. 

7. Oil perfumes? Yes

Oil perfumes are a good alternative to regular sprays. 

This is especially true for people whose skins react to ethanol or any other liquids that make the base or regular perfumes. 

Oil perfumes may also last longer, as they don’t completely evaporate. 

Use oil perfumes as your alternative if you want something that lasts longer and is latent. By latent, I mean hidden.  The person who uses oil perfumes is hidden. The perfume is there, and the scent is everywhere. But no one really knows who it is coming from until they come close enough. 

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8. Mixes?

Mixes are a great idea sometimes. If you’re having problems choosing the right perfume because all of them seem to smell the same, then you should consider mixing perfumes. 

Choose the two best scents you think will work for you, and mix them. 

Before doing this read the manufacturer’s warnings. To be sure neither of the perfumes contain any components that will react with each other. 

9. Nature

Choose perfumes with the smell of nature. 

There are perfumes that smell like fruits and flowers. That is a good idea for women. 

Nature-themed perfumes make the difference when you’re trying to be a tender little flower. 

10. Food

You can smell like food, too!

Choosing the right perfume will make you and the people around you happier. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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