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How To Care For Your Mental Health

by | Mental Health

Nov 18, 2020

Mental health is a serious issue that many people don’t talk about. But it is an important aspect of our life. Your physical wellbeing, personality, expression, and perception all boils down to your mental state. We live in a world with so many challenges that affect our minds. That’s why you have to take serious steps to care for your mental health. Eating well, sleeping well, resting, vacation, and exercise are a few helpful things. 

1. Connect With People And Be Social

Work and a busy lifestyle rob many people of good quality socializing. Humans are social animals that need to connect and mingle to improve mental health. 

Connect with friends, family, and coworkers after work or weekends. Go to bars, restaurants, and places where you all can have fun (1). Find hobbies in sports, arts, and other disciplines. Try to build trust with the people around you and keep a healthy conversation. 

2. Sleep Well

Millions of people all over the world are dealing with insomnia or its aftermath. The result is devastating in a way that puts your mental health at risk. So, a sure way to care for your mental health is having enough sleep at night. Not just sleeping for long, but a night of good sleep. We all know in the morning when we’ve had a good sleep. 

It will also be best to avoid looking at screens minutes before going to bed. Make your bedroom comfortable, with low light, no noise, and the right temperature. Put your mind at ease and try not to think about the next day. A good night’s sleep is as important as taking medicine. 

3. Eat Well

The kind of food you eat is also going to play a major role in your mental health. Good food for the mind must contain a balanced diet, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. Try to include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils in your diet. 

Eat more at home, so you know what goes into your food. Avoid or reduce the amount of processed food or sugars that get into your body. 

4. Drink Enough Water 

Dehydration seems a trivial issue in health. Many people don’t know that the lack of water in their system is a serious issue. Most people don’t drink water unless they’re very tasty, which is not supposed to be so. You don’t only drink water because you’re tasty but to survive. 

Your brain comprises 80 – 85% of water (2), which is used up every minute and needs replacement. If you’re going out on a sunny day, make sure you have a water bottle with you. 

5. Exercise 

Physical activity is a top consideration when trying to care for your mental health. Exercise triggers many chemical reactions in the body, including hormonal and enzyme action. When you walk or ride bicycles, you also increase blood flow to the brain. This helps to promote better mental health. 

Even if you can’t do weight training, you should consider walking or jogging. For better effect, do it in the sun to benefit from the shine, vibe, and better mood

6. Travel

When you live in a place for too long, it can harm your mental health. Travelling will help to expand your mind and clear the clutter of familiar repetitions. When you go on vacation and see beautiful places for the first time, it has an enormously positive effect on your brain. 

7. Find Time For Family And Fun 

Spending your free periods with your friends and family can have a massive impact on your mind. Time with family inspires positive behavior, thereby driving you to a healthy lifestyle. Mealtimes, joining up to take part in home cooking are all very useful activities. 

Family time is so important that experts suggest it is one of the best ways to develop a child’s mind. There are so many things you can do with your family members. You can play video games, visit museums, go and see a movie, or enjoy time at the park. Time with loved ones is something most people take for granted but very beneficial. 

8. Fight Stress With Hobbies

How To Care For Your Mental Health

Photo by Alexsandro Calixto from Pexels

There is no way you can care for your mental health without dealing with stress. Unfortunately, stress is something no one can avoid. Your workplace, social gathering, political activities, economy all stress you. 

There are different ways you can fight stress. Exercise, yoga, sleep, meditation can be helpful. But we encourage you to try starting a hobby. Drawing, painting, volunteering, music classes, art classes are top hobbies to fight stress. Pick something you’re not familiar with that doesn’t stress you out. 

Learn something new and spend time every day practicing it until you perfect it (3). Show your work online and tag your friends to get feedback. These comments will help boost your morale, which has a positive effect on your mental health. 

9. Try Therapy

Working with a therapist or counselor will also improve your mental health in so many ways. You will be seeing an expert who will provide you with several options to consider. The kind of therapy you get will depend on your current state of mind and eventual goal. Mental health therapy comes with many benefits. 

Counseling helps you to improve your communication and interpersonal skills. You will also be able to accept yourself more and boost your self-esteem. People who see therapists can manage and express their emotions better. 

You’ll also get the courage to improve conflict resolution and problem-solving skills. That’s why you need to see a therapist who will assess you and help your mind grow. 

10. Reduce Alcohol And Smoking 

Almost nothing is more detrimental to your mental health than alcohol and smoking. Take care of your mental health by reducing alcohol and smoking. We’re not saying you should quit now, but reduce it in a gradual process. 

Excessive drinking and smoking interfere with your mind by aggravating anxiety and depression. You also suffer from blood circulation issues, thereby starving your cells. To reduce smoking, you should spend time with friends and family that don’t smoke. Increase exercise, keep your hands busy and drinks lots of water.

By Ezeoma Divine

Ezeoma Divine is a freelance writer whose interest in writing began early on since childhood. He covers lifestyles and health-related topics. Introverted in nature yet prefers the company of his few friends.

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