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10 Tips To Break Up A Relationship In Peace

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Nov 9, 2020

Not all relationships work out, some succeed, and others do not. Many break up, especially among teenagers, end up fighting and throwing a tantrum. It causes pain for both parties. A break up is supposed to be mutual and peaceful. There are lots of advantages that come when you break up a relationship in peace. 

People must understand ways to end any relationship without problems. It shows maturity and opens doors for mutual benefits in the future. We offer you simple tips on how you can break up a relationship in peace.

1. Have A Conversion With Your Partner

To break up in peace, you mustn’t do it over a phone call or text message. You should instead call your partner and sit down together. Then, give them valid reasons for why the relationship should end. 

Explain to them some hints that you have seen in the relationship that makes it not worth it. Gently tell them these things. Also, listen to their response to the situation. Doing things this way will help both of you cope very well (1). 

Try to make the conversation as peaceful as possible; there should be a minimum quarrel.

2. Do Not Blame The Other Person

When trying to break up a relationship in peace, never blame the other. Doing this may lead to arguments and bickering, which removes the peacefulness you are working towards. 

Always remember that it takes two for a relationship to work out. Instead of blaming your partner, look back, and track things from a unique perspective. You may have done more hurt than the other person. 

See things as a way to learn some values that will help you in your next relationship. When you want to break up a relationship, avoid the blame game so the break up will be peaceful.

3. Break Up In A Private Place

You must never end your relationship in a public place. It may trigger them into violence and disorder that may be beyond your control. You must take your partner to a private place where it is just both of you. 

Approach the topic when both of you are calm and rational. Also, don’t announce your intention to break up during a heated argument or a moment of anger. Have the courage and decency to end a relationship with someone face to face. 

4. Know When To Walk Away

The breakup may end up in violence. If you suspect this will happen, please walk away as soon as possible. Once you see that you are starting to get angry, try walking away. Don’t do something you will regret. 

It can help you have a peaceful breakup. Walking away may seem a cowardice thing to do, but it is wisdom. Imagine if it turns violent and someone gets hurt; you won’t like that. Display a high level of maturity by excusing yourself and avoiding a total disaster. 

5. Show Respect For The Other Person

To break up a relationship in peace, you must convince the other person you respect them. Never bring the other person down because of issues in the relationship leading to the breakup. 

Instead of disrespecting, tell them you’ll never forget the positive qualities and things you learned from them. Emphasize that you’re ready to move on with your life, and they should do the same. Showing respect is a sure way to break up a relationship in peace. 

6. Know The Right Time To Break Up

To have a peaceful breakup, you must do it at the right time and moment. Do not just walk up to your partner and tell them you want to break up. You might be asking for a break up when the other person is in a bad mood or very angry. 

If you do this, you must be ready for the consequences. You must watch the other person’s mood and break up at the right time and moment. It will help both of you assimilate better and resolve mental health issues that may come afterward (2). 

7. End The Relationship In Person

Avoid using text messages, chats, or social media posts. People don’t react well to this, and they may never forgive you. Have some respect for people and do it in person. You don’t have to be afraid of all the negative things that may happen. 

As long as you’re not over-expressional, you will be fine. This will help not only you but also the other person. You can discuss and learn from the reason why the relationship did not work out fine. 

8. Be Certain About The Break-Up

To avoid any problems, you must think about your decision before carrying it out. It will not be nice for you to break up your relationship and later realize you made a wrong choice. And then you now go back to the person that you want to get back together again. 

Doing this makes you look pathetic. So you should not break up your relationship in the heat of the moment. Be sure about your decision before carrying it out. 

9. Do Not Rush Into Friendship

Sometimes you think after you break up with someone, you can tell them you will still be their friend. This doesn’t seem right. Hanging out soon after a breakup can be toxic for both of you. It can create an impression in the other person that you still want to be with them. 

At the end of the day, when you move on, it becomes a problem as your ex starts to fight and shout at you, claiming that you lead her on. It can cause a messy situation that may ruin your plan to break up a relationship in peace. 

10. Be Prepared For Negative Words

Relationship breakups can be very heart-breaking. You must expect harsh words when you are about to break up your relationship. It will allow you to handle the situation well so that it doesn’t turn into an argument marathon. When you are prepared for the negative words, you know the right things to say. 

Find the best ways to calm the other person down and have a peaceful breakup. Avoid talking the other person down. Allow them to express themselves and deal with everything in peace. 

By Lekan Mejigbedu

Lekan Mejigbedu is a professional writer and content creator. He has a diploma in filmmaking from Del-York Film Institute and has spent the last decade creating content for small businesses, individuals, and top organizations. Lekan specializes in article writing, ebooks, press releases, copywriting, product description, SEO writing, and so on.

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