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How to be the special woman he wants

by | Love

May 20, 2024

Men always have women they consider a bit more special than others. They tend to treat these women nicer and make sure they experience the genuineness of masculine affection. In this article, I will be showing you how to be the special woman to a man you are on a ship with. 

1. Be feminine

Femininity is a lot different from masculinity. They’re polar opposites, after all. And so the masculine is often very attracted to the feminine. 

A man will find a woman very special if she is effortlessly feminine. She doesn’t even have to try too hard. Men often recognise when it is there and when it is not. 

A feminine woman is often:

  • Less Likely to Start a Confrontation: confrontations are a man’s thing since a man is expected to provide for and protect his partner. A woman who is more inclined towards confrontation than should be is generally considered masculine. Such a woman is not special to men. On the other hand, her feminine counterparts are all a man wants. 
  • Less Likely to Compete: men don’t like women who turn everything into some form of competition. This is usually a masculine trait and sets a lot of men off.
  • Soft Spoken: feminine women speak with so much grace. A man can usually tell a woman who is feminine the moment she begins to speak. Whilst masculine women usually speak with an aura of masculine cockiness and pride, sometimes, even entitlement, the feminine woman is nothing like that. She speaks with ease and grace, and everyone who talks to her loves what they hear. 

2. Be fit

The special woman, in addition to being feminine, is supposed to be fit. And by fit, I mean she has to be healthy. In shape. She should not be overweight or obese. She doesn’t have to spend all day in the gym. She just has to be fit enough to do everything with ease. 

A woman who is special is often very conscious about her health too. Men love and appreciate women who are hygenic and health conscious, who know to stay away from activities that put their health in harms way, like smoking or hard drugs.

As long as she tries to get and stay fit, she is going to be special to men. 

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3. Be supportive

Supportive women are special women. Every man admits that he seeks none other than a woman who supports him, urging him to be more and better for himself and for the relationship. 

Supportive women aren’t pushovers like people think. They’re, in fact, very firmly feminine women who have learned how a man’s mind works. 

Supportive women almost always have one or all of these three traits:

  1. They Don’t Compete: if one has to compete, then one is not supportive. Supportive women don’t see the need to compete with their spouses over anything. When their spouse gets a win, they consider it a win for the relationship. They are firm believers in this: “Your win is our win.” 
  2. Supportive Women Know When to Step In: the thing about support is that it is usually timed. You don’t just support anyone at any time. You support where your support is needed, or else it becomes an interruption. Women who are supportive know when to step in and when to let men continue to try.
  3. Supportive Women Know What to Say: The thing is, women know these things. There are things a woman will say that will immediately make a man go crazy, make him look at her, and make him wonder what kind of a special woman she is. Supportive women know how to say these things, and they say them quite often. 

4. Ask questions first

When special women have doubts, they don’t come charging at the man.  They don’t come asking who is this person texting, screaming at the top of their voices. They don’t do all of that. Instead of confronting, they wait, and try to know when is the best time to bring the issue up. 

They are fond of asking questions when their feelings are getting in the way of reason.

Men dislike women who just jump to conclusions without ever asking questions first. They don’t like women who think they know it all.

5. No nagging, please

If you want to be a special woman, then you have to do as much as you can to stop nagging. Men don’t like it at all when a woman nags. Some say it is better to chew stones than spend time with a woman who nags.

Rather than nag, find ways to learn effective communication. This is going to benefit you so much. 

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6. Push him. But not too much

As much as it is a great idea to push a man until he becomes better for himself, you must know that one can be pushed a little too hard so that one tips over into a zone where one feels like they’re not doing enough. Or like they’re not good enough. 

Never push you your man into this zone. 

7. Love, genuinely

Love. Learn all the ways your man needs to be loved and love him. You’re going to be special that way. There’s no use trying to be tough. Love is for the tough. 

8. Be industrious

Men think women who are industrious are very special. And by industrious, they refer to women who have an ability to solve problems and make even the most uncomfortable situations seem comfortable. 

When a woman is this way, men will be drawn to her–and they will be drawn to respect her very much.

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9. Be protective too

Yes, protect him too. Men need protection, too. 

10. Space

Give him space! Men love women who know when to give them space. 

Special women understand a man’s mind. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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