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How to Be Submissive | 10 Simple Tips

by | Love

Jun 3, 2023

The subject of submission is quite confusing to a number of women. It is hard enough to wrap their heads around what it means to be submissive and harder to actually be submissive. If the subject of submission confuses you, here is how to actually be submissive.

1. Submission is Not Outdated

One of the things stopping women from being submissive is their idea about submission. Trust me, no matter how hard you try; you are surely going to have a problem with being submissive if you think a woman’s submitting to her husband is outdated or oppressive. 

Submission is, in fact, so far away from oppression you will be surprised to know that a bit of it is needed in almost every relationship. 

Men and women love differently. Men are driven by love to lead their women. By lead, we mean care for and protect. The only thing they ever seem to need is return, is submission. 

Submission, therefore, to a man is a woman’s willingness to be protected and led. It is not a willingness to be oppressed. It is you saying: “Hey, I trust you. And I trust that you can make very amazing decisions, so please lead on.” 

2. Become Agreeable

One of the major differences between the masculine and the feminine is agreeableness. 

The masculine is quite firm. This is because the masculine is meant to give some form of stability—many theories on gender support this. Even the Yin and Yang theory, which is far from being just a gender theory, associates order with the masculine. 

On the other hand, the feminine is associated with frailty. Though women may not be frail, they are not as ordered or structured as men when it comes to love. They are more driven by their emotions and so need to be led. 

Becoming more agreeable is, therefore, a necessity. Agree more. Disagree less. 

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3. Be Less Confrontational

One trait you will find in roughly all unsubmissive women is the eagerness to confront. 

We asked men to describe the most disliked traits in women, and most of them said: “I hate it when women are very confrontational.” 

Become more submissive by confronting your husband less. And confronting does not only mean words. You can be confrontational without even speaking a word. 

Confrontational women also have a habit of throwing temper tantrums that have been described as being very frustrating. 

4. Ask For His Opinions More

Every man wants to be acknowledged as being the leader in his woman’s life. 

If you truly see him as being the leader, you should show this by asking for his opinions more. 

This is especially true when you want to begin big projects. You will be surprised by the number of men who decide to end their marriages because their wives embarked on a big project without first telling them or seeking their opinions about it. 

It may be just a slight oversight for you, a woman. But to your man, it is quite a big sign of disrespect.

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5. Ask for his Help

He also wants to be your hero. This means he wants to help you. I understand that you may not think this to be true, especially if your husband is someone you will describe as being uptight and seemingly unwilling to help you out. 

But trust me, even the most uptight men derive a sense of pleasure from helping their wives. You just have to ask right, in a way that does not threaten his ego. 

A lot of people describe a man’s ego as fragile. I do not think so. I prefer to use the word ‘unstable’. The unstable ego, paradoxically, keeps the man emotionally and mentally stable. Trying to poke this ego will be interpreted as you trying to mess around with a man’s emotional and mental stability.

6. Compliment Him

Men are like babies. Every now and then, they seek the warm attention that can only be seen in the feminine. This gives you so much power. 

I often say that there is power in being feminine and submissive. The woman who can submit will be able to control her husband and influence his choices without even knowing it because submitting to him is going to make him open up and give you his all. 

Open up his defenses by complimenting him. Learn about hero instinct phrases and use them. 

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7. Say Nice Things About Him to Your Family

Your family is going to see your man through the lenses with which you see him. 

He wants you to see him as a true lover and father. And that is just how he seeks to be seen by your family. 

So, as much as you can, show submission by raising his bars in front of your family. Tell them how much of a lover he has been to you. 

8. Talk When the Heat Dies Away

Being less confrontational does not mean you should make yourself into a doormat that your husband should walk over. This is far from it. 

You show submission by being able to talk at the right moment. And the right moment is almost always when his anger dies away.

At the moment, he may be very upset, and you may even be able to see fume spiraling from his head. But trust me; he becomes a baby again when he cools down. 

Then, you can go on to give him counsel. Men who receive counsel from their wives seem to be happier and more loving.

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9. Have Great Sex with Him

What happens in the bedroom is going to be a representation of what happens in your relationships. 

It is no wonder men who are with unsubmissive women tend to have too little sex. 

Your husband needs to have sex. It is how he knows you are open to his leading in the bedroom. 

Don’t deny him this. When he initiates sex, try not to push him away as much as you can. 

10. Be Yourself! 

This works!


Submissive women enjoy the most out of their men.

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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