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How to Be Good in Bed as a Man

by | Sensual Intimacy

May 20, 2024

It really helps the relationship when a man is good in bed. And luckily, it is easy to be good in bed as a man. Doesn’t take anything, really. Here is how to be good in bed as a man.

1. Pay attention

The man who is great in bed is a man who pays attention to his partner. 

He is one who can tell when things are going in the right direction and when things are dirting away. 

He pays attention to his woman’s facial and bodily changes. 

His eyes are on his woman to spot when she is feeling pleasure and when this pleasure turns into pain. 

He pays attention to how her body moves. 

A man who is able to truly pay attention is going to really enjoy sex with his partner. Sex with such a man is truly sensual, and there is the trueness of intimacy. 

Pay attention, and watch your sex life improve. 

2. Gravitate to the area of best sexual response

The man who is good in bed knows that sexual responses are a thing. 

Sex is an action of response. Every minute of sex, you’re either responding to what your partner does to your body or she is responding to what you do to hers. 

The man who is going to be great in bed is one who will pay attention to the most preferable sexual response and continue to do what elicited that response in the first place. 

For example, if he licks at his woman’s nipple and she lets out a loud moan, he knows that doing that makes her feel good—so he continues to do it. Until something else makes her even better. 

It takes a patient man to be this way. And if he can truly be patient, then he will get the job done. 

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3. Don’t rush

The man who is going to be great in bed is one who doesn’t rush. A man who rushes cannot be good in bed. 

There is only one time when sex should be rushed, and this is when one has sex in public, or one is having a quickie. 

This is because, in these instances, sex relies on that thrill that being in a hurry brings. 

Asides these instances, sex has no business being rushed. It should be something one takes their time to do. 

A man who is great in bed will not rush. He will take his time and seek pleasure—his and his partners’.

4. Prioritize foreplay

Many men like to think foreplay is a woman’s thing. They think foreplay is all about blow jobs and kisses, and that’s the end. 

I tell you what: it doesn’t really work that way. 

Foreplay is supposed to come from both couples. 

What is foreplay? Foreplay is anything aside from actual penetration that creates some sexual excitement. And by this, I mean physical sexual excitement. 

You can always try out foreplay with your partner. Eat their vagina. 

You should know how to eat pussy, man. Good head is a woman’s version of tasting honey. 

I don’t know a woman who hates good head. If your woman hates to give head, you can let it slide and find something else that works, like deep kisses or just fondling her nipples. But if she does, then by all means, you should give her head. 

Learn how to give good head. Check out this article: How to Really Eat a Girl Out – An Oral Sex Hack.

5. Moan, too

Moaning is not a woman’s thing. Even men should learn how to moan too. 

Moaning tells your partner what she needs to know: that you are enjoying it. 

We asked around five women what they thought about men who moan, and they were quite expressive with their answers. 

Daniella said: “It feels like hearing the best sound ever. It is the best sound you can hear from your partner. I wished men moaned more.”

Nkese said: “When my man moans, I know for a fact that he is in the zone. And somehow, this draws me into the zone too.”

Nkese’s answer shows that a woman is often drawn to feel what her partner feels if they are both selflessly into the sex. 

Gracie said: “Moaning is the most beautiful thing my partner can do in bed. It tells me that I am doing all the right things.”

6. He strokes right

The stroke game is one thing men need to truly learn. 

A man who wants to get better in bed has to improve the quality of his strokes. 

He has to make his strokes near perfect, from the first one to the last one. 

Good strokes are often well-timed, not painful, and obviously feel great. 

Perfect strokes also have good rhythm. They are not just scattered all over the place. 

There is some rhythm to them that makes women want to have more. 

Yomi told us: “A man who knows how to stroke and strokes just right is one of the most perfect things ever. He can take me into cloud 9 without even trying too hard.”

This is quite true. Good strokes can also make a woman cum faster. 

7. He leads

Some women really love it when a man knows how to lead, even in the bedroom. Remember that the bedroom is almost always a reflection of what happens outside there. 

A man who is great at leading in the bedroom is also going to be great at leading outside—at least, women believe so. 

So, lead her right while in the bedroom. This means you should have a better understanding of sex than her. You should be the one who suggestively shows her what to do and how to arrive at better outcomes of pleasure. 

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8. He waits

Men who are bad in the bedroom don’t wait for their partners. They just finish up on their own, not really caring if their partners get an orgasm or not. 

Don’t be that guy. Help your partner finish up, too. 

Be the guy who pays attention if you want to get better in bed. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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