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How to Be a Sugar Baby

by | Sensual Intimacy

Nov 23, 2023

The best sugar babies get the best treatment, and it’s no wonder why. They all have come to take advantage of a crucial part of men that many other women have yet to discover. Our editors know this part of men well. We will be showing you how to become that sugar baby that your sugar daddy litters with gifts and love.

1. Have No Doubts

If you know the littlest thing about men, you’d realize they do not like it when a woman does not go all in with them. 

If you are considering being a sugar baby but are having doubts about its moral integrity, then being a sugar baby is not for you. 

As a sugar baby, you should be prepared to go in. Accept your roles and do them without any hitches. 

This is going to bring us to the next step: knowing your roles. 

2. Know What is Expected of You

Most men expect the same things from their sugar babies. You could go in the street right now and ask a man with a beautiful sugar baby what he wants from her, and every man you meet will say the same thing, even though in different words. 

What does a man want from his sugar baby?

Four things most of the time;

  • Great sex: he wants to be fucked good and fucked when he wants to be fucked. 
  • For Her to Appreciate the Good Life: your sugar daddy, or in this case, potential sugar daddy, wants you to come to enjoy the good life he is offering you. It sort of gives him a big sense of satisfaction. 
  • Discreteness: your sugar daddy wants you to be very discrete; you cannot be a sugar baby when you are not discreet. It just cannot happen. 
  • To Feel Young Again: yes, he knows you have the taste of youth and wants you to infect him with it. He wants to feel young because of you. 

Be prepared to function in your roles. I will be showing you how to do it in the later parts of this article. 

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3. Find A Sugar Daddy

What is a sugar baby without her sugar daddy?

Finding a sugar daddy is usually the hard part, but here is the easy way to do this:

  • Try Tinder: Tinder is a great way to get a sugar daddy. He will most likely swipe right into your DM if you have set up your profile in a way that attracts him. Remember that men are attracted to the things they see and make your profile into something he wants to see. 
  • Instagram: Almost every sugar baby out there has an Instagram profile that can pique anyone’s curiosity. If you set up your profile right, you will have no issue getting yourself a sugar daddy. Be sure that you keep posting pictures that are weirdly erotic. Reply to your message requests. A lot of women miss out on sugar daddies because they don’t check their message requests. 
  • Referrals: ask your friends who have sugar daddies to speak to their sugar daddies about you. Men who need sugar babies often hang around in cliques. If you look good enough, then you stand a higher chance. 

4. Stun Him On the First Interaction

It doesn’t have to be a date or anything. As long as it is the first time you are interacting, stun him. 

Let him see you are not going to be in for his money alone—but for the life he is willing to offer you. Show him you will be offering him more than just sex, too. 

The best sugar babies are ones who can hold conversations. These sorts of women are the kind men like to keep around. 

Show him you can hold a conversation. 

And on your first date with him, he sure will be stunned. 

Stun him with your fashion sense. Put on clothes that show a lot of skin. 

5. Show Him Your Baddie Side

He wants to be with a girl who is a baddie. So when things are yet unofficial, when you both are still in talks, you must show him your baddie side. 

Don’t do this too soon, or he may begin to see you as wild. Do it too late, and he may be pushed away, interpreting your response as you not being interested. 

Show him you are a baddie and will keep being a baddie. 

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6. Talk About Your Health Concerns

Not in a way that suggests you are complaining. But in a way that shows him how concerned you are about your health. 

Men like it when women are concerned about their health because it makes them feel safe. 

Of course, a woman who is concerned with her health is not going to sleep with just anyone. She is going to sleep with very few men, and this is a good thing. 

Tell him you would like to do a test. 

7. Tease and Get Down With Him

When things begin to get cemented, then it is time to tease and get down with him. 

Men like to be teased. Trust me, they do. Teasing makes the sex even more intense. 

So, tease him. And when you have sex with him, be sure that you do most of the work. Depending on his age, sugar daddies don’t like to do most of the work in bed. 

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8. Be Available

Sugar babies must be available to their daddies most or all the time. 

If you are repeatedly out of reach, especially on days when he needs you around most, he is going to replace you with someone else. 

Be available to go on his vacations. 

9. Don’t Interfere

Though it might be tempting to interfere with how his life is going, don’t. 

Don’t ask questions about his family or make assumptions that will trigger him. 

Concentrate only on your relationship with him and how it impacts you. 

10. Don’t be Scared to Spend

Spend those dollars, girl!

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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