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How to Be a High-Value Woman | 10 Traits That Men Value

by | Ideas

Apr 26, 2023

The term high-value woman is a relatively new one, used in the dating sphere to refer to a woman considered most fit for a high-value woman. Often, it refers to women who are traditional, who have the strength of character and lifestyle. Men respect her, and other women want to be who she is. Here is how to become a high-value woman.

1. Watch Your Social Media

It is no surprise that these days, even multimillion dollars check out a person’s social media before employing them. Your social media handles can tell a lot about your personality, and even men know this. 

High-value men will often check out your social media. They will be able to tell whether or not you are a high-value woman by what they see there. 

A high-value woman would: 

  • Not spend so much time on social media because she has work to do.
  • Not post pictures of her with her cleavages out, except there is a dire need to. 
  • Make posts that berate others.

2. Speak Gracefully Yet Confidently

A lot of women confuse confidence with brashness and loudness. But the truth is that confidence does not have to be loud. In fact, it has to be graceful. 

If you want to become a high-value woman, you should be able to speak gracefully and confidently about things you hold dear. 

Be secure about your opinions, but keep an open mind about those of others. When men want to know what you think about something, don’t be scared to tell them. Say what you have to. 

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3. Don’t be a People Pleaser

People pleasers are usually not high value. In fact, I would describe them as being low value because they place their sense of self-worth in the hands of someone else. 

Become high-value by understanding that the only thing you owe people is a bit of kindness and love. You don’t have to please them. You just have to love and respect them. 

Rather than strife to please people, especially men, work on trying to love them. Don’t make yourself feel bad just so other people can eventually feel good about themselves. 

4. Don’t Brag

I think bragging is one of the most unattractive things for both sexes. Men are utterly repulsed by men who brag. Bragging shows that you are not confident. 

A person who brags tries to turn attention to themselves even when people don’t want to look. 

It is something like: “Hey, you just have to look my way, okay? You have to look my way.” 

People get tired of this and eventually avoid you. Don’t talk about your achievements except someone asks you to. Don’t try to impress someone who does not show any signs of wanting to be impressed. 

If you are so great at what you do, people will see it without you showing them. 

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5. Be Knowledgeable

This is to say—know a great deal. Value, when it comes to women, does not necessarily translates to money or material wealth. It translates to knowledge and emotional wealth. 

To become a high-value woman, you have to know stuff your peers do not know. 

It is a great idea to know a little about everything. It will help you communicate better. Because you would at least have an idea about whatever is being talked about, rather than sit there, wordless. 

6. Learn Communication

You have to learn how to communicate if you are to be a high-value woman. Men love women who communicate well. On the other hand, they will avoid women who have quite a challenge relaying thoughts and feelings.

Learn to talk about what you feel without coming off as offensive. Say someone steps on your toes: rather than move around with a hardened face and a very bitter look in your eyes, it is best, as a high-value woman, to calmly tell that someone that he or she just stepped on your toes and you would like an apology. 

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7. Hang Around Fellow High-Value Women

You will often be viewed through the lens of the friends with whom you hang around the most. If your friends are all considered not high value, men will conclude that you are like these friends. They will therefore see you as being not high value. 

On the other hand, if your friends are all high value, men are going to see you as being very high value. 

Hang around women who have the strength of character. Let them share their thoughts with you. Learn from them. 

8. Have a Masculine Figure in Your Life

I have, over the years, come to see that men who make the best husbands are ones who have a good relationship with their mothers, grandmas, or any other feminine figure. 

I believe it is this way because women in a man’s life can teach much about respecting and loving women. It is the same way men can teach women how to love and respect men: how to become much more feminine and highly valued. 

Your masculine figure could be your dad or an uncle. It could even be your man. Just be sure that you listen to them when they advise you. 

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9. Establish Boundaries with Men

Men don’t like being told no. But the truth is, they will always respect women strong enough to tell them no. 

This signals high value. When you tell a man no, you are saying: “Trust me on this; it is better if I don’t do it.”

If you are dating, you should say no to men who try to pass your boundaries. 

10. Practice

You will not become high-value overnight. So, practice what we have discussed here; no man will ever want to leave.

You, too, can become high-value, attracting high-value men. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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