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How to avoid the friend zone in the first place

by | Meeting People, Moving On

May 8, 2024

A lot of men fall into the friend zone when they should never have in the first place. This is why many of these men are confused, especially when they look at men who are obviously worse looking than them getting the finest chicks. They wonder what went wrong or what went right, and it is a spiral of questions that we attempt to answer through the length of this article. Here is how to avoid the friendzone.

1. Prioritize your looks

In our previous article about the caliber of men in a woman’s life, we talked about the importance of looks. I think it’s important that I stress this again in this article. 

You should do away with the notion that women don’t pay attention to looks, because they do—and if a man is able to prioritize his looks, he’s usually going to able to get a lot of women.

Prioritizing your looks doesn’t essentially mean breaking a boutique or just putting on the fanciest of clothes. 

It begins with the little things, especially things on your face, because women look at your facial features. 

Begin with trimming your beard. Make sure your beard is not nasty-looking. You can’t get a lot of women looking that way.

Make sure your mustache is trim as well.

Also make sure you have a very bright smile all the time. It should be a bright and masculine smile. 

While women may afford to smile with their complete set of teeth showing, men should have a rather reserved smile that gives of this message of manliness and boldness.   

After you’ve done all of this, it’s time to pay attention to your fashion and your scent. 

Choose the best fitting clothes that make you very comfortable. A man has to be comfortable in his clothes; if you’re not comfortable in your clothes, you’re not going to be confident enough, and this is going to show up in how you interact with everybody, including the women you meet daily. 

Wear a very nice perfume as well. We might like it when men have a masculine scent.  

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2. The first interaction should bang

Your first interaction with the woman should be one that bangs. It should be one that she does not forget in a hurry. 

This means no anxiety, no shyness. You should take on your masculinity. Go out there and woo her like the man you are.  

One of the biggest things I learned about interacting like a man is the role of eyes. 

I learned it from watching my dogs one day. 

I noticed that they were calmer, loved me the more, and were more open to doing what I asked if I looked them in the eyes.

Many times they will try to hold eye contact with me but along the line just decide it was not a great idea. They would immediately take their eyes away. 

This explained to me the role of eye contact in enforcing submission.

The first and primary test a woman is going to give a man is the test of submissiveness. 

She is going to want to see if this man is actually a man or if the man is going to submit to her. 

She is going to look at his eyes. 

A shy man who will end up in the friend zone will mostly take his eyes away. 

But a man who is confident will keep his gaze on the woman until the woman backs away first.  

Be that guy. Be the confident guy who gives her the first experience that takes her off guard so that she immediately knows that you already have it in your hands. 

3. Flex your funny muscles during the first conversation

By all means, you should flex your funny muscles during the first conversation

Women are very likely driven by men who are cocky and funny. Cockiness is like strong acid. And funny is a base that buffers the action of the acid. 

If you are only cocky, like an acid, you’re going to burn away the woman’s desire; she’s going to see you like a proud guy who has nothing to offer her. 

If you’re both cocky and funny, then you’re going to have her for sure. You’re not going to be in the friend zone. 

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4. Flirt

One of the many questions I am asked almost every day is: when do I start flirting with the woman?

Do you really want to know the answer? Start whenever you want.  

If you have to wait until the woman is comfortable before you start flirting with her, then I have some bad news for you. She’s never going to get comfortable. 

At some point, as you continue to push your flirting forward, never really doing it, she is going to get disgusted, and then she’s going to friend zone you. 

Remember that you call the shots. 

The women may be the ones who control sex, but trust me, as men, we have the power to control where the relationship leads.   

Flirt with her. 

You can even flirt with her the minute to hour you meet with her. You just have to be sensitive to how she responds to it. 

If she responds to your flirting in a bad way, then you don’t have to push it any further. You just have to let it go. 

But if she’s open to your flirting, then keep doing it. 

Men have to learn to do things that women respond to. 

5. Don’t be an emotional dump: Be the problem sometimes

Women are fond of taking the problems that bad guys give them and heaping this problem on good guys. 

Don’t be the guy she dumps her issues on. 

In fact, you can be the guy who gives a lot of issues. This works because you trigger her emotional side, and her emotional side is very close to our sexual side.

If you can trigger her emotions, she’s not going to be friends with you. She’s going to be emotionally attracted to you, and eventually, she’s going to be sexually attracted enough to have sex with you. 

Don’t be the guy in the friend zone. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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