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How to Approach Your Gym Crush and Get Them to Like You

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Nov 7, 2023

It is pretty easy. Much easier than you think to get your gym crush to notice and like you. You don’t have to do too much. In fact, you only have to change some of the routes you are taking, and boom, they are going to like you. Keep reading to find out how to approach your gym crush and get him to like you.

1. But it wouldn’t be wrong if they approached you, would it?

Now, before you think about approaching them, have you wondered what it would feel like if they approached you first?

That way, you are in a higher position of power than them.

It makes things a lot easier. 

Get them to notice you, and then get them to approach you. 

It begins with putting on the best gym clothes and putting on the best cologne. I have said before that a person’s cologne can make the person noticeable even when they don’t say anything. 

Walk past your gym crush and let him or her catch in the beauty of your cologne. 

Let them see your clothes and think about that gym girl or guy who is dressed when they leave the gym. 

If you can make an impression and stay on their mind, then for sure, you are going to be on the good side of their affection. 

2. Eye contact

You can gain attention by just using your eyes. This is common knowledge. But how do you do this without coming off as very creepy?

It is simple. 

Act like you have just made a mistake when their eyes catch yours. 

You don’t have to be caught staring too hard. That can come off as objectification. Especially if the person in question does not feel the same way you feel about them. 

Give them that subtle eye contact and look away when it feels as though they are beginning to catch up. 

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3. Bump into them

Bump into them. Even though this should be carefully pre-planned, it should come off as an innocent mistake. 

Say you notice them on the other side of the gym; you should subtly move towards them and bump. 

The bump can be one of the ways to establish physical contact. 

Act like you have tripped over such that they have to hold you. 

Now, be an innocent little girl or a manly man and tell them thanks. 

Make sure the thank you has some undertone of flirting. 

“Thanks so much. What would I have done without you?”

Chances are, they are going to laugh. 

4. Find out their routing and be at the gym when they are

If your gym crush has a different routine from yours, you are not going to see each other much. 

This is why you should study their routine and take advantage of it. 

If you notice that they are in the gym for a while during the evenings, then make time and be at the gym during the evenings. 

This way, you will see each other quite a lot and may even grow that fondness that comes from just seeing someone. 

Do you know seeing someone pretty often can grow some kind of fondness?

It may not show up at the gym, but if you should bump into each other outside, let’s say on the street or something, then for sure, you both will say Hi to each other. 

It’s a “I see this face a lot.” Kind of fondness.

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5. Act stuck. Let them come help

Notice when they are most close to you. And just that point, act stuck. 

Let’s say you notice them two or three paces away. You can call for help on the bench press. 

Chances are, your gym crush is going to come over and help you. 

And when they do, you should, of course, say thanks and strike up a conversation. 

You can say something like: “I hate bench presses sometimes, but I guess I have to get those muscles.”

Stir the conversation from what has just happened to yourself. 

This way, you will both be speaking on a personal basis. 

They can take the conversation from there and begin to tell you who this one time when the bench press almost fell on them, too. 

6. Share gym equipment

As much as you can, and as often doesn’t come off as creepy, you should share gym equipment with your crush. 

It is going to make you both grow fond of each other. And that fondness is going to make you both like each other in the end. 

You can even ask them how to use the said equipment even when you do know how to use them. 

I have seen that asking questions can make one grow fond of the other person; the same can be said about answering questions. 

As they talk to you, they begin to like you more. 

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7. Greet them more

Let them become that one person you say Hi to when you go to the gym. 

If your eye contact doesn’t work and your trying to be in their view fails, you can greet more. 

You can walk up to them, say your Heys, offering a compliment. 

Something like: “Hey there. I just thought to tell you that you look very good today.”

Walk away at this point and do not see them again until it is time to leave the gym. 

It works all the time. 

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8. Tell them

When all has not worked just yet, and you want things to happen sooner, the best thing to do is tell them that you have such a huge crush on them. 

Do this only when you are sure they like you too. 

You know they like you if:

  • They ask more questions. 
  • You’re the only one in the gym they speak with. 
  • They stare a lot. 

Tell him you think they’re cool. 

Getting your gym crush to like you happens after you get them to notice you. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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