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How Many Men Have a 7 Inch Penis or More?

by | Sensual Intimacy

May 8, 2023

Are ‘extra large’ penises so common? A lot of men think so and, in light of this thought, continue to feel bad about the size of their own penises. This article seeks to be an eye-opener. We move across races and tribes, seeking out information about the size of men’s penises across the world.

Only 1 percent of Men Have a Penis Up to 7 Inches

Yes, this answers the question: are seven-inch penises so big? Of course, they are. Only one percent of men have a penis that is up to seven inches in length, according to a publication by the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University.

In this study, up to 2,500 men were observed. The methods were simple: the observer would hold a ruler before the participants and ask that they predict the size of their penis by looking at the ruler. 

The ruler was not calibrated so that the participants would not show some bias. (If they could see the marks on the rulers, they might have been biased)

It was seen that men mostly underestimated the size of their penis. So, if for some reason you feel small, you are not alone.

In all, it was concluded that, out of every 100 men you walk past, only about one of those have a penis so big. This means the size of your penis is nothing to worry about.

In fact, chances are, your penis falls within the average range. Another study shows that the average length of a penis, when erect, that is, is around 5.2 inches!

This study observed around 15,521 men, who were observed when they were flaccid and when they were erect. 

The conclusion, therefore, is that guys with up to 7 inches in penis length are approximately 2 inches bigger than the average!

It is also worthy of note that the average circumference (the length around) of a penis is around 4 – 5 inches. This means it is normal for your penis to feel longer than thicker.  

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Does a Penis Size of More Than 7 Inches Mean Great Sex

Although there is consistent evidence that size does matter, it may not matter so much in terms of length. (At least to the degree that we think it does). 

Masters and Johnson have speculated that the size of a penis is not supposed to matter much, seeing that the vagina is able to regulate its size in response to the penis penetrating it. But is this really the case?

There is evidence that it might not be.

Even though it does make sense, their speculation assumes that sexual satisfaction is purely psychological. At the same time, there are times when it can be physiological.  

study of 50 women showed that width did matter more than length to women. 

The fifty women who were studied were between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. They agreed to be sexually active. 

They were questioned in person or over the phone. The question was: “What feels better: sex with a long penis or with a wide one?” 

Forty-five of the fifty women agreed that width felt better. That is a whopping 95 percent. What this means is that around 95 in every hundred women might prefer the width of a penis to its length.

It is possible that width matters much because a wide penis may be able to touch the walls of the vagina and cause more stimulation. 

Foreplay also has a part to play in the degree to play. And, of course, the degree of affection the woman has for the man she is having sex with. 

The study we cited earlier noted that many of the 50 women studied agreed that sex felt really good if they were in a relationship with their man. 

This means you are better off not worrying about the length of your penis. Your best bet is to find a way to make sex something you can truly enjoy with your partner. 

We have a number of articles on our blog to help you get the best out of sex with your partner.

Do Guys With 7 Inch Penises Get Into Any Trouble in Bed?

In our article “Big dick problems guys with small penises know nothing about,” we talked about the struggles men with larger penises may run into.

One of the biggest problems seemed to be, well, some deprivation in bed. 

Guys who have big penises may not have so much room to explore. Sex should feature a lot of exploring. Too big a penis (size is in the legs of the taker, lol) will limit how much a guy can explore. 

He may be unable to practice anal. Anal sex hurts much if the guy is more than 7 inches long. 

In fact, many other sex positions hurt as well—the traditional doggy position, for example. The woman may be so hurt by it she keeps him from going in entirely. 

This is not to say there aren’t women who love it when their men are very big. Of course, they are. Just, these women are not as many as you think.

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Can a Penis Grow Larger? Is there Something I can do?

I will answer the second question first. There is, of course, something you can do, and it is this: love your penis more. 

Wasn’t what you were expecting? Well, I am sorry, the second would not be either. 

Your penis cannot grow larger in size. There are many promises online from magic cream vendors that your penis can grow if you rub these creams long enough. This is not true. 

As long as you are past puberty, your penis will not grow larger in size. 

Surgery might do little good, but as long as you do not have a micro penis, you are better off without surgery.


Too few men have a penis size more than 7 inches in length. Way too few to be bothered by that size. 

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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