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How Does Bumble Work?

by | Dating Tips

May 26, 2024

Bumble is one of the most popular dating sites globally, with millions of users from across the world. In this article, we show you how Bumble works, and in the next, we show you how to get the best matches and likes on Bumble

1. Interface

Bumble offers a Web version and an app version. Here, we focus on the app version, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store. 

The app icon is a yellow square with four black lines in it. 

Upon launch, the Bumble app is very responsive. It has a white background, black letters, some yellow colors on certain pages, and red dots that show new likes, matches, or messages. 

Upon registration, there are five icons on the bottom:

  • For You, which takes you to the best profiles for you. 
  • Profile, which takes you to your profile. 
  • People, which shows you the people around you. 
  • Liked You, which shows you who has swiped on your profile. 
  • Chats, which show you all your messages. 

2. Profile features

Your profile is going to have these features: 

Pictures: Every profile on Bumble must have pictures. They should be pictures of you, and your best picture should be what stands out as your profile picture. 

You can upload up to six pictures, which people who visit your profile can see. 

Bio: You will need a bio too. This should be just a few words that describe you. Your bio should be one of a kind if you’re going to get likes on Bumble, as we will be showing you in the next article, How to Get Likes on Bumble. 

Interests: Here is where you indicate what things interest you. It can be anything from writing and reading or just staying at home. 

The best and most engaging interests get the most likes on Bumble. 

Prompts: These are prompts given by Bumble, which you can, of course, edit. They are shown to anyone who clicks on your profile. They’re like your interests, only more detailed and more personal. You’ll get the best out of Bumble if your prompts are great. 

About: Your about contains:

  • Important details like where you work.
  • Your highest level of education.
  • Your gender.
  • Your location. 

More about you: These include every other detail about you.   

It can include your height, your exercise routine as well as your drinking habits. 

A tip I like to give guys is: if you’re going to get the best out of Bumble, you should not overlook this More About You part of your profile. 

Verification: Every profile on Bumble is offered the opportunity to be verified. Profiles that are verified have a better chance of getting swipes. 

The verification process on Bumble is quite easy. All one has to do is take a picture with their camera in a particular pose, which Bumble will recommend, and they’ll be verified in just a couple of seconds. 

Snooze: Snooze allows Bumble users to hide their profiles from everyone else except people they have swiped on. 

It is a very important privacy feature and should be taken full advantage of if you do not want anyone seeing you on a dating site.  

Incognito: Incognito mode is a mode on Bumble when you go Incognito. 

It is almost like taking a break on Bumble. Your profile will not be shown to anyone at all. 

You also will not see any profiles until you turn your Incognito mode off. 

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3. For You

The “For You” icon is right next to “Profile”. It is a pretty interesting feature and more or less one of my favorites on Bumble. 

The For You option, when clicked, shows you a gallery of profiles that have been preselected for you. 

The preselection is done with programs that sort out profiles on the basis of:

  • Location: You will have people closer to you on your “For You” side of the medium. 
  • Interests: People who share your interests will also be recommended to you. The belief is that you are likely to find them more interesting. 

4. People

Right next to For You is People. This one is almost like the “For You” part of Bumble, but the selection is a little bit more random. 

There may be people who do not share your interests or anything. But they will be close to you. 

Depending on your filters, you may see people very close by or people who are quite far away. 

The farthest I have seen on my end has been someone who was a couple of cities away. 

The profile that faces you is usually just a picture with the name of that person. Including where they work and their school, if they have filled it in. 

To see more about them, you have to swipe down. This is one of the major differences between Tinder and Bumble. 

5. Filters

Your filters tweak the kind of people Bumble shows you. 

To access the filter side of Bumble, which a lot of people seem to have a problem accessing, you should tap the icon on the far and top right of your screen. 

It looks like two lines with a round head lying side by side with each other. 

The filters allow you to choose who you want to be shown. There’s an option for seeing just men and an option for seeing just women or both. 

There’s an option to tweak the ages you want to be shown. If you want to be shown women who are older than a certain age, you just have to toggle the option. 

There is also an option to only be shown profiles that are verified. I recommend that anyone who is verified only desires to see verified profiles, too. 

The advanced filters included:

a. Height: here, you choose women or men of a certain height. 

Works really great if height matters to you. 

b. What you want on Bumble: you can choose to only be shown people who want a relationship or something. 

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6. Bumble Premium

Bumble premium is a paid version of Bumble with more features. Payment on the app version of Bumble is usually managed by Google Pay for Android devices and Apple Pay for Apple devices. 

Google Pay and Apple Pay often process transactions in your local currency, so it is hard to say exactly how much premium is going to cost. 

Some of the features of Bumble Premium include:

  • Unlimited likes: On regular Bumble, one is only limited to a particular number of likes a day. This can be very annoying especially if you are one who seeks to keep his options open by matching with a lot of people. With the premium version of Bumble, however, you can swipe on as many accounts as possible. 
  • You can see who liked you: Likes are usually hidden on basic Bumble, so it becomes a game of best guesses, where one has to guess who liked them and hope they match someone. Bumble Premium ends that. You see who likes you in real-time and can decide to like them back or ignore them. 
  • Backtracks: On the basic version, once you like someone or unlike them, that pane goes away, and you cannot go back there. It becomes impossible to change your mind about who to like and who not to. This changed with premium. You can also backtrack. The good thing is that the backtracks are unlimited. 
  • Spotlight: You can be in the spotlight for 30 minutes a week. That is to say, almost everyone around you will be shown your profile for 30 minutes a week. 
  • More likes: On average, most people who use Bumble Premium will get more likes than those who don’t. 

8. Spotlight

The spotlight feature is one that places people where they can be seen by people around them. 

It makes a particular account “popular” in that environment, increasing the chances of that account getting likes. 

The spotlight is usually paid for, even when one has a premium membership. 

The options are:

  • Spotlight for 30 minutes. 
  • Spotlight for a week. 
  • Spotlight for a month. 

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7. Matching and messaging

Matching is easy. You just have to swipe. That’s if you think just their profile picture is enough to prove that they’re attractive. 

If it is, you can swipe down until the end of the page and click on the check mark if you want to like them. Or on the X mark if you don’t. 

Messaging on Bumble is a bit hard to understand. 

The deal is that Bumble gives preference to the one who makes the concluding move. 

If you were the first to swipe on someone, they’d be the ones to message you. And if they don’t message you 24 hours after a match, then you’d lose that match. 

Messaging preference is given to women. 

8. Unmatching and rematching

It’s as easy as a tap to unmatch. 

Rematching? Not so easy. 


Bumble is one of the best dating apps in 2024. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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