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How Do Guys Feel After a Hookup

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Nov 16, 2022

Do you ever wonder what goes through the mind of guys after they hook up with you? You are not alone. Quite a number of women agree that they would love to know how guys feel after a hookup; this is why we have written this article.

Here’s how guys feel after having a one-time affair with a girl they don’t have a committed relationship with.

1. They Feel Excited

This is usually the first reaction most guys give after hooking up with a girl. They are quite excited about the experience. 

Jake said: “It was my first time, and I felt like the man.” 

They feel hyped up and confident in their manliness and how it is able to draw a woman into bed with them.

2. They Feel Bland

While some guys feel hyped and excited after a hookup, others just feel bland. They don’t think it was great, and at the same time, they do not think it was bad. 

This is common with a one-time fling that happened when both parties were gassed up on some drinks or intoxicating substances. 

Matthew said: “I don’t know what I felt. But I won’t say I was excited. I just felt there; nothing really mattered or anything.” 

A number of guys we interviewed agree with Matthew. 

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3. They Wonder if They Did it Right

Hookups make some guys feel nervous, especially ones who are quite particular about the slightest details. 

Usually, when you have an intimate relationship with a guy you’re not in a committed relationship with like this, he will be consumed with thoughts about his performance. Such as:

  • Did he last too long? 
  • Did he cum too soon? 
  • Did you enjoy it? 
  • Will it happen again?

The list goes on and on, but the fact remains that there is always some nervousness in a number of guys after you hook up with them. 

Again, Jake said: “I just sit there wondering if she loved it or if I made a mess of myself.” 

4. They Feel Drawn to You

Depending on how the copulation felt, a lot of guys feel quite drawn to the women they have hooked up with. 

Good sex would mean they would think about you and maybe even mentally compare you to other women they have slept with. 

“Is she the best I have occupied in my life?”

“Mehn, she was great at what she does.” 

Usually, guys who feel this way will text you hours after the hookup and might even call you just to “check up on you.” 

When they call you, they will be observant of your reaction. How you respond or what you say during the call gives them an idea of whether you enjoy it.

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5. They Feel the Need to Pull Away From You

This is common with guys who have some kind of post-hook-up anxiety. They almost always feel the need to pull away from the woman they hooked up with as a means of buffering the anxiety and guilt that came from having casual sex. 

Bonus: some guys feel excited to try again, and again, and again after they have hooked up with a girl for the first time.


Many guys react to hooking up in many different ways. For some, excitement floats above them just after the hookup. Whereas for others, it is just anxiety and sometimes mild regret. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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