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Top 15 Healthy Eating Blogs to Follow

by | Diet and Nutrition

Jun 4, 2022

The top healthy eating blogs in the world offer amazing diet and nutrition tips. The best among them tend to be excellent writers, offering practical advice on healthy eating and inspiring their readers to get excited about exploring new foods and recipes.

We know: that finding your way to the top health and nutrition resources you need in real-time on the internet, without a number of annoying searches and pop-ups here and there, can prove a bit annoying. This is why Whatsdalatest has compiled this list of the top 15 healthy eating blogs to follow.

1. GoodHealthRecipe

This is a relatively new webzine. It made it to the markets just recently but, in such a short time, has been able to prove itself credible. 

GoodHealthRecipe makes fact-checked posts that cut into various areas of your health and well-being: they have posts that border around food, weight, sex, and relationships. 

The team here is made up of expert psychologists, editors, and medics. 

You sure are also going to love the silky smooth, and responsive interface. 

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2. Serious Eats

When you click on the home page of this blog, you’ll first be fascinated by the words: “Good Cooks Know How: Great Cooks Know Why.” 

Now, that’s some fact. 

Serious Eats was established in 2006 and has a monthly reading of up to seven million people. 

If seven million people trust a site, then you have just got to know that it is worth trusting. 

This site offers one feature that can’t be overlooked: saved recipes. Yes, you can save your recipes here. 

They also guide you through cooking in the most fascinating ways possible. 

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3. Nourish Holistic Nutrition

This blog is run by Anne Baker, a nutritionist. The mission of this blog is to see its readers in their best health at all times. 

They make their posts as simple as possible and keep even the difficult ideas within reach. You can become a subscriber to the blog to receive its newsletters. 

4. The Full Helping

If you think being vegan is limiting, this healthy eating blog has news for you: it is not. And they prove it. 

The Full Helping is published by Gena Hamshaw, licensed dietician and author of nutrition. 

On this site, you will find many, many recipes to make your vegan diet just more appealing to you. You will surely love, again, being vegan. 

5. Nutrition Facts

As the name of the blog suggests, posts on this healthy eating blog are fact-checked and credible. Nutrition Facts blog is run by Dr. Greger. 

Posts appear every day, cutting across areas of nutrition and healthy eating involved in our day-to-day life. 

You will especially love the interface of this blog. Both are friendly and fascinating. 

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6. Budget Friendly

As the name implies, this blog is budget-friendly. It is written to let you see that eating healthy may not cost as much as you think it does. 

This food blog is run by Annemarie Rossie, who describes herself as a regular mom. She writes recipes you can cook with ease. 

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7. Authority Nutrition

This healthy eating blog hopes to be an authority in nutrition someday and is giving this dream its best shot. 

They offer peer-reviewed, science-based education about nutrition and comprise a team consisting of amazing writers and registered nutritionists, and dieticians. 

The writing is fluid, as one can already predict. Hits the nail on the head by simplifying even stuff that just might prove difficult to understand. 

Looking for healthy eating blogs to follow? Then Authority Nutrition it is. You’re going to find enough information here about nutrition.

8. Nutrition Stripped

This blog, as its name suggests, strips every fact about nutrition bare. 

The first thing to catch your interest about it is surely going to be the amazing interface of brown shades and white. 

Then you will be blown away by the features: free quizzes, free articles to read from, coaching services, etc. 

Nutrition Stripped is run by Mckel Kooienga, a nutritionist who is passionate about writing to her audience. 

9. Simply Recipes

This healthy food blog has a whopping 3,000 recipes put up!

The interface is everything. You scroll through and find that you don’t even think about leaving. 

Simply Recipe comprises a team of established writers and nutritionists who put out recipes regularly to help you with your weight loss goals. 

They guide you through techniques and make cooking so much fun. 

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10. Diet Spotlight

This blog came to be in 2008, which makes it comparatively one of the oldies out there. Its audience has since spanned up to ten million people from across the world. 

Here, you will find engaging posts about almost every facet of nutrition and fitness. 

The posts are free and have been fact-checked; they include hyperlinks that further buttress their authenticity.

11. The Art of Healthy Living

This beautiful blog is run by Becky Starrferton. This blog qualifies as your go-to blog for just about anything relating to your health and fitness, and nutrition. 

You will love how engaging most of the posts here are. They put up posts about diet and nutrition and beauty, etc. They even make posts about exercise and weight loss. 

12. Eating Bird Food

Another nutrition blog with a very beautiful interface, a shade of brown and cream. This healthy eating blog qualifies as user and reader-friendly. That is to say, users will love it, and the blog’s readers will do so as well. 

The posts put up are engaging and fact-checked, spanning recipes, wellness, and lifestyle. 

Here, there are features such as shopping, meal plans, etc. You can subscribe to be part of their mailing list. 

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13. Eat This, Not That! 

This blog prides itself on being the leading authority in food, nutrition, and health. And, yes, they are. 

They are read by millions of internet users every year, and their articles span weight loss to mind and body health tips. 

Here, you will find some great recipes that you are surely going to have fun cooking. 

Eat this not that also contains a lot of video contact if you happen to love videos more than reading texts. 

It makes it even more fun than you can read celebrity news here, listen to podcasts, and be part of their email list for their regular newsletters.  

14. Put That Cheese Burger Now

The name of this healthy eating blog already gives you a hint about what goes on here—weight loss. Healthy eating. Fitness. 

Put that Cheese Burger Down is run by Neha Ghosh, a fitness lover and diet therapist. She is clear that you can lose weight without necessarily feeling bad about yourself or anything.

15. HUM Nutrition

This nutrition blog aims to someday become among the top-ranking nutrition blogs in the world. 

They pay attention to the skin and hair, the body and the mind, and they make engaging posts that will surely have anyone nodding as they read. 

They also put up videos too, suggesting the best foods for you. 

16. Clean Eating Kitchen

This interactive blog is run by Carrie Forest, an author, and a food photographer. She owns a degree in public health, specializing in nutrition. This is the first green flag. An expert!

Clean Eating Kitchen offers its readers free recipes for foods that push them a step closer to achieving their nutrition goals.

This blog makes weight a priority and has a whopping 10,000 subscribers. Some of its additional features include shopping via affiliate links, etc. 

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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