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The Top 15 Health and Wellness Blogs to Follow in 2024

by | Health & Wellness

Nov 22, 2021

Are you sourcing for reliable health blogs or websites? Are you looking for wellness information that will help you get on the road to better health? Reading health blogs is one of the most popular ways to get solid advice and learn more about your health. It is important to stay updated and educate yourself on a regular basis.

There are many authoritative health websites out there where you can get first-hand wellness tips. That’s why we hand-picked the top wellness blogs we think everyone should know and follow.

When compiling the list, we took into account four main things to ensure we presented you with the best health and wellness blogs to read:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Check these fifteen wellness sites and blogs that focus on physical and mental health out, then:

1. Harvard Health Publishing

Health.harvard.edu has been running for 200 years! Harvard Health Publishing (HHP) is the health education branch of the prestigious Harvard Medical School, directed by Dr. H. Roberts. Editors say that their publications draw on the expertise of over 11,000 physicians. 

They make sure the content and decide to put up is easy to read, research-based, and helpful to their community. If you need to read health stuff, check out the site. You don’t need to be a health guru to understand the things they discuss.

Health Havard can discuss complex health matters in a manner everyone appreciates and understands.

2. WebMD

As the name suggests, this magazine prides itself in being the web’s medical doctor. Winner of the Telly and Webby Awards, WebMD is dedicated to providing health and fitness articles to its readers for free.

In the words of the editors, “WebMD offers credible, in-depth medical news, features, reference material, and online community programs you can trust.” Whatever they allow on their site must have been fact-checked and thoroughly reviewed, and edited. 

You can sign up to create an account on their website and be part of their email listing to receive newsletters. If you have any questions, ask, and they will respond. You can also source for doctors on WebMD. WebMD is dedicated to providing health and fitness articles to its readers for free.

3. MedicalNewsToday

Like Healthline, Medical News Today is one of the fastest-growing health information sites in the US. It gathers 35 million viewers monthly. Medical News Today publishes content that covers a wide aspect of health and fitness and lifestyle, including diseases and their symptoms, mental health, sexual health, etc.

Medical News Today only puts up research-based content aimed at “inspiring its readers to seek new knowledge, ask questions and take health actions.” Its editorial team and editorial processes are stringent. You only find the most scrutinized fact-checked content on this blog.

4. Healthline Media Inc.

Healthline Media Inc., founded in 2006, is one of the leading free health sites which provide health information. The website features articles spanning every aspect of physical and mental health.

They pride themselves in being the fastest growing health information site, with a monthly visit of over 200 million people. Healthline’s team consists of over 150 medical professionals who offer clinical guidance.

The editorial team is one of the best out there. Editors make sure only fact-checked, grammatically- appealing, and science-based posts make it to their blogs.  In their words: “Each content uploaded to Healthline undergoes a robust review process from medical professionals to ensure its accuracy.’

Do you want to know about diseases, food, nutrition, mental health, sex education, etc.? You should check Healthline out, then. You can subscribe to their free newsletters and ask questions.

5. mindbodygreen

mindbodygreen, a magazine themed: ‘Where Soul Meets Science”, is a health block that takes an interest in the medical, physical, and emotional well-being of its readers. 

Their team, consisting of medical practitioners and amazing editors, make sure to post only research-based articles which cover a variety of topics, including mental health, physical health, sexual health, emotional health, etc.

mindbodygreen has been around for over ten years and has amassed a continually growing community of readers. 

6. Verywell Health

Verywell Health is a free website where readers from around the world read health and fitness content. Its editors describe Verywell Health to be: “a destination for reliable, understandable, and health-credible information and expert advice.”

Each year, according to their team, “Verywell Health helps roughly 300 million people with answers to health questions.” Verywell Health’s team and review board of about 75 medical practitioners is meticulous in keeping the site up to-date and trustworthy. They have published well over 16,000 articles.

7. Lifehack

The editor of Lifehack describes it to be the leading source of practical and acceptable knowledge dedicated to improving Health, Fitness, and Productivity. Their team does not only post ‘health-related articles.

They also help you stay motivated by posting stories and personal experiences meant to motivate and inspire you.

Lifehack began in 2005 and, since then, has been a great site to visit when you have questions. The site is free, and you can subscribe to their newsletter and ask questions.

8. Self 

The blog is an online magazine that’s out to help its readers become healthier people. This magazine reaches over 20 million people monthly. The self magazine has also won many prizes, including The National Magazine Award and Webby’s People Award. 

The editorial team consists of professionals with the right range of reporting and editing backgrounds. Posts that appear on this site usually border around mental, physical, and sexual health.

Every content uploaded on self.com must have gone through a lot of processes and be fact-checked before being uploaded. 

9. Shape

Shape is a lifestyle magazine that is out to care for the mind and bodies of its readers. Their content spans a wide range of topics. They pride themselves as one of the largest content companies worldwide and the largest magazine operator in the United States.

In the words of the editors: “From workouts and healthy recipes to the best in skincare and sex toys, shape.com has insight and expert advice to help you make informed decisions about your health.” Its posts are research-based and trustworthy. 

10. Health

Health states that its mission is to provide whole-life advice and inspiration for women. In their words, “The woman who knows who she is and wants to live well in every way.” The site posts content that includes health conditions, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, weight loss, diets, and nutrition-related articles.

The editorial team at Health is strict in ensuring that only research-based, fact-checked, rated-safe content appears on their site. 

Besides providing whole-life advice and inspiring people to live well in every way, Health.com is also one of the top-ranked sites for women seeking to improve themselves. You should check it out. 

11. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic, recognized as the best hospital in Minnesota for 2022 to 2023 by US News Report, describes itself as a non-profit organization committed to clinical practice, education, and research, providing expert, whole-person care for everyone who needs healing.

The website, Mayoclinic.com, is the official site for this clinic, and on it, you can read health and fitness articles, find doctors, and ask questions. They are reliable. Editors do a great job of ensuring that only fact-checked content appears on the blog.

12. Women’s Health Magazine

Published by Hearst, this is a lifestyle magazine providing health and fitness information for a white audience of women. Their posts, for women, obviously, centered around sexual health, relationships, weight loss, food, etc.

Editors also make sure only research-based articles make it to the blog.  On Women’s Health Magazine, you can create an account, seek professional advice, and relate with a community of women who, just like you, are seeking answers to their questions. 

13. Everyday Health

Everyday Health is a magazine committed to providing its audience with trustworthy evidence-based health content for free. The editorial team at Everyday Health is made up of health journalists and researchers with impressive work experience.

Before content is posted on Everyday Health, physicians review them to ensure all stated facts are accurate and plagiarism-free. The wellness blog has almost 44 million registered users. 

You can also become registered as a member of Everyday Health and be a part of their email listing to receive newsletters.

14. Men’s Health

Men’s Health is the world’s largest men’s magazine brand. They are a community of men, some who seek (the readers) and others who offer (the team) medical health advice. 

The team at Men’s Health is made up of doctors, journalists, and researchers who make sure only reliable posts make it to the site. 

Besides being a taut community, Men’s Health discusses topics regarding men and the struggles of men. They write about general health, mental health, relationship, nutrition, and weight loss. 

15. Prevention

This is an American Health and lifestyle magazine produced by a team of journalists and health researchers. They have been around 70 years. Their content still remains one of the most reliable out there. 

Prevention shares content bordering on health and fitness, lifestyle, and health news. You can look up symptoms for diseases here and have your questions answered. Also, you can subscribe to their newsletter to be sure you do not miss any content they upload. 


Even though these sites are able to provide help, they should not be a substitute for your medical doctor. If you suspect you’re ill in any way, do well to see a doctor first. Regarding medical conditions or treatments, seek a qualified healthcare provider.

The list here is some of the best wellness blogs that will help you stay informed on health-related issues and inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any favorite wellness blogs that we did not mention in our list? Please tell us about them by writing to this email: submit@whatsdalatest.com.

Looking for more amazing blogs in the wellness and lifestyle niche like Whatsdalatest? Detailed.com is your best guess. They have curated some of the best blogs to read.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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