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10 Cool Short Hairstyles for Working Women

by | Ideas

Apr 19, 2022

The best cool short hairstyles ideas for working women give you an air of confidence, making them particularly well-suited in professional settings.

The hair you wear adds color to your dressing. It also adds color to your face, making you look either confident or timid. Hair, like most clothes, can offer a clue about a person’s activity or personality. Just the way a scrub can suggest that you are a doctor or a nurse, your hair can also suggest to onlookers exactly what you do.

This is a list of 10 cool short hairstyles for working women who intend to come off as confident and polite, charming and welcoming. This list features the most trending short hairstyles, and even the ones which are often waved aside but really are magical and stunning: 

1. Bob

This is amongst the most common short hairstyles amongst women of the working for a reason. Whatever dress you are putting on, a gown or a skirt and blouse, there is a big chance that the bob will go with it. And that includes even jewelry. 

Plus, it is easy to arrange and does not scatter so easily, even when an AC may be blasting into your hair. This short hairstyle has a wide array of varieties for different types of faces and dresses. Some of which include: 

  • The Cute Bob: this will go with any kind of hair texture and can be styled to make you look just the confident woman who gets all the admiration she deserves at the office. It is just a normal bob, just ‘cuter,’ having you look more innocent.
  • Pixie Bob: This hairstyle is like a bob-pixie hybrid and incorporates the style of both into your appearance. It is typically just long hair on the back and the sides of your head.
  • Shaggy Bob: The shaggy bob was quite common in the 1970s, and it gives one a ‘Shaggy’ look. It gives you such a confident look, like a runway model. The ends of the hair look spiky in a way and can go well with a number of dresses. 
  • Wavy Bob: Just like the name suggests, these bobs look like calm ripples on the surface of water and present an elegant look on your face. Be sure to wear this hairstyle with a pretty smile and walk, sit, and stand confidently.
  • French Bob: The French have to be commended for their amazing fashion sense. The French bob looks something like a normal bob, only shorter and a bit wavy where it drapes down to the chin. The front can be styled in whatever way you want, and you can rock it with a simple gown and some jewelry.    

2. Textured Crop

This hair is so attractive that it is usually seen amongst both sexes. It is suitable for most work environments and goes quite well with any kind of face, as long as you wear it confidently and with a smile. 

If your hair isn’t so long, and by that, I mean not long enough for you to rock a bob, you should try the textured crop. You can have it done at home by yourself or have it done with a hairstylist if you aren’t good enough at making hair just yet. 

Whichever you choose, it is not going to take much time, and you wouldn’t have your hair pulled and pulled. Also, the hair is not difficult to maintain. As long as you wash and trim and don’t have it rough-handled, you sure are going to carry it for a while. 

3. A Sleek Pixie

If you’re searching for the best working women short hairstyles, this particular style is perfect for you.

It is similar to the bob-pixie talked about earlier in the article, only slightly different. It is a pixie without a bob-like appearance. It gives your face a proper and sharp look and brightens your smile. 

This short hair reaches around your ear. You can rock it with an array of dresses, even casual ones. You know, casual attire for a Friday and a sleek pixie to match. It still offers that stunning look. Whichever jewelry you pick is most likely going to fit, as long as this jewelry goes with your dress. 

4. Short and Wavy

This amazing short hairstyle looks just the way it sounds. It is short and wavy, like smooth ripples on water. Whatever the color of your hair, and the texture, you sure can rock this hairstyle. 

The short and wavy hairstyle goes well with blonde hair, brunette hair, with even red hair. It is easy to make, and what’s better, it goes just fine with an array of clothing. 

You can rock the short and wavy on a cold winter morning with a jacket and some jewelry, or you can just rock it with some shades and a blouse on a hotter day. 

5. Straight Lob

This short hairstyle is one of the coolest hairstyles that has gained a lot of popularity amongst working women. You will find it on many magazine covers and Instagram posts by celebrities. 

And guess what? It does not fail to bring out that confident look. Wear it with a smile, and you’ll have everyone turning around to meet you. 

It is the kind of hair that has people walking up to ask: “Hey, where did you style this?”

The straight lob reaches down to your shoulders and will have you looking like a runaway model when you walk in the breeze. Rocking it with sunshades is never a bad idea. 

6. Short Lob

Lob hairstyles are just a longer kind of bobs. You know, lob? The short lob looks a lot like a mixture of the straight lob and the classic bob. It can go with a number of clothes and is just fine with a wide array of hair textures. 

You can rock it as a blonde, a brunette, red hair, etc. It can go with both casual and very formal dresses. Wear it with a nice smile and some shiny jewelry.   

Be poise as you rock it because you really do look amazing. I wish I were there to hype you up. 

7. Very Short Bob

I have decided to talk about this one separately and not group it with the other bobs described earlier because if you are talking classy and confident, you really can’t leave the very short bob out when listing short hairstyles women can rock to the office. 

The very short bob is like any other classic bob, just shorter, and I mean short enough to be worn by anyone who has their hair reaching down to behind their ears.

If your hair is straight, the very short bob is going to work quite well for you; it will look neat and will not scatter much as you go about your business. 

Remember that good hair for the workplace is one that does not stress you really much, dropping in your face and shielding your sight, and does not require so much maintenance you begin to run late for office meetings and activities. 

The short bob meets these requirements. You can rock it with a gown and some shiny jewelry. Put your smile, keep it going like a champ.

8. Feathery Pixie

This is a normal pixie, just a bit “feathery,” and the word fits in many ways. Feathery describes how the surface of the pixie looks, and it also describes how you are going to feel when you finally decide to rock it—one word: confident. 

You are going to feel like some cute yet stunning bird draped in pretty bright colors. And with a smile to match? You’re going to be the worker everyone comes to for fashion advice. 

It is an amazing hairstyle. The feathery pixie is short and does not drop past your ears. So, even if your hair is really short, you really have little to worry about. 

9. Pompadour

Both men and women can rock this hairstyle. The reason is that it looks so good. No gender wants to give it up for the other, haha. The pompadour is great for many kinds of face shapes and will brighten out the best of your smile.

It is great for different types of hair textures and can be worn by anyone, whatever their hair color is. Blonde. Brunette. Redhead. It is just fine. 

Rock the pompadour with any kind of dress you choose; the formal, the semiformal. It is all fine. Don’t forget your smile too. 

10. Curly Lob

Curly hair looks so great on working woman. The curly bob is not an exception. You will find this hairstyle on many magazine covers. Once, the famous Nathalie Emmanuel wore this hairstyle in a picture that made rounds on the internet. 

She wore it with a smile that you, too, can wear. The curly bob is a short hairstyle that is easy to make and also easy to maintain. You just have to make sure the curls do not tangle so much they begin to look messy. 

Rock it with any cloth you want, and make sure to leave that smile on.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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