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15 Types of Guys Who Will Ruin Your Life

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Apr 1, 2022

A great guy will improve your life. Get in a relationship with him, and you will notice that your life becomes better; how you become more loving and more patient and happier. A ‘bad guy’ will, on the other hand, do the very opposite. He is the type of guy who will ruin your life. Get in a relationship with him and watch how you become a shadow, how you begin to grow cold and fearful and less of the person you are meant to be.

When choosing a partner, it is important to look out for these 15 types of guys who will ruin your life. It’s best to avoid them.

1. Guys Who Don’t Apologize

Believe it or not, some guys seldom apologize. They could literally step on your toes and look you in the eye but say nothing. Stay away from guys like this. Many of them are narcissistic and draw a false feeling of strength from not being wrong—from being right all the time. 

Apologies come when a person realizes that they could have been wrong, right? It, therefore, means when a person cannot apologize, they cannot see the possibility that they are wrong.  

Someone who cannot see that they are wrong believes that the rest of the world is wrong. Some kind of “I am always right, and you are always wrong.”

Just to maintain his stance of always being right, he will manipulate you using a tactic called gaslighting. He will make you question your own sanity. You could literally walk in on him cheating on you, and he will ask if you believe your own eyes over him. 

He will also make a habit of making mountains out of molehills. This is also a manipulation tactic meant to make you feel like a bug, like a woman who does nothing but nag when all you are trying to do is relay your feelings. 

Imagine a relationship where you cannot express your hurt, where all your attempts to communicate are looked upon as attempts to start a fight. You will feel caged and ruined and tired and angry. 

2. Guys Who Don’t Respect Others

Have you ever been to a bar and watched some guy yell at the bar lady for hours, calling her different kinds of vile names? 

That guy, my dear, is exactly the kind of guy you want to avoid. He is not respectful. 

Usually, guys show women they have just met a lot of respect. Especially if these women are attracted to them. You can’t exactly tell if a guy is respectful if you have just met him by watching how well he treats you. 

Look around. How does he talk to his friends and family? How does he talk to strangers? When he answers the phone, what are usually the first things he says?

If they are bad things, and he treats his friends and family with contempt, avoid him. He is not the guy for you. He will ruin your life. 

Please note that ‘ruining your life’ does not necessarily mean that he will kill you. What it means is that he will ruin your view about life; you will begin to see things from a dark point of view; you will begin to think that all men are mean and disrespectful and should be avoided. 

3. Guys Who Don’t Mean What They Say

Good men are supposed to be assertive and confident. They ought to mean what they say and say what they mean. A guy who does not do this is the type of guy who’s going to ruin your life. He is a liar, and liars are not worthy of trust. 

Imagine being with a man you cannot trust—upon whose words you cannot rely. It’ll make you develop issues with trust; you will start to disbelief anything anyone says. 

It’ll also make you start a lot of fights with him. There is only so much a person can take. When, over and over, your man keeps going back on his word, you will feel tired out, and you will begin to fight with him. The very fights that are capable of searing the relationship. 

4. Violent and Angry Guys

These guys could ruin your life—literally. They could take your breath away. But not with words. With fists and punches to the face. 

The minute you notice that a man is violent and capable of harming you, leave him alone. Do not stick around and try to change him; well, except you are a therapist. 

Do not hope that he will change when you both enter into a relationship. What if he does not? 

Well, then you become like a scared child who cannot go home because fear owns her, who walks on eggshells even around the man who is supposed to make her feel genuinely loved and appreciated. 

5. Playboys Will Ruin Your Life

A playboy is one who has no intention to commit with anyone. He is fine with being with even a hundred women and the same time, and most times, a playboy does not care an inch what these women are up to. 

If you are seeking a relationship where you will feel loved and appreciated, do not go into anything serious with playboys; even if your mind someone convinces you that the boy’s love for you will change him. 

As a woman who values love and commitment, getting into a relationship with a playboy will transform you into a very insecure person. 

You will find yourself going through his phone all the time, comparing yourself to all the beautiful girls he has made a habit of texting. 

You will find yourself hating on these other women and may even start to plot ways to harm them. The truth is: it is not worth it. Let the playboy go; he is not worth it because he will ruin your life

6. Guys Who Only Want Sex

These guys are like playboys. The only difference is they are fine with giving you attention. They may or may not keep other women. But they will want to tags. They just want to be your friends—to have sex. 

They will also make you feel like sex is the only thing you have to offer. Avoid them. 

7. Controlling Guys

These are the guys who want to take control of your life. They will call at any time they want and ask where you are. They will question every decision you take and want to know each and every one of your friends, especially your guy friends. 

Also, they will make you feel like you are a child and must cower at their every command. 

Controlling guys are usually aggressive because they consider any resistance to their control an attack on their personality. 

8. Guys with Trust Issues

When a man cannot trust you, he will try to cage and control you. If you are considering entering a relationship with a man who has trust issues, you should stop considering.

Do not enter into that relationship with him. He is going to ruin your life. He will accuse you of doing things you haven’t done; cheating, lying, stealing, etc. You don’t want that; you don’t. 

9. Guys Who Are Almost Always Unavailable

Have you ever wanted someone so bad, and the person wasn’t there at that time? How did you feel? Let me guess; bad. Really bad. This is exactly how you are going to feel, and a lot of times, when you date someone who is almost always unavailable and has no time for you. 

He will tell you that he is busy; that he has had a lot of work to do. This can be excusable if it has happened just once. But if it is something that happens all the time, please avoid him. 

10. Celebrities

Many celebrities don’t qualify as good dates because they usually have similar character traits. Since they are popular and have a lot of women around them, they tend to treat women who really love them badly. 

They will put their options in your face and remind you of your place should you misbehave. 

Also, getting into a relationship with a celebrity means a lot of eyes will be on you, observing and seeing if you have made any errors. 

11. Guys Who Are Dealing with Abandonment

Being abandoned can be a traumatic experience. It changes the way a person sees and communicates with the world; it could make the person hard or cold or unwilling to open up to anyone. 

Abandonment from childhood is one leading cause of personality disorders. Dating a guy with abandonment problems is dating a guy who most likely is not going to trust you. 

12. Guys Who Were Cheated On Countless Times

Being cheated on can make a guy hard and cold. He will start to see women as serial cheats who do not deserve anything good. 

He will cheat on you. While this is not certain, it is likely. 

13. Over Religious Guys

Except you are a religious person, avoid dating overly religious guys. They will try to convert you and will always attempt to take control of your life and actions. 


14. Lazy Guys Will Ruin Your Life

Guys who don’t work but want to live big and do big stuff are a No in the dating pool. Don’t date them. If you work, they’ll try to make a living off you and they’re the type of guys who will wreck your life. 

15. Narcissist Guys

Narcissists do not feel any affection for their mates, and they always feel like hypocrites whenever they try to express love and affection. Add a narcissist guy to your list of guys you should never date. A narcissist will ruin your life.

The primary reason for this is that a narcissist guy will always be so much in love with himself, and he won’t be able to feel any natural affection for you regardless of your qualities or needs.

Photo by Taylor on Unsplash

By Ubong

Ubong Johnson is a medic, writer, and editor whose writings explore the complexities of human interactions. He has been published on The Healing Muse, a journal by Upstate Medical University, Blood and Thunder, a journal from Oklahoma University Medical College, and other journals of humanities. Ubong lives in Lagos and is currently undergoing training as a behavioral psychologist.

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