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10 Types of Guys Every Girl Should Date

by | Meeting People, Moving On

Apr 20, 2022

To have a great relationship, you don’t only have to be a great person, you also have to date a great guy, one who makes things easier for you both, and who can help bring out the best in you. These guys have certain attributes that you should look out for. Attributes that qualify them as great guys, the types of guys you should date if you are considering a relationship. Keep reading to know the ten types of guys every girl should date:

1. Every Girl Should Date an Affectionate Guy

Quite a number of guys are not willing to and would seldom show their feelings. Stay away from these ones. If you must enter into a relationship, enter into a relationship with a guy who is affectionate, who does not believe it is a shameful thing for a man to show his feelings.

You see, love is vulnerability. Emotional vulnerability. When we say we love someone, we are saying that we have entrusted them with our feelings. This vulnerability is what makes love so amazing. 

The guy who can be vulnerable to you is going to treat your own feelings with so much respect. 

He will learn to love you the way you want to be loved and do the little things that matter very much. Expect a lot of surprises with this guy. A lot of heart-to-heart conversations, and a relationship filled with fun.

2. Date Guys Who Have Firm and Healthy Beliefs

Every girl should date guys with healthy beliefs. We are our deepest beliefs. That is to say that our thoughts shape our personality. A vegan does not eat meat because his beliefs about eating meat do not let him. A Christian believes in God because he is firm in his faith. The list goes on and on. 

When about to date, you should choose to be with a guy whose beliefs are firm and healthy. That is to say, a guy who would not lose his personality over anything. 

Unlike guys who are not firm, whose beliefs are not well-grounded, guys with grounded beliefs can be trusted much. 

For example, if you date a guy who does not cheat, who is strongly against infidelity, you can always be rest assured that he will not cheat on you. 

Even if someone happens to walk over to you and complain that your boyfriend is cheating, you will disagree. 

“My boyfriend will never do that.” That kind of rock-solid trust is what makes relationships fun. There are feelings of safety in trust. 

Please note that even though guys with firm beliefs are a yes, guys who are too attached to their ideas that they would not make even the littlest and harmless compromises to save their relationships may not exactly make good boyfriends.

3. Date Guys Who Tell the Truth

Every girl should always date guys whose word they can take. He is your partner, and you should be able to believe what he says. Do not date someone who is not truthful. He will most likely put you in some trouble or in the face of ridicule sooner or later. 

While it is somewhat difficult to know a truthful guy days or weeks into the start of your friendship with him, it is not impossible. 

A truthful guy is one who always does what he says. Does your new guy do what he says? Or does he just make empty promises? If his promises hold water and can be relied upon, then you can date him. A truthful guy will not have many loopholes in his stories. 

Have you ever sat to talk to someone, and two minutes into the conversation, he says something—A. Then ten minutes after, he says another thing—B—that completely disagrees with what he said earlier? It can be excusable if this has happened once or twice. But if it has happened countless with the guy asking you out, then it is very possible that he’s a liar. 

You can also know if a guy is truthful or not by just looking at his friends. If his friends, and I mean his closest friends, are cheats, then it is best to avoid entering a relationship with him. 

We are, more often than not, not quite different from our friends. 

4. Date Guys That are Empathetic

Have you ever conversed with a person who didn’t seem to get your feelings at all? How often have you heard the words: “Is it this little thing that is making you cry?”

Well, people who say words like that too often are not empaths. You should not date those types of guys. They don’t understand your feelings and will undermine them from time to them. 

Empaths are people who have a natural inclination towards other people and, for some reason, can have a glimpse of what other people might be feeling. 

Tell an empath that you have had an awful day, and even though he has not had an awful day himself, he will totally understand what you feel. He may find a way to make you feel better. He will get you!

It is important to date a guy who’s an empath because your communication with him will be healthy. Instead of complaining that you are nagging, he will understand that you must be hurt for you to be shouting this much. 

He will internalize your displeasure and correct his own actions so as to not hurt you anymore. A relationship like this is going to last long and is going to be healthy. 

5. Every Girl Should Date Respectful Guys

A lot of guys do not respect women. Stay away from guys like this. They will not make good dates. You don’t judge whether a person is respectful or not based on how he or she treats you. People treat things they love with respect. At least initially. 

Judge whether or not they are respectful by watching how they treat the world outside you. 

  • When you last went on a date, how did he treat the waiter? 
  • Have you been around his family before?
  • How does he treat them?
  • How does he treat women, especially? 

If there are any rumors of him physically abusing women at any point, then you should not date him. 

If you want, you can also observe how his friends treat women. As I mentioned earlier, a guy is going to be a lot like his friends. So, if his friends do not respect women, it is unlikely that he will respect women too. 

6. Date Financially Stable Guys

In contrast to what people on social media might think, seeking to date a guy who is financially stable does not make you a gold digger. 

There are many reasons why a financially stable guy makes a good boyfriend, and some of them include:

  • Financially stable guys are confident: it takes a lot of hard work and focus for a person to attain financial stability. This typically changes a person’s mindset. A person who has come to believe in his own abilities, that he can become whatever he wants, is not going to be given to jealousy. He is going to love himself and is going to love you. He will not see you as a competition. 
  • Relationships cost money: once in a while, you will have to go on dates with your partner. Dates cost money. If you are dating a financially stable guy, this is not going to constitute much of a problem. He isn’t going to complain after every date and is not going to make a big deal out of minor things. 

7. Guys Who Do not Have Anger Issues

Do not date a guy who has a history of violence, one who is prone to anger. No, you would not change him. Trying to may cost you a tooth, and implants cost a lot these days. 

Watch how the man you are considering acts in the face of displeasure. Does he take to hitting stuff? Does he yell at everyone and zone out?

If yes, then it is unlikely he is the kind of guy you should date. 

8. Date Guys Who Love Their Family

Every girl should date guys who love their family. A person’s family constitutes a very large percentage of a person’s life. One will usually grow to view the world through lenses crafted by family and will treat the world how he treats his family. 

When seeking to enter a relationship, choose the guy who loves and treats his family with respect. If things go well, you are going to be his family someday. 

Family-oriented guys usually want to have a family of their own. So they treat their girlfriends with respect. 

9. Every Girl Should Date Forgiving Guys

We will all make mistakes. This is why, as a girl, you should date the types of guys who have learned to forgive the wrongs of other people. 

Date guys who let bygones be bygones. Who will not form a habit of using your past mistakes against you whenever a new misunderstanding surfaces. 

10. Date Guys Like Me

Photo by henri meilhac on Unsplash

By Ubee

Ubong Johnson (Ubee) is a relationship expert and writer. He writes articles that cover everything from relationships and nutrition to lifestyle. His works have appeared in several literary magazines, including The Shallow Tales Review, Ngiga Review, and the Kalahari Review. He is the founder and editor of Fiction Niche.

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