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How to Get Multiple Orgasms with Your Partner

by | Love and Romance

Mar 11, 2022

Sex is a major and healthy part of many romantic relationships. But at a certain point, you might want to get multiple orgasms with your partner. Easier said than done, right? You’ve got a better chance at getting multiple orgasms than you think!

When the aim of sex is not to reproduce, then it is to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The height of sexual pleasure is called an orgasm. It is important to know how to get multiple orgasms with your significant-other. It builds intimacy and is believed to reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. 

We’ll walk you through the best strategies for spicing up action in your bedroom and having fulfilling lovemaking. Read on for a complete guide on enjoying sex, improving your sexual performance, and having multiple orgasms with your partner.

1. Understand What Sex Really Is and How It Works

Sex is not a chore. It is normal and healthy practice with many health benefits. To achieve multiple orgasms with your partner, you have got to understand the bodily mechanisms of sex. 

Master and Johnson’s Four-Phase Model of sex is great at simplifying how sex works. This model shows that sex happens in four phases:

  • The excitement phase: this is where the desire to have sex builds up. 
  • The Plateau phase: here, the body begins to respond to a person’s desire to have sex. Blood flows into the person’s genitals, and the person presents some signs such as the hardening of nipples, etc. 
  • Orgasm: this is the height of sexual pleasure. Orgasms last for about 0.8 seconds and feel really great. 
  • Resolution: here, the body goes back to its normal state. 

Understand that multiple orgasms are possible. For women especially. For men, too. 

2. Know What Your Partner Wants

Sex is not a solo activity. Each time you have sex, you do so with your partner, and so it is important to know what your partner really wants. 

If for some reason, your partner is not a fan of multiple orgasms, then it is unlikely that either or both of you will experience multiple orgasms. So, be sure your partner wants multiple orgasms. 

Talk to him or her about it. Let them know what orgasms really are, how they should feel, and how the feeling can reoccur over and over. 

3. Ease The Pressure

To achieve an orgasm, you and your partner have got to ease any pressure on yourselves. Whilst anxiety can help one attain orgasms, as is the case when people have sex in places where there is a likelihood of being caught, too much pressure on you can reduce your chances of attaining orgasm. 

It would be best if you let go of anything bugging you both. If, for example, you both had a bad fight recently, you might just want to forgive yourselves.

Don’t think too much about the kids. Don’t think too much about how bills are going to be paid. Now is not really the time. Now’s the time for sex, and you both should get right to it. 

4. Foreplay

Foreplay is just a name given to forms of sexual activity that come before actual penetrative sex. One great thing about foreplay is that it builds excitement and has some calming effect on you and your partner.

There are different kinds of foreplay, and you and your partner should try them out. 

French kisses are a great way to start. Kiss each other passionately, rubbing hands across each other’s bodies whilst at it. Caress each other skins and arousal points. 

For men, it’s a great practice to rub at your woman’s butt and fondle her nipples. For women, it’s great to fondle your man’s nipples too. Oral sex is great, also. 

Give your man an amazing blowjob that has him humming into the air. Give your woman oral sex that has her toes curling. 

The external genitalia of a woman is a great G-spot to stimulate in an attempt to give her an orgasm. Play around her clitoris with your fingers. 

Rub, but not too hard, it begins to hurt her. Dabble your tongue across her clit, and do so repeatedly.

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5. Sex and Rhythm

When you have both gotten to the act of having sex proper ( penetrative sex ), you should realize that sex is sex; that rhythm is important. 

A study in 2016, published on CBC Radio, believes that orgasms are very linked to a rhythm. Do not be here and there when you get down with your partner. Focus on trying to maintain a rhythm, at least for a while. 

Slow strokes have their place, and so do faster ones. Go slow and deep when you both are feeling it, and she asks you to, and go fast as the tension increases. 

6. It Is A Selfless Thing

Sex isn’t about you. Remember, it is also about your partner. Of course, it is one of the most important things you both do together. So, do not be selfish about it. 

Do not focus only on yourself and on your own satisfaction. Be focused on your partner, too, in a way that makes them feel loved and appreciated.

7. Explore Your Fantasies

We all have sexual fantasies. And sex feels better when our fantasies are explored. 

Let your partner know your fantasies just before you have sex, and try to know theirs too. So that, whilst at the act, you both explore your fantasies. 

Don’t stick to having sex only in the bedroom. After having a good round in bed, move on to the sitting room and have another go and finally in the bathroom to sum it up.

Having sex in different locations in your home, will improve your mood and happiness, and this will ultimately facilitate having multiple orgasms

8. Be Patient With Each Other

A lot of times, men and women can be impatient with their partners. For example, if a man reaches climax before his woman, he may become a bit resentful. 

Don’t do this. Realize that your bodies are different and respond to pleasure differently. Be willing to help your partner achieve orgasm also; be patient. 

9. Sex Toys

You should include the use of sex toys during sex if your partner is fine with it. Use a vibrator. Use a dildo. Stimulate your partner with any sex toy they want. 

10. First Orgasm? Start All Over

The goal is multiple orgasms, remember? Now that you have got one, it’s time to move to the next. 

Rest a bit, and start all over. Foreplay and sex toys, then penetrative sex. You are sure having a nice time now, aren’t you?

Photo by Randy Kinne on Unsplash

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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