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G Spot: What is It and How to Find it in Women

by | Sensual Intimacy

Sep 3, 2023

When we talk about the G spot in women, a lot of men are often confused at first and have a number of questions about this mystery spot that is able to drive a woman nuts. We read your emails and are happy to show you all there is to know, answering your questions about the G-spot. We can promise you that at the end of this article, you will surely know your way around the G-spot of just about any woman.

What is the G Spot?

The G-spot of a woman is a concentration of nerve endings along her vagina. When stimulated, it is able to make her feel a lot of sexual pleasure and can help her reach an orgasm faster. 

A number of women report reaching orgasms a lot faster when their G-spots are stroked. 

Lola tells us: “It changes the game for me. I am so grateful that my husband finally found it. I thought he would never. But he has, and that makes me very sexually pleased these days.”

Like I said in the introduction of this subheading, the G spot is able to trigger such a massive orgasmic feeling because it is a concentration of nerve endings. 

Nerves carry sensory and motor impulses to the brain. In clear terms, nerves take sensation to the brain. The more the nerves in an area, the bigger the chances that one will feel either a lot of pleasure or pain when that area is stimulated. 

Is the G Spot the Clit? 

Well, it is not. Although some women consider their clits another G spot. There are speculations that a woman has more than one G spot, but our editors believe this is not true. 

This is not to undermine the possibility that one can get orgasms by just stimulating the clit. 

This has happened a lot of times with the women whom we reach out to to take part in our surveys. 

Pelumi said: “I know for a fact that one can get an orgasm by just having their clitoris stimulated. It has happened to me a lot of times. Sometimes, I have been pulled to believing that the clitoris is the same thing as the G spot. But it is not. There is a marked difference, I now see.”

I will be talking more about the clit at the end of the article when I explore other regions of the woman’s genital area that can also function as the G-spot. 

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Does Stroking the G Spot Always Lead to an Orgasm

The answer to this is not a straight yes or a no one. It depends on a lot of things. 

First, it depends on how well you stroke it and how long you do so. Bear in mind that when it comes to the body, especially when it is sexual activity, nothing always happens the way it happened the last time. 

So, it is safe to say that your partner may not always reach an orgasm when you stroke them on their G spot. But they will surely reach an orgasm faster if one is to cum. They will also almost reach an orgasm every time. 

Whatever the case, you are better off stroking the clitoris than not doing so. 

Where is the G Spot? 

By now, you must have realized that the G spot is not a hypothetical location. It is a real anatomical location that can be found with your hands. I will be showing you how to find it and how to know for sure that it is the G spot you are touching. 

Before then, let me answer the ‘where’ question. 

The G spot is on the anterior wall of a woman’s vagina. Anterior is an anatomical term used to describe the front area. 

The best way to think about the vagina is to consider it a tube. The vagina is a tube that is elastic and muscular. It has an anterior wall, which is in the same plane as the chest, and the posterior wall, which is in the same plane as the back. 

With a few centimeters into the vagina, along the anterior wall, there is a ridge-like area which feels a lot like touching the back of the throat. If you have touched the back of your throat before, you will agree this is true. 

That ride-like area is called the G spot. 

Rubbing it with the ball of your fingers is able to give just about any woman an orgasm.

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How to Find It?

Since it is likely your first time, you will have to find it with your hands. 

To do this, you will have to do the following: 

  1. Wash your hands: as it is the practice when you want to touch a woman’s vagina, seeing that the vagina can be infected by a lot of the bacteria that we have on our hands from time to time, wash your hands. 
  2. Get her wet: you do not want to push a hand into her vagina when she is not wet. This is only going to hurt. You want to get her as wet as possible. If she isn’t getting that wet naturally. You may have to use some lube. 
  3. Push your hand in: Now, push a finger in and angle this finger at your knuckle. Angle the finger forward, and try to feel the ridges at her vagina. When you do feel these ridges, you have found the G spot!

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Other areas that can serve as her G Spot

1. Her Clitoris: Her clitoris is swarming with nerve endings, too, and can serve as a G spot when you stroke it right. Or, in this case, flick it right. 

Just rub along it with your index finger and your thumb. You can flick it, too, whilst watching your woman’s face to be sure she loves it. 

2. Her Labia: Yes, the labia can be a perfect G spot, especially when you are giving head!


A woman’s G spot is not so hard to find if you are careful enough.

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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