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Fun Activities For The Coming Weekend

by | Ideas

Dec 28, 2020

Intermittently, I ask myself, ‘How can I make this day more memorable?’ or similar questions because I want every experience and good memory I can get. I noticed that when I am feeling down or disheartened, I ruminate about the good memories, and it makes the dreadful emotions go away.

It might not be the same for you, but whatever your reason may be to read this article, read to the end, and find out fun activities you can do on the weekends. 

At times, it is challenging to figure out what to do, either alone or with people and no money; it can be very frustrating now and then.

Have you never woken up at dawn and think that It looks like a good day to take a break and unwind or make plans to have fun activities for the weekend? No matter who you are or your temperament, everyone should enjoy themselves, even workaholics.  

To spice up your life, these are the fun activities you can do on the weekend. You may have tried out some of the things on this list, others you may not have tried, but here they are.

18 Things You Can Do This Weekend

1. Bucket list

It is something you want to do before a speculated time, like learning to ride a bicycle before you are Ten. Anyone can own a list, regardless of age, gender, size, etc. Make sure you scratch things off your list by doing them. It does not have to be a mighty thing or not. Who knows?

2. Freaky party

End your Friday or start your Saturday with a bang! What better way to set the mood for the weekend than moving your body to your favorite playlist? Dancing has a lot of good benefits, and we both know that moving your stiff joints is a healthy and fun thing to do. 

So get freaky! 

3. Movie and chill

Go on a movie spree and finish them all. This is the most picked fun activity on a weekend or at least mine. Luckily for you, we’re in an age with one of the greatest entertainment inventions of all time; the mighty Netflix! Seriously, what can we do with ourselves without it?

Think about the number of films you can watch in a day; You might think it is silly but have that in mind when binge-watching; this is a refreshing action, although I do not recommend sitting in front of a screen for too long; it is unhealthy for you. 

4. Competitions

Who does not love games? 

Invite someone and host a competition. Play board, card, verbal games; they teach lots of things as well as entertain you.

Oppositions give rise to enthusiasm, especially when winning and enjoying oneself. So go scrabble out your day! 

5. The enchanted world

A library is a mysterious world with versatile knowledge and information in books waiting for explorers.

Venture into the unknown and experience the sense of accomplishment you get, mostly when you finish a good book. Also, leafing through the pages is sensational, plus that musky, intoxicating smell of paper and ink. Mmmm, delightful! 

6. Life-long learning (LLL)

Learning is not only studying to pass exams but to acquire new knowledge; it puts you a step ahead of people.

Obtain something new; you might be the next Jack Ma with your own Alibaba or Zuckerberg! Learning is fun when your enthusiasm and curiosity are raging. You could bring your boring weekends alive by doing a fun activity such as reading. 

Brush up your skills or get new ones with free online courses from sites like Skillshare, Shaw Academy, Alison.com, Code Academy, Coursera, etc. You can also learn from Youtube and other learning platforms. 

One way to boost your self-confidence and self-independence is earning while learning. Use this to your advantage; let the reward and love of money be the root of your knowledge. There are hardly any motivators and enthusiasm builders that are as rewarding as money. 

7. Creative blogger

Writing is communicating with paper, your pen (or keyboard) as the connector between the two of you. If you are not a brilliant writer, that is okay; Start at your worst and improve at your best.

Start a personal blog on what you are ardent or interested in; Bloggers are not born but built. Remember, everyone has a creative bone; all you have to do is keep digging to find yours. Woof woof! 

8. Best stress reliever

You have been under pressure and tensed up all week, now it is time to relax and unwind, and yoga is an effective and fun weekend activity to find that relief.

You can join a yoga class and get motivated by the group spirit! Alternatively, you can download or stream online videos, and you are good to go. 

9. Bilingual or multilingual

It is not a necessity to be able to speak different languages. But don’t you think people speaking several languages are cool?

Your preferred country, learn their language; Go further by studying about their culture. You will find the process very intoxicating and funny; Just like Arigato (Thank you in Japanese) and Chouette (Owl in French). I promise I didn’t just look those up on the internet. Wink! 

10. Evening walk

An evening walk is as productive as yoga when it comes to stress relievers. You can process your thoughts and calm yourself while walking; It is similar to running and jogging.

It always soothes my soul when I do so, plus I get to see a striking sunset and sky. You ought to be seeing these things too. 

11. Unpaid worker

This position is crucial and can be a fun activity, particularly for someone who does not have much work experience.

Volunteering makes you assiduous, boosts your pride, a good communicator, team player, gives you enviable interpersonal skills, makes you more efficient, etc. As you give out your time and resources to help, you gain invaluable skills and lessons that will be resourceful to you in life. 

While gaining experience, you get to go to different places and meet extraordinary people.

12. Redecorate and rearrange your room

An invigorated room is a renewed mind, or so I believe. Rearranging your room brings out a part of your creative side that can make this tedious chore a fun activity to do on the weekend. 

Rearrange your furniture, swap the art, and try new things with it and at the end of the day, what you want is to feel at home. 

13. Home tourist

A friend once said if you cannot travel out of your country, then travel inside. Be a tourist in your state, city, or country and visit the places you know you can and have never been before. Trust me when I say it is a lot of fun! 

14. Future letter

Stories, experiences, and advice, write them down for the next generation and give them the letter. Thinking about what to compose has made me hungry already.

15. Memory lane

Want to put a smile on your face and feel great? Take a tour through your memory.

Call or chat up old friends, visit the ones close by; not only will they feel special and loved, but you will feel good for doing so.

16. Cycling

Riding for the first time is scary; you might get a few bruises, but afterward comes the adrenaline and rush; that feeling is wondrous. Paddling and stirring, controlling the speed, and when you hit a bump and go up, it is like your flying. 

Cycling is a thrilling experience everyone should have a taste of. Of all the fun activities to do on the weekend, this is one of the most optimal for your health, as it is also a form of exercising. 

17. Fashionista

Everyone is a model, including you. Be your boss in your fashion show.

Get your wardrobe set and camera in order and have a blast; you can post the pictures on social media if you want. Someone might like your dressing and buy into your style of fashion.

18. A new interest

Life is a moving train on a journey that does not stop unless you’re dead. 

You are still alive, so discover new things about yourself. Never be afraid to try; Continuously try new things and find out what makes you ‘You.’ The journey to finding this can make you experience some fun activities that you didn’t know you could enjoy. 

Are there any other fun activities for the weekend you would like to add? Drop your thoughts and any suggestions in the comments section below.

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By Violet Maxwell

Violet Maxwell B. is a freelance writer. She has worked as a web content writer, copywriter, social media manager, project manager and as a digital marketer. Her dream is to explore the world and all its wonders before retiring to a peaceful and passive life.

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