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10 Fitness Exercises for a Better Sex Life

by | Health & Wellness, Love

Mar 6, 2023

It’s true. Exercise can help you get better at sex. This is why we have created a list of fitness exercises for a better sex life. This list contains a range of exercises, from targeted exercises to simple cardio you can perform at home. 

Here are 10 fitness exercises for a better sex life.

1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are amongst the most preferred cardio exercises in gyms. I include it on this list because it is simple and can be done at home. 

Jumping jacks, like most cardio exercises, help you master your breathing when you are tired. 

Since sex can be considered an exercise, it is sure to raise your breathing sometimes, especially when it is more on the rough and hardcore side. You will need to learn breath control so you don’t breathe too hard. 

2. Jumping Squat

Jumping squats is quite similar to jumping jacks and can boost your sex life. Only that this time you don’t land in a standing position. Instead, you land in a squat position. 

The jumping squat is a cardio exercise, too, and works on your glutes as well. {Read: 10 Best Places to Have Sex}

3. Burpees

Burpees are another cardio exercise of choice. They work about the same way as jumping jacks; to help raise your heart rate and breathing. 

Burpees also have the effect of increasing your stamina. 

You need cardio if you don’t have that much stamina in bed. If you run out of breath barely minutes into the sex, it may be because you have not trained your heart to take the littlest stress. 

You have been too dormant and bereft of physical activity. 

Please note that running out of breath very easily can sometimes be a symptom of underlying health challenges. In this case, you will need to go to a hospital and be referred to a specialist. 

4. Walking Lunge

The walking lunge is quite similar to regular lunges. You take a step and then flex your knees, so there is a 90-degree angle between your knee and your thighs. Alternate between legs. This exercise can greatly improve your sex life. {Read: How To Build Up Tension Before Sex}

5. Push Ups

Sex, as an activity, makes use of almost all your muscle groups, including muscles of your upper and lower arms. 

For example, in the missionary position, you will often need to flex your arm for long periods. 

This can be hard on you if your arms aren’t that used to taking that much stress yet. 

Push-ups can help you develop strength in your arms. 

When starting out, traditional push-ups may be too difficult for you. So, start out with knee push-ups, which are a lot easier, and then progress to doing regular push-ups. 

6. Squats

Squats are pretty simple to perform and can be done with or without weights. 

They are especially helpful for women because they offer you much strength in your legs and thighs. And, of course, can do more. They can help make your butt curvier and rounder. 

For women who are seeking that banging body, you should definitely consider doing squats with weights. 

Squats are fairly easy to perform. To perform a traditional squat

  • Stand with your legs apart—the ideal distance between them should be two or three feet. 
  • Now, lower into a squat until you feel some burning in your thighs. 
  • Slowly, get back up and continue.
  • Do as many as 4 to 5 reps. 

Squats feel a lot harder with weights, so if squatting without weights feels too easy, you might want to use some. 

I have to add that squats can make you perform certain sex positions with sheer ease. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, for example. 

The sex positions mimic movements done in squats! {Read: How to Have The Best Sex Ever}

7. Sit Ups

Sit-ups target your core muscles. Your core muscles are quite active during sex. This is why after vigorous sex, you will often feel some burning in your tummy area. 

Sit-ups may also help your breathing. 

To perform a sit-up:

  • Lie on your back with your legs put together. 
  • With your legs still flat on the ground, attempt to sit up, both your arms in front of you. 
  • Don’t move your toes. And don’t flex your arms at the elbows. 
  • If you feel a burning in your tummy, you are doing it just right. Perform as many reps as you want. 

Sit-ups won’t just help you have better sex; they, like squats, also have an aesthetic effect. They will help you get rid of your beer belly, achieving that flat stomach you have always wanted. 

8. Russian Twists

Russian twists are a lot like sit-ups in that they target your core muscles. They are quite simple as well and can be done even at home, with or without weights.  

To perform a Russian Twist: 

  • Sit with your legs in front of you. 
  • Flex the legs at the knees so that your heels touch the ground. 
  • Holding weights or not, move your arms to your right and then your left. 

You are doing it right if you feel some twisting in your tummy area. 

While sit-ups target the muscles just in front of your tummy, the Russian Twist places more stress on the muscles at the sides of your tummy. These muscles are called your obliques. The obliques are also quite active during sexual activity. {Read: 10 Simple Ways to Make Sex More Interesting}

9. Planks

Planks are one of the most powerful exercises out there for a better sex life. It helps tone almost every muscle that is used during sex. 

The plank tones your triceps, your biceps, your chest muscles, and even the muscles of your core.

You would be using these muscles a lot when you assume sex positions like the missionary position and even the doggy position—especially the collapsed doggy. 

To perform a traditional plank:

  • Assume the regular push-up position; only this time, your forearms, rather than your hand, should be on the floor. 
  • Use a mat to prevent little bruises. 
  • Hold in this position for as long as you want. 

The longer you hold, the more burning you will feel along your muscle groups—most especially the muscles of your core. 

10. Swimming

Swimming can also be considered a cardio exercise. It is a really powerful one at that and can help you build resistance to physical activity. 

If you swim often, you give your heart room to get healthier and better. 

Research shows that people aged 60, who often swam in their younger lives, may have sex lives that mirror those of non-swimmers in their 20s.

Swimming can also help you burn calories and lose weight. {Read: Does Regular Sex Make You Lose Weight?}

11. The Glue Bridge

The Glute Bride, or glute bridges, is a powerful exercise that works on your pelvic floor and hamstrings. (Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that separates your pelvic cavity from your abdominal cavity)

It is quite easy to perform and does not require any weights. 

To perform the flute bridge:

  • Lay on your back, your arms by your side. Your legs flex at the knees such that there is an obtuse angle between your thighs and your legs. 
  • Now, using the power in your gluteal muscles, raise your pelvic area up until your entire upper body slopes down. 
  • Repeat as many reps as you can. 

12. Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises are the perfect exercise for women. This exercise focuses on the pelvic floor. 

The pelvic floor is the single most important muscle group for female orgasms. 

study of 176, all aged around 37, saw that the muscles of the pelvic floor are undoubtedly useful during orgasm. 

These muscles are also quite useful in men. Squeezing them can also make men feel a lot of pleasure during sex. 

To perform kegel exercises, try to identify the muscles of your pelvic floor and tighten them. 

The easiest way to do this is to stop your urine from flowing when next you pee. 

That is: pee for a couple of seconds, stop, continue, stop on and on until you build strength and ability to hold your pee. 

13. Leg Raises

Leg raises are another group of exercises that target your core and legs. 

They are quite simple to perform and can be done without equipment. 

To perform a leg raise:

  • Lay down flat on your back with your arms beside you. 
  • Now, without moving your back off the floor, raise your legs high enough to create a 90-degree angle with your body. 
  • Please do not flex your knees or extend them. 

Leg raises also have an effect on the muscles of your pelvic floor and can boost your stamina. 

Read: 10 Ways to Make Sex Quite Intense and Intimate

14. Hiking

Hiking is an outdoor exercise that works your legs. It can also be considered a form of cardio, and as such, it can help you have better sex. 

Hiking works the muscles of your thighs as well as the muscles of your core. 

15. Yoga Poses

Yoga isn’t classically considered an exercise. But it can help you achieve better sex by helping you focus on your breathing. 

It can also calm your mind down and relieve you of any anxieties you may have about sex. 

Exercise may have both a psychological and physical effect on your sex life. 

By Sara Leandro

Sara Leandro is a certified health coach who helps others feel their best through individualized lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals. She covers topics ranging from health and productivity to relationships.

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