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10 Facts About Penis Size You Didn’t Know

by | Sensual Intimacy

May 1, 2023

Does the penis fascinate you? It does fascinate a number of us. And the truth is, a penis is more, much more than what it looks like. In this article, we will be covering facts about penis size you most likely have no idea about.

1. People with Penises Fall in Two Categories

Yes, people who have penises are grouped into two categories: the growers and the showers. 

The growers are ones whose penis may look small when flaccid but end up growing very remarkably when they get an erection. 

Showers, on the other hand, are the ones whose penises look naturally big, even when flaccid, but do not grow so much during erection. In other words, their penises stay about the same length whether or not they are erect. 

A study from 2018 has shown that there are more showers than there are growers. The study observed 274 men. Of these, about 73 were showers, and roughly about 205 were growers.

On average, growers showed an increase in penis size of around 5.3 cm. In contrast, showers had an increase in length of around 3.5 cm. 

What are you? A grower or a shower?

2. Whether or Not a Person is a Grower Has a Relationship with Age 

You may have wondered what determines whether or not a person is a grower or shower. Well, studies have observed that there seems to be a relationship with age. 

This study from 2018 showed that the mean age of growers was 47.5 years of age. In contrast, the mean age of showers was around 55.9 years of age. 

This means there are more older showers than there are growers. I believe this has to do with the normal physiology of aging. 

When we age, blood flow may be reduced to certain areas of the body. The penis, for one. 

Also, the reduced libido seen in aging may be a factor. 

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3. The Penis Stops Growing at Around 18 years of age

During puberty, which begins at around 9 – 14 years and runs for up to four years, the spike in the production and secretion of the male hormone testosterone causes the penis to grow in size. 

The penis can grow as long as 4 to 5 inches during puberty, often associated with an increase in the size of the scrotum. 

However, at around 18 years of age, the penis stops growing. 

So, if you are around 18 years old, it’s very likely that your penis is not going to grow any larger. 

4. The Average Penis Size is Around 5.16 Inches

Yes, fewer people than you imagine have really large penises. By large, we mean a penis size that is more than 6 inches. 

A study that was conducted on roughly fifteen thousand men concluded that the average penis size is around 5.16. 

So, if your penis is around that length, you really don’t have anything to worry about, as you are perfectly normal and healthy. 

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5. Fewer Men Than You Think Have MicroPenises

A micro penis is a penis less than 2.5 of the standard deviation of stretched length. 

While a lot of guys may diagnose themselves with having a micro penis, most of these diagnoses are not true; in fact, they are often influenced by low self-esteem and several other social factors. 

The actual number of people who have micropenises is less than 1.5 in every 10,000 males. 

That’s so little that the chances of you having a micro penis are not even up to one percent. You don’t even have a one percent chance of having a micro penis. 

6. You can Only See Half of Your Penis

Well, this is not us trying to give you some solace. We are actually stating a fact. 

What you see out there when you look down is only half of your penis. Anatomically, your penis is almost double what you see when you look down. 

A bulk of it is in your perineum. Your perineum is within your pelvis. Your penis stays in there, a bulk of it, because the pelvis is very strong and offers it the protection it needs. 

Of course, the penis needs to be very protected. You know why. 

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7. Your Penis Has No Correlation with Your Shoe Size

There is a myth that your penis is very related to your shoe size. 

This is so common that women will often look at a man’s shoes in a bid to tell whether or not he has a large penis. 

Sorry to burst those bubbles, ladies, but there isn’t any correlation between shoe size and the size of one’s penis. 

The BJU journal has published materials that rule out a possible relationship between shoe sizes and penis size. 

So, when next you find a man with very large shoes on, it is best not to assume he has a large penis. 

8. There is Little Relationship Between Penis and Height

Well, it is not exactly a pure-relationship scenario. 

It is a not-enough-evidence one. 

In 1994, a study showed that there seems to be a relationship between height and penis size. 

This is a possibility The Journal of Impotence research took up. They conducted some research and could conclude that height and race may have some part to play in determining the length of a person’s penis. 

They went on to rule out the possible role of shoe size. 

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9. Size Matters to Some Women

The truth is that size does matter to some women. 

Many women agree to reach orgasm faster when the man has a large penis. Others agree that size does not matter. In the end, it all boils down to a personal preference. 

10. You’re Better Off Feeling Good About Your Penis

Of course, you are. You are much, much better off feeling good about your penis size. 

This may even improve your sexual performance and self-esteem. 

The penis is fascinating, isn’t it?

By QuietYearning Editors

The QuietYearning Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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