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FaceTime Sex: 10 Rules You Must Follow

by | Sensual Intimacy

Oct 7, 2023

These rules are unspoken. But they are a must-keep-to if one is to have good Facetime sex, as they make the sex less strange by making both parties very comfortable. Here are the 10 rules you must follow if you are to have great face time sex; 

1. Good connection

This seems like an unsaid rule you must probably know about. If the connection is bad, the sex will be bad? Why? I don’t have to tell you, but I will: when the connection is slow, there is going to be a lot of lagging. 

Lagging is going to make the sex utterly suck. I know this because I have been there before. Imagine having sex whilst having to ask your partner whether they can see you. 

“Can you see me?” 

This sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? That is how weird the sex is going to feel. 

2. Do it when you both don’t have to squeeze time

The thing about FaceTime sex is that one does not have to squeeze time to have it. Unlike regular sex, which sometimes works just fine when there is that element of spontaneity, with FaceTime sex, there has to be proper planning. 

If you and your partner are both very busy in the afternoons, do not have sex in the afternoons. Have sex in the evening. 

The rule is that you have to take your time. FaceTime sex should feature three phases: the seduction phase, the initiation phase, and the sex itself phase. 

Couples who have the best FaceTime sex navigate through these phases just perfectly. 

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3. The Seduction Phase

This is the phase where one brings it to the mind of their partner that the sex is going to happen. Usually, the seduction phase lasts only a couple of minutes. 

To initiate the seduction phase, begin a conversation. It can be a seemingly harmless conversation, only that it must wind into something nastier. 

The present text has to be way nastier than the one before it. 

That way, there is a build-up of tension until it is time for the initiation phase. 

Be aware that if you rush the seduction phase, the initiation phase is going to be an utter failure. I know this because I have been here before. I have also counseled people who report having bad FaceTime sex whenever they try.

Take your time. 

4. The Initiation Phase

Our editor, Ubong Johnson, calls this a phase of questions. This is quite true. If you are conversant with sexuality and how it works, you will know that questions hold such a strong place when it comes to sex. 

I believe that couples who ask each other questions in bed have much better sex than ones who do not. 

During the initiation phase, ask your partner questions that get them further aroused. 

Whilst voice notes may work, it is best to ask these such questions as texts. You can say something along the lines of: 

“Do you want to see this pussy?”

“Do you want to watch me stroke this dick?”

Of course, you know what the answer is: you only want to tease your partner to the point where they are in need of your body. 

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5. Lighting

There is a need for good lighting when you are trying to have FaceTime sex. 

You and your partner have to both be in a properly lit room. There has to be just enough lighting to show parts of your body you want your partner to see.

Remember that just like regular sex, you are not doing this for just you. You are doing it for your partner, too. 

You can decide to go full videographer mode and employ the use of standard lighting. 

Colored lights work really well when you are trying to have FaceTime sex. I suggest you use blue lights. These are dull but perfect and can set the mood right.

6. Positioning

Where do you position your phone when you have FaceTime sex? 

Here are the Do’s and the Don’t’s: 

– Do not position your phone against the light source. This is only going to produce a disturbing blur on your partner’s end.

– Do not keep the phone in a slant that does not capture your body. 

– Do use a ring light. This works great. It does not only help fix the phone to one spot. It also helps you with good lighting. Remember that it is good lighting that makes the FaceTime sex great. 

7. Practice

FaceTime sex is a cinematic masterpiece, Ubong has said. “It is full-blown acting.” He said, “And all good actors have got to practice from time to time.” 

You have got to practice before you hit that call button. Put the camera where you need it and take a few steps back. Practice poses. 

I will write out a couple of FaceTime sex poses everyone has to try out in a few articles. 

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8. Wear a Costume

If it is fine with you, you may have to wear a costume. 

Costumes are great if you do not exactly trust the person you are trying to have sex with. 

A mask may be very sexy if you wear it with a lingerie. 

Ask your partner if they like role-playing. Find a role and play into that role perfectly.

9. Hit Send

If you are confident you have practiced enough, it may be time to hit send. 

Try not to be anxious. Initiate the call.

10. Enjoy Yourself

Initiate the sex and enjoy it. It must not be something too serious. You both can laugh about it all. You may touch yourselves simultaneously, or you may take turns. 

That is to say, one person watches the other person touch themselves, and then the other person does the same. Over and over. 

You can have FaceTime sex and love it! You can!

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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